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Greenius at work! Madison inventors get creative and protect the planet

American ingenuity. Amateur inventors are eager to improve life for themselves and others. They experiment in home workshops, weld gadgets in garages and write computer code between classes. If a need is unmet, they figure, why wait around for somebody else to meet it? >More


Paul Soglin's new turn to lead

Asked how his governing style will differ from that of Dave Cieslewicz, whom he's just beaten to secure a third stint as Madison mayor, Paul Soglin seems disinclined to answer. "I'm not focused on doing anything differently," he says tersely. "That's not how I think." >More
 Critics say Judge Maryann Sumi deserves ouster, imprisonment, even death

Conservatives from all over, taking their cue from the harsh rhetoric of Wisconsin legislative leaders like Sen. Scott Fitzgerald, have unleashed a torrent of abuse on Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi, who has confounded Gov. Scott Walker's anti-union agenda. >More
 Real estate agents split from Wisconsin Realtors Association over Scott Walker

During the first week after Gov. Scott Walker announced his plan to cut the take-home pay of state workers and neuter their unions, longtime local Realtor JoAnn Kane lost three "active, serious buyers." They no longer felt they had enough money or job security to buy a new home. >More
 Wisconsin entrepreneurs cater to the anti-Walker consumer

During the ongoing protests at the Capitol, there are those who haven't just gotten angry, they've gotten creative. And that creativity has spawned T-shirts, buttons and other items with slogans that convey their anger with a bit of humor. >More


Scott Walker's war on the sick

Sarah Blackthorne is an acquaintance of mine, a fellow freelance writer and photographer. She's relied on the drug coverage provided by the state's BadgerCare program to allow her to function and work. Then, last month, she was cut from the rolls. Sarah suffers from debilitating migraines that are manageable only with drugs. And because she doesn't make a lot of money, those pills are prohibitively expensive without some kind of assistance. >More
 Tell All: I stole a couch

Dear Tell All: The letter writer who's feeling guilty about stealing a notepad in grade school ("Shoplifter's Guilt," 4/1/2011) should relax. That's nothing. I stole an entire couch. >More


Big voices on campus: Madhatters sing their way to UW-Madison stardom

Back in high school, not all of the MadHatters were the kinds of guys you'd expect sorority girls to be swooning over in college. David Redick, 22, grew up in St. Louis and says he was a "massive theater nerd" as a teenager. He still knows every word to the rock opera Rent. Bob Pierce, 19, grew up in Mukwonago. His crowning teen accomplishment was starring as Tree #3 in The Wizard of Oz. >More
 Union South to charge for some live music shows

This Friday's inaugural Union South music show featuring Of Montreal comes at a price: $10 for students and $20 for non-students. That's not business as usual for Wisconsin Union Directorate music programming, which has long been defined by free shows at the Rathskeller, the Terrace and the now-defunct Club 770 (the tacky old Union South cafeteria that doubled as a club). >More
 The Decemberists' latest mines heartland sounds

With a wintry name and a bandleader who confesses "slavish love" for Morrissey, England's king of the bleak and tongue-in-cheek, the Decemberists don't seem like a sunny lot. That doesn't mean the Portland, Ore., five-piece aren't enjoying their fame, which has grown since they signed with Capitol Records in 2005. >More



You Can't Take It With You predates the modern sitcom

Wacky families are a TV and movie staple and have been for a long time. The theater classic You Can't Take It With You, which began its original run in 1936, is one source of that time-honored trope. "In a lot of ways, the play's a precursor to the family sitcoms we have on TV today," says director Ron Himes. >More
 Paul Reiser returns to wallow in misery

Where has Paul Reiser been hiding? The star of the beloved 1990s series Mad About You is a natural-born sitcom comedian, and he hasn't lost a bit of his endearing nervous energy in The Paul Reiser Show. >More


Law is irrelevant in the Civil War drama The Conspirator

Midway through the period drama The Conspirator, I wondered: So what? Sure, it's a well-acted, well-designed film, and it tells a story many people probably don't know about Abraham Lincoln's assassination. But director Robert Redford isn't known for being shy about his politics, and I was still waiting for The Message. Then it came. >More
 Super fails to save the day

One template for successful action comedies is Ghostbusters. The film's action sequences and special effects are fine, and mainly they don't get in the way of poised performances and funny writing. Then there is the action comedy Super. >More
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Steenbock's on Orchard showcases local food with elegance

Steenbock's on Orchard is the newest arrival to Madison's fine-dining scene, though many may not know it. It's tucked in the ground floor of the new Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery building on University Avenue, a place that most Madison residents will probably never enter. It's not the most intuitive location for an upscale restaurant focused on local, sustainable food, but it is fun to walk around the building's lobby after a meal and check out the technology displays and architectural features. >More
 Caribbean shrimp cakes take off on a crabby favorite (recipe)

I'm gearing up for a trip to New Orleans next week. With visions of crab cakes dancing in my head, I decided to make a spinoff at home. So as not to spoil my appétit for the real deal, I used Caribbean flavors and shrimp, basing the cakes on coconut shrimp and orange marmalade, another favorite of mine. >More


Now it's Coach Kelsey's turn

With an easy sense of humor and gift for gab, Bobbie Kelsey charmed the sportswriters, athletic department big shots and players gathered for her debut press conference Monday in the Kohl Center media room. Having been in town just a few days, Wisconsin's new women's basketball coach immediately became the most charismatic personality in the UW's sports sphere. >More
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