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Kaleem Caire: Change agent

It's 8 p.m. on South Park Street, just off the Beltline, and the November night is dark and cold. But from the inside of the slick new Center for Economic Development and Workforce Training, home to the Urban League of Greater Madison, it looks and feels much warmer. The first-floor library is packed, with men sunk into plush armchairs with laptops and books and kids gathered near the fireplace. Kaleem Caire looks around, pleased. >More


Science Constellation concept unites campus facilities

Tom Zinnen sees it as a matter of geography. "If you fold a map of the UW-Madison campus in quarters, Babcock Hall is at the center of the creases. It's the heart of the life sciences and engineering campus," says Zinnen, the university's biotech outreach specialist. "The center of gravity on campus has shifted." >More
 Scott Walker's new, (much) bigger ride

In campaigning to become Wisconsin's next governor, Scott Walker promised to usher in a new era of austerity in state government. But one of his first decisions suggests his determination to make the "haves" in state government more like the "have-nots" elsewhere stops at his own door - his own car door, to be precise. >More
 Get out of jail

Scott McDonell still has a copy of a press release issued in March 2003 by Gary Hamblin, then Dane County sheriff, decrying jail overcrowding. Though the county's costly new Public Safety Building had opened less than a decade before, it was already bursting at the seams. In 2002 as many as 69 inmates a day were housed in other county jails, at an annual cost to the county of more than $350,000. >More


Madison needs to embrace the future with a different mindset

In the mid-1990s, the Common Council's finance committee met behind closed doors to consider the city's economic offer to keep the expanding medical software company Epic Systems in Madison. "The emphasis was on following our [subsidy] rules and practices," recalls one attendee, former Ald. Judy Olson. "There was no one there to advocate for the jobs we stood to lose." She says the city's leaders seemed to have no idea of Epic's immense potential. >More
 Crash, explosion, panic

I was self-conscious when the 911 dispatcher picked up, and not because I was standing in the middle of the street in the middle of the night in my underwear. These are calls that sometimes get played back on the local news. What a lame, vain concern, given the emergency. But it somehow sharpened my focus. >More
 Tell All: Hanukkah vs. Christmas

Dear Tell All: My wife and I have different religious backgrounds, and it always causes problems around the holidays. I'm Jewish and she's Catholic, though neither one of us is observant. We don't go to church or synagogue or send our kids to any kind of religious school. On the other hand, we do celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas, both wanting to continue traditions from our childhoods. >More


On the Madison music scene, 2010 was quite the year

Local music is a window on Madison culture. The major events, sounds and trends that affected our scene this year reflected our collective mood, the new ways we're using technology, our racial relations, our pursuit of meaning through art, our approach to play and humor. On the brink of a new year, here are 10 music stories that shaped the character of our city the past 12 months: >More
 Laarks put Eau Claire on the map once again

Indie rock isn't just a big-city phenomenon, even though Brooklyn, Chicago and Portland receive much of the spotlight. Many of the genre's flagship bands -- Guided by Voices, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie -- got started in communities smaller than Madison. Eau Claire quartet Laarks is following their lead, and that of their hometown heroes Bon Iver and Megafaun, helping put Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley on the map. Laarks performs at the Frequency Dec. 29. >More



What are you doing for New Year's in Madison?

The schedule of touring bands all but dries up this time of year. Happily, New Year's Eve is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the best in local music, whether your thing is live rock, folk, jazz, blues or DJs' dance-floor-motivating sets. Rich Albertoni and Jessica Steinhoff pick highlights for Dec. 31. >More
 Stu Levitan interviews the greats on Books and Beats

He's an author, historian and public servant, but Stu Levitan is also one of Madison's hardest-working radio hosts. Books and Beats with Stu Levitan airs 10 a.m. to noon Sundays on 92.1 FM, the Mic. It's an eclectic mix of what he terms "long form" interviews with performers and especially authors. Recent guests have included writers Rebecca Skloot, Deborah Blum and Harlow Giles Unger. >More
 Pianist Glenn Gould's brilliance came with a price

Classical pianist Glenn Gould was a genius and an eccentric, and American Masters spends two hours trying to penetrate the mysteries of his life. In the early 1950s, Gould burst onto the international classical scene out of nowhere (i.e., Toronto), shaking up the established ways of doing things. He had James Dean looks, astonishing technique and a highly personal way of playing canonical music. >More


True Grit is the Coen brothers' most deeply felt movie

Here's why I'm prepared to call the Coen brothers the greatest living American filmmakers: After 25 years, they not only continue to make great movies, but they keep finding new ways to surprise me. >More
 A hesitant monarch comes to power in The King's Speech

The King's Speech is a "keep calm, carry on" wartime melodrama of the first order, and stiff though it may be, it is never less than brilliantly done. This is no simple elocutionary lesson. It is, instead, a peerless period drama featuring a stammering, unsure and borderline ordinary (as ordinary as a duke can be) man forced into greatness by history. >More
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Winter seasonal beers warm up the holidays

With the arrival of snow, so come the winter brews. "It's when a beer is comforting in our climate -- rich in malty sweetness and relaxing in high alcohol," notes New Glarus brewmaster Dan Carey. "Something to enjoy at home in front of a fire." >More
 Your Madison Rose Bowl bar guide

Watching the Rose Bowl at home on New Year's Day is a hard-to-beat experience, particularly for those who take full advantage of expanded hours at local establishments on New Year's Eve. But the shared experience of watching the Badgers play in the Grandaddy of Them All (ESPN, 4:10 p.m.) with a joint full of rosy-cheeked fellow fans is also hard to beat. >More


The Madison Memorial Spartans' tough road

The Madison Memorial boys basketball team features five Division I college prospects: seniors Miles Chamberlain and Tre Burnette, juniors Jamar "Popcorn" Morris and Junior Lomomba, and sophomore Brendan Ortiz. Even with Chamberlain and Morris inactive due to injuries, the Spartans are ranked fourth in the state after a 6-1 start. The team's only loss was to Milwaukee King -- an uncharacteristic 57-35 offensive dud -- in Milwaukee on Dec. 11. >More
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