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Green gasoline

The words 'Holy Grail' and 'Virent' may someday be spoken in the same breath. That's because Virent is well on its way to making energy that's cheap, renewable and doesn't increase carbon in the atmosphere. >More


Give up everything - or else

What's happening to Gerald Raspiller probably isn't news. It's the kind of thing that happens to poor, old people all the time. But to him, it burns as an injustice that cries out for correction. That's why he wants to tell his story. >More
 Taking aim at tax-refund loans

Everyone, it seems, is advising consumers not to seek tax-refund-anticipation loans. Everyone, that is, except the businesses providing them. >More
 Overseers step up abuse probe

State officials charged with regulating group foster homes failed to appear at a Dane County committee hearing called to investigate how two sexual predators molested nearly a dozen boys under county care. >More
 Is courthouse weapons screening worth it?

The new operation, budgeted at $394,800 in 2007, employs eight and a half screeners to ensure that the courthouse is weapon-free ' except, of course, for the many weapons brought into the building by law enforcement personnel. >More


Idol minds, true facts

Is American Idol cruel? Of course it is, dimwad. That's the point. >More
 Cleanup time

The place is like a mosh pit during the holidays, but all is calm on a Friday morning in January at the Soap Opera, the State Street store founded by Chuck Bauer and Chuck Beckwith 35 years ago next month. The pink and green emporium sells soap, cosmetics, perfume, rubber ducks and more soap. >More


Road warriors

Thanks to relentless touring in an unheated van, playing up to five shows a week in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota, the MSB sold almost 1,000 copies of its second independently released CD, Rogue Nation, in four months. >More
 Invasion of the touring bands

Another season, another club closes. This time it's Club Majestic that's moved off the club calendar, and its loss will be felt. Without it, the Barrymore Theatre and the Orpheum's narrow Stage Door Theater will see more action, which is good for those rooms but not exactly a sign of robust growth in the live-music scene. >More

Despite extensive experience in conducting, Pinchas Zukerman remains most readily identifiable as one of the world's leading violinists. >More



Down to earth

'Home' was arresting, in its unextravagant way, but the second world premiere, Li's 'Mendelsohnn Piece' ' a solo choreographed for her by retired Mills dance prof June Watanabe ' packed power. >More
 Postcard from the edge

Performing in a Eugene O'Neill play has its hazards. 'It's like getting hit by a truck,' says Carrie Coon, 26, as she readies herself for the title role of O'Neill's 1922 drama Anna Christie. 'It's the hardest thing I've ever done, so gritty and raw.' >More
 Gidget gone wild

Like its predecessors, The Sarah Silverman Program (Thursday, 9:30 p.m.) uses TV conventions against themselves, creating a parody that's truly, deeply dangerous. >More
 Step lively

This title makes the jump to the 360 with plenty of new songs, exclusive dance remixes and enhanced versions of the classic Edit, Workout, Quest and Party modes. >More


Love-hate relationship

Dame Judi's been handed a role she could really sink her teeth into, and when she's through there are bite marks all over the screen. She doesn't overact; that's not her style. But she does some ferocious underacting, letting her facial muscles tighten into a mask. And that voice! >More

There's some Sirkian melodrama in there, some Hitchcockian thriller, but the tone is surprisingly matter-of-fact for a movie that includes visitations from beyond the grave. >More
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Arena's Lake Louie Brewery is coming on strong

Despite being named for a pond, Lake Louie beer is no pond-water macrobrew. The Coon Rock Cream Ale, named for a rock formation in a local Arena bluff, is a pre-Prohibition-style beer with soft, bubbly texture and smooth flavor. >More
 Neighborhood grocery

'We are really focused on the business operations right now, finding ways to increase efficiency and to provide shoppers with what they need in the space available,' says Huberty. >More


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