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Faces of the achievement gap in Madison: The stories behind the statistics

In 2010, just five black and 13 Hispanic graduating seniors in the Madison Metropolitan School District were ready for college, according to data from the district and Urban League of Greater Madison. These statistics should make your heart race. If they don't, and you're white, you may be suffering from what anti-racism educator Tim Wise calls "the pathology of white privilege." If you do get it and don't take action, that is almost worse. >More


Walker's unlimited recall fundraising set to end

On Friday, when the Government Accountability Board is expected to certify a recall election against Gov. Scott Walker, the days of unlimited fundraising for the governor will come to an end. Restrictions will also be placed on any so-called residual recall funds. >More
 Doug La Follette would step aside for a viable Walker recall contender

Doug La Follette gets the reaction he is banking on when he walks over to Nanci Calamari on the Library Mall and tells her he is running for governor. "Are you really?" she asks with genuine delight. >More
 Can't Dane County supervisors just get along?

Jack Martz is one of the stalwart conservatives on the Dane County Board, reliably pushing a low-tax, pro-law-enforcement agenda. In the past year, he helped lead a group of 10 conservatives in temporarily blocking a borrowing resolution. Even though he's firmly entrenched on one side of the political fence, he decries the rise of "partisanship" on the County Board. >More
 Accusations fly between Roger Allen and Ellen Berz in Dane County judge race

Judicial races are supposed to be genteel affairs, free from the nasty sting of partisan politics. But the race for Dane County Circuit Court has taken an ugly turn, with critics of both candidates leveling charges. The race pits Roger Allen, a former assistant city attorney for Madison who was appointed last year by Gov. Scott Walker, against challenger Ellen Berz, a public defender and UW-Madison adjunct professor. >More


Wisconsin's GOP presidential primary is a mere sideshow to the Walker recall

Hey, did you hear the Republican presidential candidates are in Wisconsin this week? Wait…why are you yawning? In any other quadrennial year, having presidential candidates descend on Wisconsin would be a big deal. In 2008, with the Democratic nomination still up for grabs, scores of national volunteers and media outlets descended on the Badger State to report on the fight between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. >More
 Tell All: Drunk walking

Dear Tell All: I work on the Square and live about two miles east of there. It's very convenient for commuting, shopping and nightlife. Whenever I stick around for happy hours with friends and strangers, I find it wonderful to be able to walk home afterward. The fresh air and the exercise are a tonic to go with the gin (or bourbon or vodka or all three) I have consumed. >More


A new wave of rave: Electronic dance music gets the party started, 2012-style

In October 1992, nearly 1,000 music fans were arrested at a rave in Milwaukee's Third Ward, sparking a controversy about electronic dance music and its purported influence on young people. In those days, DJs spun records imported from Europe as crowds in warehouses danced until sunrise, glow sticks raised. >More
 Lovely Socialite channels formal training into turbulent instrumentals

Six self-confessed "music-major types" have built an omnivorous mutant of a band. At performances, Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps -- or just Lovely Socialite, for sanity's sake -- provides some of the more unusual sights in Madison music. >More
 Milagres draws inspiration from a harrowing accident

Psych-pop quintet Milagres is always getting into trouble. Sometimes it's small trouble, like running out of gas, and other times, it's big trouble, like the time front man Kyle Wilson hurt his back during a mountain-climbing expedition, an experience that helped him write the band's sophomore album, Glowing Mouth. >More



Bartell Theatre could close as revenue drops

The Bartell Theatre will close at the end of 2013 unless support significantly increases, according to its managing director, Sarah Hoover. The theater closed its most recent fiscal year with a $62,000 deficit. It still has significant assets, however. >More
 A brilliant new Great Expectations puts an orphan through his paces

Masterpiece's "Great Expectations" is the best adaptation I've seen of Charles Dickens' novel, surpassing David Lean's overrated 1946 version. You know you're in good hands from the first scene, as young orphan Pip (Douglas Booth) encounters an escaped convict (Ray Winstone) on the marshes near his house. >More


Lasse Hallström goes Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Oh, but how a satirist like Chris Morris (Four Lions) or Armando Iannucci (In the Loop) might have made mincemeat of Paul Torday's 2007 comic novel Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and its enjoyably preposterous premise: a super-wealthy sheik hatches an implausible-seeming scheme to build a manmade river in Yemen and stock it with salmon flown in from the United Kingdom. >More
 Crazy Horse takes a backstage look at a Paris cabaret

Unlike most of the "gentlemen's clubs" in the U.S. (not that I've been to that many, but still...), Paris' famed Crazy Horse saloon has been an ongoing erotic attraction for tourists and locals alike since 1951. The place has been a rich and endlessly creative bastion of pure French showmanship, and it harbors a deep, Parisian reverence for all things female. >More
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Johnson Public House makes java three slow-brew ways

Since it moved into the space at 908 E. Johnson St. almost a year ago, Johnson Public House (coincidentally owned by a couple named Gwen and Kyle Johnson) has more or less become my office away from home. Let's be real. It's kind of a hipster joint, and take that for what you will. But it's also the type of place where conversation, study, work and even kids, at times, seem to peacefully coexist. >More
 Madison goes down the bone luge path

Bone luging has been fueled by the need to bring humor to a craft cocktail movement has been in danger of collapsing under its own weight. It was time to bring fun back, and the bone luge has offered the perfect blend of foodiness and silliness. >More


UW Hodags reach out to ultimate's hungry fan base

The Wisconsin Hodags have been among college ultimate's top clubs over the last 10 years, winning national titles in 2003, 2007 and 2008. But since most of the sport's action takes place in warmer climates during the winter and early spring, Madison ultimate fans rarely get a chance to see them play. >More
 Acupuncture for PTSD: Veterans are benefiting from free group treatments

You could be forgiven if acupuncture is not the first thing that pops to mind for the treatment of trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other emotional disorders. After all, the Madison Veteran's Project, a free weekly acupuncture clinic for veterans and their families, has been flying pretty much under the radar for its nearly four years of operation. >More
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