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Cheap Shots 2010: What a letdown!

Here in Wisconsin, voters turned against Democrats, who proved, after years of complaining that they couldn't get anything done because they weren't in the majority, that they still couldn't get much of anything done when they were. Good to know. Just don't expect Gov. Scott Walker and the Republicans who'll control both houses of the state Legislature to have that problem. Heck, they haven't even waited to take office to start running the show. >More


Second Chances for Wisconsin prison inmates and dogs

Akeem Musa was released from prison last April after serving more than 15 years on drug charges. Unlike some inmates, he knew where he wanted to go when he got out: the Dane County Humane Society. And that's all thanks to an innovative program called Second Chances. >More
 Dave Cieslewicz, Kathleen Falk look to the future

Mayor Dave Cieslewicz is running for reelection this spring, to a third consecutive term, so it's fitting that he sees the challenges of the coming year through a prism of political struggle. "The theme is going to be this tension between what I would define as a modern economy and attempts to roll that back," Cieslewicz says. "We're concerned about what the Legislature might do to our economy." >More
 Too many cooks, not enough commercial kitchens in Madison

When Sara Nash earns her degree in baking and pastry arts from Madison College in May, she wants to start a business making desserts for small restaurants, pubs and coffeeshops. There's just one problem, she says: "I don't have the capital to get the equipment I need." Nash estimates that starting a commercial kitchen -- renting and renovating the space and outfitting it with equipment -- could easily cost $15,000. >More


2010 was a year of two-word messages and single-digit salutes

As we've all seen, music can perfectly capture the zeitgeist of an age. Bob Dylan's early folk songs represented a time of social upheaval; two decades later, heavy metal encapsulated the vulgar opulence of the 1980s. One of this year's most popular songs, as measured by YouTube plays, was an Internet-propelled ditty in which Cee Lo Green used an unambiguous two-word phrase to invite the listener to copulate. It was a crude yet apposite representation of our present state of politics. >More
 Tell All: Holiday doggie disaster

Dear Tell All: I have a holiday dinner dilemma. Dear Sweet Brother with a heart bigger than his brain is coming up from Chicago with his family of five and our dear Dad. He wants to bring their Great Pyrenees dog because he doesn't want Zuko to eat his dinner an hour or two late. >More


Sleeping in the Stereo's high schoolers are rock champs

Sleeping in the Stereo is made up of five Madison high school students, but the band's stage-ready pop-rock is anything but amateur. It has been on a winning streak lately, earning two Madison Area Music Awards and finalist honors at the Launchpad high school rock band competition. Most recently, Sleeping in the Stereo clinched the coveted Isthmus Band to Band Combat crown at the Majestic Theatre Dec. 2. Audience members chose Sleeping in the Stereo from a four-band lineup. >More
 Andreas Kapsalis and Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo's sound is inspired by Hitchcock

It has been seven years since the separate bands that Andreas Kapsalis and Goran Ivanovic once led played the same bar on the same night. "We'd heard from other people that we could both play very well," says Ivanovic. "We talked a lot about music that night, and over time we got to be friends." >More



Isthmus arts critics rate 2010 in Madison culture

Thanks to the economy, the arts scene faced disaster in 2009. But you would never have guessed that in 2010, when local groups forged ahead with ambitious schedules and praiseworthy performances. Our writers share some highlights. >More
 New digital subchannels offer free mediocre programming

The state of the economy, coupled with constantly rising cable and satellite rates, has only made it easier for the tightwads among us to dump pay television. That means relying on discs or online services like Hulu or Netflix to stay up to date with Mad Men and Breaking Bad. It also means hooking up an antenna and getting acquainted with a whole new set of broadcast channels. >More
 Despised contestant Brad Womack returns to The Bachelor

Three years ago, Brad Womack made one of the most sensible moves in reality-TV history: He rejected both women in the Bachelor finale. "I can't look you in the eye and tell you that I love you," he said with admirable clear-headedness. The alternative, of course, was going through with the charade of "proposing" to some random, unappealing stranger from a group chosen by ABC producers. >More


The best films of 2010

If any concept connected many of the best films of 2010, it was "reality." Sometimes the films themselves addressed our tenuous connection to reality; sometimes external commentators questioned the films' connection to reality. But for all the puzzling out what was real and what wasn't, one reliable reality emerged: 2010 was a pretty good year to be challenged, delighted and flat-out impressed at the movies. >More
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2010 saw the dawn of a new dining era in Madison

During the 2010 race for governor, Democrat Tom Barrett vowed to "put Madison on a diet" and Republican Scott Walker used a brown paper lunch sack to symbolize a state that needed to reduce spending (to a menu of bologna sandwiches, apparently). Simultaneously, diners in the capital city were thrilling to a $19 burger at the new Graze, on the Square, which features a triumvirate of locally sourced fresh ground sirloin, ribeye and short rib meat. (File under: "Why they hate us.") >More


Best Badgers ever? Rose Bowl win would secure legendary status for 2010 squad

When the Wisconsin Badgers football team takes the field at the Rose Bowl on Saturday, it will have a chance to claim the unofficial title of the best squad in the program's history. A big win against third-ranked Texas Christian University could lead to a final ranking of number two nationally, the best for a Badger team in the Bowl Championship Series era. >More
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