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Madison's new breed of bartenders perfect the craft cocktail

When I enter bartender Chad Vogel's downtown loft apartment, it's a construction site. Tools and large pieces of wood are sprawled haphazardly on the floor, and at one end of the living room, the looming hulk of an unfinished countertop leans against the wall. Nearby, newly completed shelves house a quantity of liquor bottles that would rival a well-stocked commercial bar. >More


Former MPD chief David Couper takes modern policing to task

The Rev. David Couper, a semi-retired Episcopal priest in Blue Mounds, served as chief of the Madison Police Department from 1972 to 1993. He made his mark in the city by transforming local policing and crafting reforms that spread nationally. Couper's upcoming book, Arrested Development, is part autobiography, part Madison history and part handbook for redefining the role of policing in the 21st century. It's meant as a warning and a plan for action. >More
 Local support for Obama unaffected by 'donor fatigue'

In what amounts to the local kickoff to Barack Obama's presidential campaign, Valerie Jarrett stopped in Madison Monday to headline a $200-per-person fundraiser at the Sherman Avenue home of Mary Lang Sollinger. Sollinger, a local philanthropist and activist, was an early and important local supporter of Obama and is a member of his national finance committee. She says she was thrilled to have Jarrett, a longtime mentor, friend and now senior adviser and assistant to Obama, speak at the event. >More


Sen. Vinehout would be a strong contender for governor in the Wisconsin recall election

Among possible Democratic candidates for governor who spoke to the People's Legislature last week, state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, a dairy farmer from Alma, stole the show. Vinehout is a great speaker -- warm, passionate and full of compelling facts. It was she who calculated, around the time Gov. Walker gave his State of the State address, that 85% of the jobs Walker claims to have created in Wisconsin are actually jobs Wisconsinites have taken outside the state. >More
 Tell All: Valentine's Day disaster

Dear Tell All: I'm going to be without a date on Valentine's Day, but not for lack of trying. There's an irresistible woman in my workplace -- I'll call her "Luscious" -- who is going down the line and dating every guy in the office. She seems to be attracted to conventionally handsome, talkative types. I'm neither conventionally handsome nor talkative, but I do think I'm kind, considerate, loving, funny and warm. In other words, a good catch, if you get to know me. >More


Redamte and Dragonfly Lounge feature adventuresome acts

Madison has two new music venues: Redamte, a java joint at 449 State St., and Dragonfly Lounge, a candle-lined taproom in the basement of Bellini restaurant (401 E. Washington Ave.). They sprouted from the efforts of their owners and the clever ideas of two groups: homegrown label Mine All Mine Records and local concert-booking agency TKG Music Group. >More
 Charles Bradley channels a tough life into music

Charles Bradley, 63, endured decades of tragedy, poverty and hitchhiking before he ever got to reach a wider audience. Now, with help from the soul revivalists in the Menahan Street Band, he's performing R&B covers and James Brown tributes -- and songs telling his own story. His 2011 album No Time For Dreaming channels breakups, social angst and the death of a brother through a voice that startles with its fullness and rawness. >More



Acclaimed author Nathan Englander makes a home in Madison

Nathan Englander is not yet the household name that the short story writer Raymond Carver became during his lifetime, but Carver -- and one of his best-known stories, "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love" -- may be the boost that pushes Englander to that level. Englander's just-released collection of short stories is entitled What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank. >More
 Posthumous provocation for Bernard Gilardi

Mona Lisa smoking a cigarette. A bald woman with flowers growing out of her head. A running back with a hole in his head, carrying a man's head instead of a football. "My mother wouldn't allow him to put it on the wall in the house," laughs Madison resident Dee Kuech, daughter of late Milwaukee artist Bernard Gilardi. She's the first to admit her father's paintings are anything but conventional. "He kept them in the basement and rarely showed them to anybody." >More
 MLK: The Assassination Tapes re-creates a tragic event

MLK: The Assassination Tapes re-creates the days before and after Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination using contemporary TV and radio reports, most of them not broadcast since 1968. It gives you the feeling that you're living through the civil rights leader's last minutes along with the people from back then. >More


Shame is a harrowing story of sex addiction

All humans have habits, some of them bad. Brandon Sullivan's (Michael Fassbender) bad habits have curdled into full-bore addiction. The escorts with whom he politely negotiates terms, the workaday masturbation breaks, the Internet porn he watches to accompany a dinner of leftover takeout: This is Brandon's everyday landscape, as commonplace to him as another's crossword puzzle or nail-clipping. >More
 Small worlds: Oscar-nominated 2012 shorts lack storytelling heft

It's always charming to watch obscure filmmakers as they receive Oscars for their short subjects. They look dazed and grateful as they accept their due in front of a massive television audience. But charm notwithstanding, viewers generally don't tune in for the shorts. >More
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Crema Cafe does breakfast, brunch and lunch up right

Crema Cafe sits at the end of a Monona Drive strip mall, with plenty of traffic whizzing by. It has all the makings of a little undiscovered coffee shop that locals and a handful of regulars swear by -- except this place is anything but undiscovered. It's fair to say that with Crema, the word is out. >More
 Chicken pot pie is perfect... for sharing (recipe)

After comfort-food-loving Paula Deen's exposure as a diabetic, I had to ask, "Gawd, am I turning into Paula?" When it comes to indulgence, I'm guilty as charged: bacon-pecan pie, buffalo mac 'n' cheese, and now a pot pie. Like a bumbling bear, winter brings out the calorie-seeking beast in me. Before I know it, I'm rifling for prim parsnips, sweet fennel and the dowdy but delicious rutabaga to tumble between a schmaltzy crust with chicken and a lemon cream sauce that mentally jogs my mind ahead to spring. >More


Fond of the UW Field House

The Badgers men's basketball team plays at Minnesota Thursday night (Feb. 9), which means broadcasters calling the game will refer early and often to Williams Arena's antiquated charm and barrel-vaulted ceiling, chuckling about its elevated floor and lack of modern accoutrements. >More
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