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How Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett gets elected governor of Wisconsin

The email from the Republican partisan might as well have had a sound file attached of him laughing and chortling. He was among a number of activists -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- whom I asked how Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tom Barrett might pull off a win in what looks to be a deliciously good GOP year. >More


Doyle's Dane County DA pick Ismael Ozanne was not clear fave

Who knows? Ismael Ozanne may yet prove to be an excellent Dane County district attorney. He worked in the office as an assistant DA for 10 years and has management experience as deputy secretary of the state Department of Corrections. People seem to like him, generally speaking, and his appointment by Gov. Jim Doyle has been called historic. "As far as we can tell, he's the first African American district attorney -- not just in Dane County but the entire state," says Doyle spokesman Adam Collins. >More
 Lilada Gee, survivor

Lilada Gee was 6 years old the first time an adult family member sexually abused her. Throughout the ensuing years, she struggled with issues including clinical depression, post-traumatic stress and low self-esteem. Now, as an adult, Gee is committed to helping girls and women who are victims of child sexual abuse. >More
 Nudes at the Wisconsin Capitol. Oh the humanity!

To read the police reports, you'd think the citizens of Madison had witnessed zombies cracking open skulls and feasting on the gooey mess inside. "It was disgusting," complainant Barbara B. told Madison police office Rene Gonzalez, according to his report. "I wanted to vomit." She was at the Farmers' Market with her 4-year-old granddaughter when participants in the World Naked Bike Ride rode past. One man fell off his bike to reveal...full frontal nudity. >More


Mike McCabe is tarnishing the Supremes

Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is, as usual, irate. Earlier this month, in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article on the "tarnished" image of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, McCabe said he's fed up with the "nasty" tone of Supreme Court campaigns, labeling the high court races in 2007 and 2008 "meltdowns." This is a bit like a BP executive complaining that he can't take his family to the beach because his kid might eat a tar ball. >More
 Tell All: Novelist Jacquelyn Mitchard airs grievances in her blog

Dear Tell All: A friend sent me a link to a blog post on local author Jacquelyn Mitchard's official website. The post is called "A Tale of Three Friendships," and she uses it to attack some of her former friends. I was surprised to see a nationally respected author (known for her best-selling Deep End of the Ocean) do such a thing in such a public forum. Saying unflattering things about your friends in private -- we've all done that at one time or another. But in this post, Mitchard airs these people's dirty laundry for all the world to see, including strangers like me. >More


Orphan Bloom blends cultural influences on new album

In 2005, Saigopal Nelaturi came to Madison from Bangalore, India, to earn a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. Since arriving here, he's pursued another interest, too -- his passion for rock. "When I was a kid I had lessons in classical Indian percussion," says Nelaturi, 28. "Then I discovered rock 'n' roll, or Western music as we call it back home, and I really got into it." >More
 Steve Martin's first love has five strings

Steve Martin's got a secret, something newer fans may not even know. The comedian, actor, novelist and playwright is one of the country's most talented banjo players. This isn't classified information, but it's surprising more music fans don't talk about it, considering Martin's skill on the instrument and the pure, unadulterated joy he exudes when he plays a bluegrass tune. >More
 Liz Phair: Funstyle

Funstyle is the first artistically redeeming work Phair has released since 1998's whitechocolatespaceegg. Maybe that's because it's not on Capitol Records. >More



Changing channels at Wisconsin Public Radio

On July 1, Phil Corriveau, director of Wisconsin Public Radio, resigned. Still recovering from a 2008 stroke, he's been moved out of the network's campus headquarters and given a Beltline job. Officially, he's "director emeritus," leading research and collaboration at the Educational Communications Board and the University Wisconsin-Extension. In some ways, it's a step up. But Corriveau's heart is, frankly, breaking. It's difficult for him even to find the words. >More
 Wisconsin's Art Works campaign promotes creative class

As brochures go, Art Works' is big and arresting: 15 inches wide by 22 high by 20 pages deep. It opens to reveal a series of 10 poster-size images, including the UW-Madison Engineering Center's striking terrazzo floor, works by the likes of glass master Dale Chihuly, Ko-Thi dancers, a farmer, happy campers, a pillow fight and a Harley-Davidson employee. >More
 Insurgent Theatre produces Homer for now people

Ben Turk's cell phone keeps cutting out. The Ohio-based actor-playwright is in a car out west, driving with his Insurgent Theatre partner, Kate Pleuss, and hardcore Milwaukee noise musician Peter J. Woods. They are on a tour of Homeric proportions, performing Turk's Ulysses' Crewmen and Woods' compositions at small, DIY-friendly venues along a route spanning the central and western U.S. Now they are heading to Madison for a performance at the Faux-Op on July 28. >More
 Self-help guru Tony Robbins helps himself in Breakthrough

Tony Robbins is a hulking self-help infomercial guru with frighteningly perfect teeth. And by "self-help," I mean that his empowerment empire is designed to help himself -- to glorify him as the man who makes your dreams come true. Note the title of his new NBC reality series: not just Breakthrough, but Breakthrough with Tony Robbins. >More
 You're a terrorist teddy in Naughty Bear

This summer's sleeper hit is called Naughty Bear, a video game in which you portray a cute, stuffed teddy bear named Naughty who kills other cute stuffed animals -- or tortures them until they commit suicide. To fans, the violent upheaval of stuffed animals is so comical, they are posting videos on YouTube, laughing about how funny it is. >More


The Girl Who Played With Fire fights dirty

What makes a well-crafted mystery story? The case needs to be interesting, of course, but at least as important is a fascinating investigator. We want to be engrossed by the crime-solving but perhaps even more engrossed by Holmes or Marlowe or Detective Chief Superintendent Foyle, who turn out to be the biggest enigmas of all. >More
 The Kids Are All Right tells a too-familiar story about gay marriage

"You're an interloper," says Nic (Annette Bening) to Paul (Mark Ruffalo), the recently discovered sperm donor for the two teenage children she shares with her partner Jules (Julianne Moore) in The Kids Are All Right. It's an interesting choice of words -- "interloper" -- but a surprising one coming from filmmaker Lisa Cholodenko. In fact, she's inordinately fond of the concept. >More
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Can King & Mane pull it together?

King & Mane was poised to be a heavy hitter before its doors even opened. Co-owners Patrick O'Halloran and Michael Banas helm Madison favorite Lombardino's, and O'Halloran was a partner in the Old Fashioned, among other ventures. Chef Bob Kulow, lately of the Cabana Room, and Sue Kirtan, a partner in the Local, round out the team. This pedigree made me excited to eat at King & Mane, despite its off-puttingly navel-gazing "gastro-cantina" label. >More
 What makes a good olive oil?

What is extra virgin olive oil? It comes from virgin oil production where olives are not treated with chemicals, has no more than 0.8% acidity, and is not recommended for cooking. High temperatures distort the subtle taste qualities of extra virgin olive oil, so if you are sautéing vegetables for a marinara, you should use something less expensive, like plain old virgin olive oil. >More


Madison Hurling Club holds its own

Hurling might be the coolest sport you've never heard of, with rules and terminology that seem like something out of Harry Potter. "It's 3,000 years old," says Michael Statz, general manager of the Madison Hurling Club. "They say it's the longest continuously played sport in the world. They also call it the fastest game on grass." >More
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