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My Hero: Isthmus writers honor their local idols

Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrates a national hero, so it seemed fitting for Isthmus to celebrate local heroes this week. Our writers picked someone from their personal pantheon, whether it be a healer, an activist, a politician, a farmer, an administrator, an artist, or just a guy with true grit. >More


Soglin blasts Cieslewicz's management style

One wag describes the difference between the two main contenders for Madison mayor as follows: "Paul Soglin will punch you in the face, but Dave Cieslewicz will stab you in the back." The speaker prefers the former approach, which shows a willingness to clash openly rather than exact retribution. >More
 Paging Scott Walker… new governor has yet to return calls from Mayor Dave

It's no secret that Mayor Dave Cieslewicz rooted for the other guy in the last gubernatorial election. Still, now that Scott Walker has gotten the nod to lead Wisconsin, the mayor of Madison would like to talk to him now and then. But the governor has not responded to Cieslewicz's overtures. >More
 Edgewater looms over historic Steensland House

The question for Bethel Lutheran Church, which wants to move the historic Steensland House, next to the church at 315 N. Carroll St., in order to build a $12 million community center, is where to put it. >More


The push to end free speech

For 220 years it has stood inviolate. Since George Washington's presidency, the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution has inspired the world as the written guarantee of Americans' personal freedoms. Now some folks think it's time to rewrite that dysfunctional scrap of paper. A nationwide coalition active here in Madison is working to affix a big fat asterisk on the First Amendment so as to deny its guarantee of free speech to those with whom coalition members disagree. >More
 Tell All: Is 2011 out to get me?

Dear Tell All: My wife and I usually aren't superstitious, but we're starting to think that 2011 has it in for us. The alarm on my iPhone didn't work on the Monday after New Year's, so we both woke up late. In the scramble to get to work, my wife somehow ended up wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe. >More


Electro rockers Ridley shoveled snow for studio time

Synth wizard Jon Schoepke didn't start out rocking a vocoder or tickling the electronic ivories. He wanted to be a guitar god, spending days at a time attached to an amp, experimenting with picks and pedals. He became so engrossed with hard and gloomy rock that his parents began to worry. >More
 Cody Canada & the Departed work an Oklahoma sound

It's not often that a three-week-old band headlines a concert at Madison's Majestic Theatre. But Cody Canada's brand-new roots-rock group, the Departed, will do just that on Sunday, Jan. 16. The Departed premiered with a show in Texas three days before the end of 2010. >More



David Douglas: The Storyteller

Since his 2008 debut as a general-assignment reporter at WISC-Channel 3, David Douglas has made a mark, lending him the aura of a rising star destined for some big-city television news constellation. "I like him," says Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz. "I've always felt that he treated me fairly. He asks smart questions" and "does as much preparation as any reporter I know." >More
 Arts Beat: Theater Bus offers arty daytrips

How about a luxurious daytrip with friends to an out-of-town theater? You'll have to wait until you're 56, at least if you want to travel with Theater Bus. >More
 Harry's Law gets cutesy in court

In Harry's Law, Harriet Korn (Kathy Bates) is a hotshot patent lawyer who can't face another boring day on the job. "I'd sooner look into the mirror and watch my teeth rot," she says. >More


The nuanced Rabbit Hole mourns a child's loss

Rabbit Hole is pretty modest, dramatically speaking, and that is its virtue. Watching this very good melodrama about grieving parents, I kept thinking, not with kindness, of another melodrama about grieving parents: Robert Redford's Ordinary People, which is emotionally flamboyant to the point of camp. >More
 The Dilemma is a complex look at emotional responsibility

Being lifelong friends can be difficult. Those relationships are tough, lovely work. Marriages are even more fraught, primed for passion or peril or plain old deceit. Ron Howard's The Dilemma looks unpromising, with its opening in January's movie wasteland and a listless ad campaign that practically preordains an unaware audience. >More
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Porktropolis in Sun Prairie serves up BBQ with global flavors

Porktropolis brings a little pop of attention to the north end of Sun Prairie, where previously the only pop might have come from the Ammo Box gun shop next door. The interchange of Highway 151 and Bristol Street feels far-flung and quaint. Chef Todd Dukes of Exceptional Catering runs his mostly-takeout shop with confidence. Grilling paraphernalia and Porktropolis-branded accessories line the shelves, but the barbecue is the main event. >More
 A convenient alternative to hummus with a sweet surprise (recipe)

I did it. I broke up with Ben and Jerry at the start of 2011. We needed a break. It had become a twice or thrice weekly affair. Chubby Hubby, Karmel Sutra, AmeriCone Dream...I had tried every flavor the grocery store had to offer. >More


UW student Colin Tucker balances snowboards and books

Balance. This is the key to Colin Tucker's pursuit of a pro snowboarding career while working toward an undergraduate degree in legal studies from UW-Madison. Balance is essential to his competition results but also to chasing twin ambitions -- one academic, the other sporting -- at the same time. >More
 NFL overtime rule changes game

Last weekend brought three tremendous NFL playoff games and one relative stinker. The only disappointment other than Baltimore's blowout win over Kansas City was the absence of overtime games, and thus no opportunities to see the NFL's new playoff overtime rule in action. >More
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