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Reaching for a future

In construction, health care, manufacturing and other fields, there is a looming shortage of workers due to retirements. According to Barry, 'these two trends together ' an aging workforce and increasing numbers of ill-prepared youth ' present a serious threat to our competitiveness as a state and region.' >More


Dane County braces for Family Care

'In the current system, there are many times when people don't get services,' says Sinikka Santala, head of the state's Disability and Elder Services Division, part of the Department of Health and Family Services. Currently, 11,700 elderly and disabled people statewide ' including 641 in Dane County ' are on some kind of waiting list. >More
 Lost in Starbucks

Eiseman eventually concedes that using an unregistered lost card is 'not officially fraud.' But neither is it Starbucks policy: 'The company is going to cancel the card so no one else can use it.' >More
 UW makes it harder to know

'I'm very interested in privacy too, but this information is by its nature not private,' says Roberts, a private-sector IT specialist. She doesn't understand why the UW, after years of posting this information online, is now 'creating layers of difficulty' to obtain it. >More
 Same as the old policy

For all Wray's nice-sounding words about treating victims with sensitivity and respect, the policy he unveiled at a press conference Tuesday explicitly allows the use of police trickery and deception against people who report being victims of rape and domestic violence, albeit as 'a last resort.' >More


Vietnam memories

Oddly, Perlewitz looks like any typical Wisconsin kid, albeit with a rifle nestled in his arms, the bill of his cap turned up and his boyish, alert eyes scanning miles and miles of rugged terrain. But this isn't Algoma, this is South Vietnam, and Perlewitz isn't hunting grouse or deer. He's stalking humans. >More
 Wheeling in the years

Too cheap to rent a campus parking space, too impatient to wait for a city bus, I bike to work year-round. Bike commuters, no matter their reasons for riding, get involved with their bicycles. That's why it was a big blow to walk out to our garage last weekend and find my bike ripped off. >More
 What's good for the goose...

I'll cut to the chase. With my old boyfriend, who was one year younger than me, I was the aggressor. Neither of us had had any sexual experiences when we started going out, and I just sort of assumed the role of the dominant one. I won't go into the details, but let's just say I really like calling the shots. >More
 Simply perfect

Little Luxuries is a gift boutique that can force even the most selfless shopper to come away with a few self-gratifying goodies. >More


His time to shine

Bobby Bryan doesn't take his role as a bandleader lightly. Sure, when he's up on stage at Adair's Lounge, 121 W. Main St., leading his polished blues quartet through its paces, he's as insouciant as can be. Stage patter flows freely from his mouth during engaging (and, at times, appropriately salacious) intros to each song, and he sings just as easily in a smooth tenor voice. >More
 Serenade in the snow

The Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra's annual concert-date blizzard, avoided in January, caught up at Overture's Capitol Theater on Friday. But those who braved it were well rewarded. >More

'This new record is not so much for the night,' says Yorn, 'but for a later period in my life. The perspective I have comes from having lived more and experienced more.' >More



For art's sake

Since the formal announcement last November that she would step down on April 13 after 30 years as director of the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission, her admirers ' both artists and audiences ' have struggled to adjust to the news. >More
 Art for our times

In its annual three-show cycle, Dark Nights is the truest expression of Kanopy's considerable artistic vision. >More
 Derangement of the senses

There'll be frenzied, hallucinatory excitement at the Kohl Center on Sunday. Nope, I'm not talkin' about high school basketball tournaments. It's Cirque du Soleil's first-ever Mad City appearance with Delirium, the latest extravaganza from the Montreal-based ministers of psychedelic spectacle. >More
 A star is born

So does Corddry have the comic genius of Carell and Colbert? In a word, yes. Right out of the gate, he proves himself a sitcom master, with perfect timing and a gift for physical comedy. >More
 This means war

Chris Taylor of Gas Powered Games deplores the lack of actual strategic elements in most real-time-strategy games. Taylor's Supreme Commander is a truly superior RTS that finally takes care of this problem. >More


The hunters and the hunted

We're not likely to find out what Queen Elizabeth thinks about The Queen, nor are we likely to find out what the Zodiac killer thinks about Zodiac, David Fincher's dogged re-creation of the terror he inflicted on the San Francisco Bay Area back in the late '60s and early '70s. But it's hard to believe he wouldn't be pleased. >More
 Rocket Man

The Astronaut Farmer is one of those triumph-of-the-human-spirit movies that make you feel guilty for ever doubting that...well, that the human spirit will triumph in the end. >More
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Indian feast

Maharani's menu is a snaking one, its prices are bargain basement (most entrÃes hovering around the $10 mark), and there are enough strong dishes to easily put together a reliable buffet. >More
 Learn from the masters

Master cheese maker Sid Cook of Carr Valley Cheese has come up with a whole new way to make people fall in love with his award-winning cheese: He's offering a series of cooking classes in the new test kitchen at his Sauk City retail store. >More


Newfoundland by kayak

One of the most appealing aspects of Canoecopia is that, from one year to the next, the paddle-sport expo is as reliable as charted tides yet also as mutable as currents. Among this year's most promising innovations is a panel at noon Saturday, March 10, featuring seven women whose combined paddling accomplishments and knowledge are unrivaled. >More
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