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Pick one for Dane County exec: Eileen Bruskewitz vs. Joe Parisi

Wisconsin is in upheaval. Gov. Scott Walker has proposed radical changes, neutering the collective bargaining rights of most public employees and drastically scaling back government spending in ways that will be felt throughout Dane County. So what do the two candidates for Dane County executive on the April 5 ballot think of these changes? >More


Joel Rogers says recalls, redistricting should be priorities

UW-Madison labor scholar Joel Rogers believes that opponents of Gov. Scott Walker's anti-union budget bill need to avoid a general strike and turn instead toward recall efforts to anticipate the upcoming redistricting. >More
 Is Wisconsin DOA's credibility now D.O.A.?

Beth Hastings retired from the state Department of Administration last week, after 18 years. The planning analyst and project manager, previously from the private sector in California, has worked under Republican as well as Democratic administrations, and a succession of DOA secretaries. But she's never seen anything like this. >More
 Due process galore for accused lawyer Victor Arellano

Supporters of the probable recall drives against Gov. Scott Walker and his GOP allies can take comfort in knowing that, even with the state's one-year recall-free rule, the process of ousting detested politicians is nowhere near as cumbersome and protracted as that for disciplining lawyers. >More


Celebrating the Peace Corps

You may not have noticed, amid all the recent activity that has drawn the world's attention to Madison, but March 1 of this year marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Peace Corps. >More
 An evening as Madison East's pungent mascot, Peppy

Turns out the giant Peppy Purgolder costume doesn't smell at all like the last person who wore it. It smells like the last 15 people who wore it. A swarm of stench: fermented fart, sweat, old cologne, perfume, and the long-spent scent of various flavors of deodorant. >More
 Tell All: Tell All: Internet porn scams

Dear Tell All: Why do people fall for scams that are so obvious? I recently have been emailed by a horny female who claims to give webcam strips at a website where a credit card number must be entered in order to register. I tested this young one for a bit of fun and quickly found that she gave automated answers. If I asked "Are you a slut" over and over, she would respond with the same answer over and over, and I quickly found that if I asked if she was a spammer she would reply saying she was a vegetarian and could not eat Spam. >More


All Tiny Creatures are poised to be Wisconsin's next sensation

At some of their live shows, All Tiny Creatures play in the dark. When they do, the Madison electronic band creates an environment ripe for contemplation. They place lights near their feet, making their instruments glow like angels' harps. >More
 AFM Local 166 bargains for Madison players

The back room of Michelangelo's coffeehouse on State Street is typically a quiet place where UW students go to study. But on a recent Friday afternoon - day 26 of the Madison union protests - the espresso-drenched space buzzes with the urgency of a political war room. Small groups of organizers huddle around wooden tables, plotting strategies and debating ways to resist. >More
 Hiromi's solo debut chronicles life on the road

Hiromi Uehara may be a virtuoso, but she's no snob. The Berklee-educated jazz pianist and composer is on a first-name basis with her fans, and she considers each performance an opportunity to find a new home and surrogate family, if only for a day. >More



Let's hope Borders West's shuttering doesn't mean more to come

I remember when Borders was the bad guy. In its healthy years, lots of people hated the chain of book superstores. Independent booksellers did because they couldn't compete with the low prices and vast stocks. Publishers did, especially smaller ones, because Borders was able to demand very favorable terms from them. >More
 Dancing with the Stars recovers from the Bristol Palin fiasco

Dancing with the Stars had always been a silly showcase for bad dancing. But last season, it took an ugly turn. Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol joined the competition (even though the title includes the word "stars") and proceeded to touch off a civil war in the United States. >More


An author samples a creativity drug in Limitless

Limitless is a writer's movie by a writer -- director Neil Burger -- and it explores the dark side of the muse. Well, eventually it travels into the black, but before that it's pure wish fulfillment, and giddily so. >More
 Paul journeys through its writers' pop-culture nostalgia

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost love using their movies to talk back to the movies they love. In previous collaborations like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, they have been unapologetic about their adoration for the kind of mass-market pop-culture -- zombie movies, buddy-cop action flicks -- that they would have slurped up as 1980s teenagers. >More
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A familiar face at 43 North, plus, pralines, burning socks and bubble tea

The latest restaurant to open under the Muramoto umbrella, 43 North, has undergone a change in head chef. Former executive chef Justin Carlisle departed to take a job at the Bristol in Chicago. This left the door open for Nicholas Johnson, formerly chef at Restaurant Magnus, to return to a high-profile Madison kitchen. Magnus served its last meal on Dec. 31. >More
 Homemade homage

There is a term I've heard lately, birthed perhaps by the hive-voice of the Internet, that describes exactly how I felt when I heard chef Michael Schwartz had written a cookbook: SQUEEEEEEEE!!! Several impeccable meals at Schwartz's Miami restaurant, the acclaimed Michael's Genuine, were a highlight of my disappointingly cold February vacation last year. >More


March sadness for Wisconsin men's hoops?

On Thursday night, the Tru TV network will abandon its regular programming, which includes such fare as Disorder in the Court and Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, for the first-round NCAA men's basketball tournament match-up between your Wisconsin Badgers and the Bruins of Nashville's Belmont University. >More
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