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Roseann Sheridan redefines Children's Theater of Madison

"I always thought I was going to be a linguist or a translator," Roseann Sheridan says. Funny how youthful expectations can play out. For 17 years, Sheridan was part of a fluent American Players Theatre corps interpreting Shakespeare and other dramatis personae for sophisticated audiences. Now, as producing artistic director for Children's Theater of Madison, she interprets scripts for younger audiences. >More


A shootout for Dane County sheriff between Dave Mahoney and Shawn Haney

Shawn Haney insists he's not holding a grudge. But it's hard to see the Nov. 2 race for Dane County sheriff outside the context of what happened back in 2007, when he was a lieutenant at the Sheriff's Office. Haney, a Republican, is running against his former boss, one-term incumbent Democratic Sheriff Dave Mahoney. Mahoney, who was first elected in 2006, after Sheriff Gary Hamblin retired, fired Haney for allegedly lying about the records released regarding Waunakee High School football players who attended a drinking party. >More
 Madison West High's (alcohol) test success

Tanya Lawler was taken aback. Her daughter, returning from West High's homecoming dance on Sept. 25, mentioned that students were randomly selected to take a breath test as they arrived, to see if they'd been drinking. >More
 Poll pot: Dane County voters to get say on medical marijuana

Gary Storck of Madison has been waiting a long time for his medicine to be legalized; he knows he has some waiting yet to do. But Storck, the president of Wisconsin NORML and a member of Is My Medicine Legal Yet?, is hopeful that Dane County voters will on Nov. 2 help his cause along. >More


UW animal research agenda merits closer community scrutiny

Working with others, I spent much of the last year trying to get the Dane County Board of Supervisors to sponsor a study of experimenting on monkeys here in Madison, the "Monkey Experimentation Capital of the World." I learned a few lessons along the way. >More
 Very mortal combat

What we call our Annual X Games are held on Josh's land in Green County. The lush, deep ravine was carved by a cosmic Bowie knife 10,000 years ago. We've been here 10 minutes. Lunchtime. We gather around a sandwich, one of those five-footers. Josh is laying out the order of events for the weekend. "And, oh yeah," he says. "There's no toilet paper." Everyone's eyes go to the stack of napkins. >More
 Tell All: Oodles of noodles

Dear Tell All: I have a follow-up question to the results of your ramen noodle experiment reported on 9/10/2010. Does every package of ramen noodles have "68 20-inch pieces and over 40 smaller ones"? In other words, how good is the quality control for ramen noodle package production? >More


Women Rock for the Cure on seven Madison stages

Even in Madison in 2010, more men than women join local rock bands, aspire to be DJs or try to make a go of it as a rap artist or hip-hop producer. But for one night, on Friday, Oct. 15, Madison's live-music calendar features a lot more female performers than usual. That's because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for the third consecutive year, the Madison affiliate of the national nonprofit Susan G. Komen for the Cure is taking its prevention campaign to local music venues. >More
 Eli 'Paperboy' Reed went from music lover to soul singer

Eli "Paperboy" Reed didn't set out to become a soul singer. Instead, soul found him when he explored his father's record collection as a young boy. After teaching himself guitar, piano and harmonica in his Massachusetts hometown, he moved to Mississippi, where he earned his nickname from local musicians who recognized him by the newsboy hat he wore to almost every gig. >More



Arts Beat: UW's Memorial Union to undergo major renovations

One of the most beloved arts, entertainment and recreation venues in the city is about to get a makeover. The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Memorial Union is embarking on a renovation that could result in major changes to the 1928 building. >More
 Tony Danza earns an A in the reality series Teach

You can't help but groan hearing the premise of Tony Danza's new reality series, Teach: Tony Danza. The aging TV actor sets himself up as a 10th-grade English teacher in an urban Philadelphia high school, with a camera following his every move. Is it fair to make these poor kids pawns in Danza's late-career vanity project? >More
 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow borrows heavily from God of War, and that's a good thing

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a very good game with a dumb name, and it's a gorgeous piece of fantasy fiction to behold. >More


Waiting for 'Superman' suggests questionable fixes for education

There's no more vivid indication of our nation's economic divide, which amounts to a racial divide, than the state of the school system. Inner-city kids, generally African American and Hispanic, are ill-served by schools that are rife with chaos. It's a crisis, a tragedy. Everyone knows that. Director and co-writer David Guggenheim vividly depicts the crisis in Waiting for "Superman", his forceful, somewhat maddening documentary about the ailing school system and some reformers who are trying to fix it. >More
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Fromagination's sandwiches are among the best in town

If I was limited to one meal a day, in Madison, I'd choose lunch. And if I was limited to one dish, it would be the sandwich. That's because Madison has mastered the sandwich in all its glorious forms, so you never have to seriously consider that inglorious, microwaved (ding!) Subway loofah. >More
 Ingrid's Lunchbox tops cart review

The final rankings for the city's Mall/Concourse food vendors are out for the 2010 season. Ingrid's Lunchbox takes the number-one spot, up from sixth place in 2009. Ingrid's has racked up seven years of seniority points (the max any cart can have) and received no deductions for any rule violations, both of which helped boost it to the top. The higher a cart scores, the better site selection it gains in the next year. >More


Brett Favre, we forgive you!

The Badgers play top-ranked Ohio State on Saturday, after being accused of running up the score (41-23) against Minnesota last week. The Packers are struggling to field a full roster against Miami on Sunday. College basketball practice gets under way this weekend, and the Major League Baseball playoffs are starting to get interesting. >More
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