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Saturday, July 12, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 77.0° F  Overcast
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The seven deadly sins of fun: Madison nightlife satisfies every taste in deviltry

The list has evolved over time with new sins added as others fell away, but for the past 15 centuries, the big seven have remained the same: lust, wrath, greed, gluttony, pride, sloth and envy. Sounds to me like a standard Friday night. >More


UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin defiant on her way out the door

One thing is certain about Biddy Martin. She knows when her time is up. The final bell will go off this Thursday, July 14, when the University of Wisconsin chancellor officially ends her duties in Madison after three interesting yet sometimes tempestuous years to become the president at tony Amherst College in Amherst, Mass. >More
 The god of traffic flow in Madison

When each traffic light turns from green to red just as a driver approaches it, is it pure chance, or karma? At such moments, it suddenly seems as if there's more to all this than meets the eye. These just can't be random events. >More
 Dane County officials question funding for Regional Planning Commission

The way Dane County Board Chair Scott McDonell sees it, the county must choose between subsidizing sprawl or human services. McDonell is frustrated with efforts to rein in spending by the Capital Area Regional Planning Commission, a somewhat obscure body that oversees urban growth in Dane County by deciding when to allow sewerage districts to expand. >More
 Railroad wants to close three east-side streets

Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. is petitioning the state's commissioner of railroads to close three streets on Madison's east side: Blount, Livingston and Brearly. >More


Democrats drop the collective bargaining issue in the recall campaigns

I thought it was all about collective bargaining. Wasn't that the idea when activists began circulating recall petitions for eight Republican senators in the days following Gov. Scott Walker's introduction of the infamous budget repair bill, which stripped most public employee unions of most of their collective bargaining rights? >More
 Tell All: No one is safe on Madison streets

Dear Tell All: I am deeply saddened by the recent death of the UW librarian who was struck by a Metro bus downtown. As a UW student, this news hit too close to home, and I can't imagine the pain her loved ones are experiencing. >More


Audio for the Arts' avant-garde concert series puts Madison on the map

It's funny how much can happen in a year. Last summer, Steve Gotcher, co-owner of local recording studio Audio for the Arts, forged a connection with sax man and composer Patrick Breiner, who'd stopped by to book a session. The two got to talking, and pretty soon they'd mapped out a blueprint for an avant-garde performance series. >More
 Gillian Welch's austere music suits the times

Gillian Welch began recording during the 1990s dot-com boom, but her music has always been as sparse, dark and rustic as the Carter Family's Depression-era ballads. Her songs never fit the times. Until now. The 10 tracks on Welch's new album are as austere as America's unemployment-ridden cultural vibe in 2011. >More



Colleen Burns, remembered

Forward Theater Company has been hit hard by the death of one of its founders, Colleen Burns. Her life will be recalled in a special performance at the Overture Center on July 18. >More
 Friday Night Lights comes to a thrilling conclusion

Friday Night Lights, one of the best TV series ever, comes to a close with a special 90-minute episode. As you'd expect, the Texas air is charged with drama. >More


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is a satisfying end to the saga

If you've followed the cinematic adventures of Harry Potter, it's hard to imagine how Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 could fail. The series that began as an investment in J.K. Rowling's remarkable hero-quest narrative evolved, over the course of seven films, into something else: an investment in the coming of age of the three young actors at their center. >More
 Religious and family conflict sear Incendies

In the French-Canadian Incendies, the secrets of a mother who was emotionally distant and not well understood by her children during her lifetime are unearthed after her death, and the children's horrifying discoveries can never be rebottled or unlearned. >More
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Monk's doesn't add much to Middleton dining

I love the Wisconsin Dells. I can't help myself. I love the natural areas. And I love the moccasin shops. And I love the waterparks. God help me, I love it all. It is, though, all too easy to end up with a blah meal there, so I was pleasantly surprised with a great ahi tuna sandwich I had last winter at Monk's near the Wilderness Resort. >More
 A tofu/mushroom mixture creates a satisfyingly beefy taco (recipe)

Tofu is kind of a blank slate, which is both a gift and a curse. People are sometimes disappointed when they eat it as a meat substitute. They want meatiness from a pallid, nondescript block of bean curd that needs a lot -- a lot -- of direction to resemble, say, chorizo. >More


Mad Rollin' Dolls make connections around the globe

The sound of bodies hitting bodies, knee pads slamming into concrete and small rubber wheels squealing reverberates through a converted warehouse as a crowd of nearly a thousand cheers wildly. It's opening night in the docklands of Copenhagen, as the women of the newly formed Copenhagen Roller Derby teams meet each other on the oval track. >More
 Milwaukee Brewers win in the TV ratings

Earlier this week, Sports Business Journal reported that the Milwaukee Brewers are among the top five Major League Baseball teams this season in terms of local television ratings with a 6.90. Of all the television households in the Milwaukee area, nearly 7% have tuned in to a portion of a Brewers game so far this season. >More
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