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The 12 Signs of the Madison Apocalypse!

As prophesied by Nostradamus, the Mayans, Hollywood and that guy on Willy Street who makes his own shampoo, the world as we know it will end in December 2012. Madison will not be immune to these strange times, as each month shall bring a new harbinger of the impending doom. Strange behaviors, unbelievable events, these are all part of... The 12 Signs of the Madison Apocalypse! >More


Can Paul Ryan be beat?

Congressman Paul Ryan's star shines bright in Washington. His "Roadmap for America's Future" made him one of the Republican Party's "deep thinkers," and his name has been wistfully bandied about by some, including Sen. Ron Johnson, as a possible presidential candidate. But Rob Zerban, who is challenging Ryan in Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District, thinks he is out of touch with the people he represents and is ripe for an upset. >More
 Timing of Walker and Wisconsin Senate recall elections uncertain

Although recall signatures are due to the Government Accountability Board by Jan. 17, it's anybody's guess just when there would be a vote to boot Gov. Scott Walker or any other recalled candidate from office. Yes, there are statutory deadlines and timelines for verifying signatures and scheduling elections, but a number of factors could extend those timelines by weeks, even months. >More
 Historic preservation group battles proposal for 100 block of State Street

Jason Tish is squeamish about using fighting words. But it's clear the proposal for the $10 million development project on the 100 block of State Street has his organization, the Madison Trust for Historic Preservation, up in arms. "I'm trying to dance around the battle language," says Tish, the Trust's executive director. "We don't look at these things as battles or fights. They're conversations." >More


Michael Best & Friedrich is too cozy with Gov. Walker and the Wisconsin Supreme Court

Remember John Gotti's attorney Bruce Cutler? Cutler and his team used to meet Gotti at the Ravenite Social Club, where they were caught on tape in an FBI wiretap. A federal court finally barred Cutler from representing Gotti in the 1990s, accepting prosecutors' argument that Cutler and his associates were "in-house counsel" to the Gambino crime family. The term "in-house counsel" could also apply to Scott Walker's attorney, Eric McLeod, and his law firm, Michael Best & Friedrich. >More
 Tell All: Readers blame, encourage overweight people

One of my New Year's resolutions is to print letters I didn't get around to in 2011. Here's a start: a sampling of views on the issue of obesity. It all started with a column called "Don't Hate Us Because We're Fat" (10/7/2011), in which an overweight man who called himself Heavy But Human deplored the fat jokes directed at Gov. Chris Christie. In a follow-up called "Fatty Brought It Upon Himself" (11/18/2011), a reader argued that Heavy But Human was responsible for his own weight problem. >More


DJ Nick Nice spins tunes and fights Gov. Walker

Dedicated protester by day, in-demand club DJ by night: It might strike some that Nick Nice is living a double life. He's even got the Clark Kent glasses. The longtime Madison-based DJ won't make any superhero claims, though. Nice has simply found a way to balance -- and even mix -- his love of music and art with a newfound commitment to activism. >More
 Album art lives: The download era doesn't mean the end of lively design

You might worry that digital releases and the newfound trendiness of cassettes will crowd out the possibilities of gorgeous cover art. Well, two Madison bands went the digital and cassette route on recent releases, and if anything, they went to greater lengths to get strong visuals. >More
 Madison DJs join Milwaukee's Chris Grant at electroLUST 2

When the temperature drops below 32 degrees, many music fans cozy up at home. Local DJ Wyatt Agard wants to halt this hibernation with a dance party to make Madison swelter. To accomplish this mission, he's bringing in Milwaukee DJ Chris Grant and Madison tune-slingers Eurotic (a.k.a. Caustic's Matt Fanale) and VON. >More



Spring 2012 live performances for kids offer wonders aplenty

My New Year's resolution: Take the kid to more live performances in 2012. Here are some highlights from Madison's spring arts calendar that could well make this the easiest resolution on my list. >More
 In Mercury Players' Talking Out of School, embattled Wisconsin teachers get their say

Perhaps no group has suffered more under the Walker administration than teachers. Not only were they subject to cuts in salary and benefits, but they were portrayed as greedy and more interested in their own union power than the children they teach. In response, Mercury Players Theatre presents Talking Out of School, 13 original short plays written by Wisconsin teachers, kindergarten through college. >More
 The master-servant relationship evolves in Downton Abbey

Masterpiece has worked hard to expand its range, but the success of Downton Abbey -- rave reviews, Emmy awards, high ratings -- proves that people really just want to see another variation on the old Upstairs Downstairs theme. And why not? Nobody can tease out the nuances of the master-servant relationship like the Brits, and few periods inspire British filmmakers more than the Edwardian 1910s. >More


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy understates the espionage

The modern movie spy has become defined by so much running and rappelling and cool seducing that it feels like a luxury to nestle in with the staid and resolutely unsuave George Smiley (Gary Oldman). A longtime operative in Her Majesty's Secret Intelligence Service, Smiley is forced into early retirement at the outset of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. >More
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Madtown Pizza is a taste of the old Greenbush

Madtown Pizza is a throwback to Madison's Greenbush neighborhood, even though it's on East Johnson Street. The Greenbush, in its heyday a home base for a largely Italian immigrant community, was demolished in the 1960s to make way for the Bayview, Braxton and Brittingham apartments. >More
 Pies, pastries and poutine at 4&20, Craft Table & Tap, and Nonna Rita's

Madison's latest bakery is 4 & 20 Bakery & Cafe at 305 N. Fourth St., near East High School, in a new building that also hosts a Milio's. General manager Scott Spilger says that 4 & 20 has been "quietly open" since Dec. 28, after a preview tasting on Dec. 23. >More


Badgers men's hoops need to get it inside

The Badgers' offense is designed to be highly efficient, and they're averaging 1.13 points per possession so far this year, while the defense is giving up just 0.8 points per possession, according to stats guru Ken Pomeroy's formula. Those numbers would normally predict success, so why are the Badgers 1-2 in the Big Ten and, more importantly, 1-3 against decent teams? >More
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