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Friday, September 19, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 56.0° F  Fog/Mist
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What if Barrett wins? What if Walker wins?

Since March 11, 2011, Chris Reeder and a dedicated group of protesters have been coming to the Capitol Rotunda each day at noon, to sing songs of protest against Gov. Scott Walker and his Republican regime. As of last Friday, that was 367 consecutive weekdays of protest singing. "It grew out of the big occupation last March," Reeder explains after a sing-along last week. "It was a way to maintain a peaceful presence. We didn't expect it to be going on 14 months later." >More


Dazed and confused: Adverse drug reactions take a heavy toll on seniors

Olivia Carriola was frightened. The 67-year-old was dizzy and disoriented. "I didn't know what was happening to me. I was bouncing off the walls," she says. "In the hospital, the doctor told me I had low sodium, but they didn't tell me where it was coming from." >More
 If elected in recall, Tom Barrett would take office by late June

Let's play a game of hypothetical recall. If Tom Barrett beats Gov. Scott Walker in the June 5 election, then what? Under "normal" circumstances, a governor-elect has two months between the November election and inauguration day to take office. If Barrett wins June 5, he'll move in after a maximum of 18 days, the time allotted for the state Government Accountability Board to certify results from special elections, says GAB spokesman Reid Magney. >More
 Iowans for Walker: Recall fight enlists out-of-state residents

Marilyn Roberts could hardly believe it. She received a robo-call from a tea party group on May 16, asking her if a governor who balanced the budget should be recalled from office. The recorded message then asked her if she would volunteer to help Gov. Scott Walker win reelection in the upcoming June 5 recall election. >More


Looking for the undecided voter in the Wisconsin recall

Former University of Wisconsin-Madison political science professor Ken Goldstein loves to tell of the time he went out hunting for undecided voters in Wisconsin. It was in the midst of the 2004 presidential election, and a public radio station asked him to talk to voters who couldn't decide between President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry. The only problem was, they couldn't find any undecideds. They searched the state far and wide, and virtually everyone had made up their mind. >More
 Tell All: Is it wrong to dislike Bishop Morlino?

Dear Tell All: I'm reduced to airing my grievances with the local Catholic diocese anonymously. What are my options? Bishop Robert Morlino has made it clear that anyone who respectfully disagrees with him could face dire consequences. >More


Old-school trappings go as Club 5 gets a makeover as Five Nightclub

The south-side venue rechristened last week as Five Nightclub & Showbar, formerly Club 5, has a new dance floor, stage and sound system. That's not all: Totally dismantled is the Barracks, a backroom leather bar that for years played porn on six screens and served as a refuge for gay men behind boarded-up windows. >More
 Punk, metal and surf bands keep Madison rock steady

It's a convenient fib that the hard, crude side of rock 'n' roll disappears every so often, only to be rescued in time for a slate of rock-magazine photo shoots. But there are always plenty of bands, somewhere, focusing on the gratifying metal riff, the primal rockabilly beat, the simple chord pattern. Still, every so often, a few bands give us extra reason to coalesce around the basics. Meet four Madison acts whose work in punk, metal and surf rock is doing just that. >More
 Caroline Smith tells strange tales of the road

Caroline Smith's warm, inviting folk-pop draws fans in like a fireplace. It's the kind of music you don't just listen to. You bask in it. Raised in Detroit Lakes, Minn. -- a tiny town three hours north of the Twin Cities, like Bob Dylan's hometown of Hibbing -- Smith knows how storytelling can soften the bite of the winter wind. >More



Madison masterpieces: Six unforgettable artistic achievements

There's a formulation you hear from time to time: Madison is quite a place...for a city its size. But stick around long enough and take in enough art -- art broadly defined -- and you start to realize Madison artists have produced works that hold their own against what comes out of the culture capitals. Here's a by-no-means-comprehensive sampling of favorite pieces chosen by Isthmus critics. >More
 The heroes of Rookie Blue break hearts and heads

Rookie Blue has made the summer TV season a lot more fun during the last couple of years. It's an absorbing cop show about young officers dealing with the complexities of their careers while looking stunning in those cute blue uniforms. >More


Retirees make a home at The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

In a fluid opening montage, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel introduces seven aging Brits who, for one reason or another, have decided to move to Jaipur, India, and take up residence in what is being advertised as a newly restored retirement home. The first of the film's many predictable surprises is that the hotel is a fixer-upper, a dilapidated shell of its former glory and hardly anything that qualifies to be called the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. >More
 A workplace romance unfolds in Delicacy

Watching the French romance Delicacy, I thought of the Seinfeld episode in which Jerry can't follow a movie plot. Who's that guy? What just happened? There's a randomness to Delicacy that reminds me of irksome American indie comedies like Gigantic and The Good Heart, which ask us to laugh when characters drolly act in ways that don't resemble actual human behavior. That makes me antsy, and I was ready to give up on Delicacy. But I was smiling by the time it was over. >More
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Authentic, hidden and full of soul: Melly Mel's is worth tracking down

Good luck finding Melly Mel's. If you get lost, their digits are 608-270-9512. Write that down now because the number online is incorrect. I visited Carmell "Melly" Jackson, proprietor and cook, the first time with friends who knew her, had scouted for the location before, and still couldn't find her south-side restaurant. Then we got very specific, if disconcerting, directions to the Genesis Enterprise Center over the phone: "Park around the side of the building next to the red van. Enter through the metal door and come downstairs." >More
 Quince & Apple experiments with cocktail syrups (recipe)

Call me the patron saint of Quince & Apple's Door County Tart Cherry Grenadine because it's a blessing I can't help but pass on. The "soft release" of the Madison jam company's grenadine happened mostly via bartenders, with a public release in the Chicago market on May 13 and, two days later, in Madison at retail locations including Fromagination, Steve's Wine and Liquor, and Natt Spil. >More


No do-overs in umping

There are few trees at Pioneer Park in rural Middleton, certainly none shading the baseball field from last Sunday's intense sunshine. Each gust of wind deposits gritty dust in my mouth, ears, even the corners of my eyes. I'm hot, thirsty and I have just punched out my 13-year old son. >More
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