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How Safe Harbor helped Alex confront her history of sexual abuse

At first glance Alex looks like any other young adult. But if you sit with her for a while you can see the little girl she was. There is a slight tremor to her fingers as she swipes back her bangs, a self-protective hunch to her shoulders. Her dress is a fabric garden planted with hundreds of tiny, perfect daisies. What she has to say is shocking. "My dad started sexually abusing me when I was 4 years old," says Alex, now 18. "I was terrified of him my whole life." >More


Madison votes to recast Common Council in spring 2011 election

With 20 members, the Madison Common Council is a complicated body that every two years usually sees a quarter to a third of its members replaced. This year, there are six open seats and seven incumbents facing challenges. Most of the council's veterans are safe. Tim Bruer, Mike Verveer, Lauren Cnare, Mark Clear, Satya Rhodes-Conway and Larry Palm are all running unopposed. Ald. Shiva Bidar-Sielaff also gets a pass on her first reelection effort. >More
 Scott Walker's crony plan to replace Wisconsin civil servants with appointees could prove costly

Lester Pines isn't at a loss for reasons to dislike a provision in Gov. Scott Walker's "budget repair bill" that calls for replacing civil servants in key state agency positions with political appointees. "This is one of the biggest power grabs in the history of the state, and it will completely undermine the ability of the public to get the straight story from this administration, ever," says Pines, a prominent local lawyer. >More
 UW sheep decompression probe stalls as accusations mount

On June 2, 2010, Dane County Judge Amy Smith agreed with the national animal rights group PETA and local Alliance for Animals that UW-Madison researchers may merit civil and even criminal penalties for conducting sometimes fatal decompression experiments on sheep. She tapped Madison attorney David Geier to see what charges were warranted. >More


Democracy at stake in Wisconsin Supreme Court race

As startling as it was to read about a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice calling one of his colleagues a "bitch" and threatening to "destroy" her, the issue of civility is not really what the April 5 election is about. That the Supreme Court has devolved into a bitter and puerile forum is unfortunate. But the bigger story is the degree to which corporate interests have taken over this branch of our government. >More
 Tell All: Shoplifter's guilt

Dear Tell All: When I was in grade school I saw a rainbow notepad at the local drugstore that I really wanted, so I stole it. But after I got home and opened the package, I felt guilty. I couldn't even enjoy the thing, because I felt so bad. Days later, I came up with what I thought was the perfect plan: I'd sneak the notepad back into the store and then buy it honestly. Unfortunately, I had already thrown away the package. So I took some Saran Wrap and Scotch Tape and wrapped the pad up as best I could. Of course it looked terrible, but I was like nine. It seemed good enough to me. >More


Singer Dianne Reeves makes a case for jazz's relevance

The recent death of Abbey Lincoln made it official. The golden age of female jazz singers is over. But that doesn't mean the genre is played out -- not by a long shot. Contemporary women are finding a way to sing jazz without slavishly imitating Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, the three titans who set the standard over half a century ago. One of the best is Dianne Reeves. >More
 The Disclosures sing songs of credit unions

It all started when Chad Helminak decided to bring his guitar to the training conference he attended after taking a new job at the Wisconsin Credit Union League in 2009. Helminak's guitar got the attention of Chris Morris, who was new on staff at the National Credit Union Foundation and was attending the conference, too. >More
 Dark Dark Dark's bright music hides twisted secrets

Dark Dark Dark revel in contradictions and small, sly tricks. Their story involves a slightly skewed road trip. Unlike many musicians before them, songwriters Nona Marie Invie and Marshall LaCount didn't start a band on a whim while listening to the radio. They're much too strategic for that. >More



Arts Beat: Wisconsin poet laureateship will endure despite governor's cuts

Not content to merely reduce funding in state aid to the arts by 73%, Gov. Scott Walker will also pull back $2,000 from his office's support of the Wisconsin poet laureate. The program is otherwise self-supporting. "From what we can gather, Gov. Walker has used the elimination of the poet laureate as a symbol of how ably he has had his people look at the budget and make the cuts that they've made," says George Tzougros, executive director of the State of Wisconsin Arts Board. >More
 Urban blight to urban beauty at Hatch Art House

Hatch Art House is Tammy Schreiter's baby. While the gallery was officially born last December, it was years in gestation. She'd always dreamed of having her own gallery, a place that would showcase local art and give emerging artists a way to get a foot in the door. She carried that dream through years of waitressing and making art in Door County (where she organized gallery shows for the Peninsula School of Art) and, finally, to Portland, Ore., with its thriving arts scene. It was time. She packed up, drove to Madison, and Hatch Art House hatched. >More
 Pregnant in Heels helps out clueless mothers-to-be

Just when you think all the good reality ideas are taken, here comes Pregnant in Heels. It's about "mommy concierge" Rosie Pope, who caters to preposterous pregnant women on New York City's posh Upper East Side. These women tend to be selfish, status-conscious narcissists, and Rosie knows it -- hence her charm. >More


Governess has eyes for boss in Jane Eyre

There are good reasons Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester shouldn't be together. He is her employer. He's hard to get along with. Most importantly... Well, I'll refrain from disclosing that, in case you've never read either Jane Eyre or The Madwoman in the Attic, the seminal book of feminist literary criticism whose name was inspired by Charlotte Brontë's 1847 novel. >More
 Source Code is like Groundhog Day in hell

Source Code is a gritty, dark and very entertaining slice of near-future science fiction. On the surface, it plays like a claustrophobic, marginally more humanistic version of one of 24's more imaginative episodes. There's a terrorist bomb of some kind, planted on a Chicago commuter train, and it's already gone off. More are expected to follow. How to stop them? >More
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Wild Bull in Middleton aims at a broad target and mostly succeeds

Restaurants like Wild Bull can put a reviewer in an existential dither. It's just sitting there minding its own business in the parking lot of the Marriott Residence Inn, not asking me to criticize its cuisine. Yet the fact that the place has sprung up in our fair city makes it fair game for a review, so here I am. Axl Rose welcomes me to the jungle from a loudspeaker overhead as I open the front door. >More
 Gardening with kids is a win-win activity

Gardening of all types has seen a true renaissance in recent years as a pastime and a way to grow food. For kids, the focus is on helping them get active and eat healthier. But if you want to make it a family activity, it's worthwhile to take a little time to think about goals before heading into the patch or patio. >More


Meet the Brew crew

Despite a full disabled list (Zack Greinke, Corey Hart, Jonathan Lucroy and LaTroy Hawkins are all nursing injuries), opening day arrives for Milwaukee Brewers fans with as much hope as ever. Some stories to watch: >More
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