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Bringing sexy back: A vibrator developed in Madison restores pleasure for women following cancer and menopause

It's the kind of thing nobody talks about, the sort of life-altering, debilitating problem you don't know anything about until you're forced to know: the incredible pain and sexual dysfunction in women brought on by cancer treatment and, in many cases, menopause. The side effects of treatment, as well as lack of estrogen, can have a devastating impact on women, and in many ways the health care system is ill equipped to address sexual health in women unrelated to reproduction. >More


Citizens Climate Lobby unites against climate change

Remember July? High temperatures hovered around 100 in Wisconsin, and it didn't rain for weeks. Much of the rest of the Midwest experienced the same conditions. Crops failed. Livestock producers started culling their herds. Our home air conditioners, just used occasionally in a "normal" summer, ran nonstop. Or, wait. Is this the new normal? >More
 Quest for a Madison homeless refuge drags on

There are places to turn for help if you're homeless in Madison, says Daniel Callahan, who has been homeless off and on for decades. But finding those services is often an impossible chore for people down on their luck. To make things worse, the services are generally scattered all over town. >More
 Casting call for District 1 on the Dane County Board

When Scott McDonell, current chair of the Dane County Board, won the Democratic primary for Dane County clerk last week, he created a rare opportunity for downtown Madison residents. "Unlike the majority of the county board or the city council, these downtown seats don't turn over very often," says Ald. Mike Verveer, who has represented downtown for 17 years on the Common Council. "So it is a golden opportunity." >More
 The Information Technology Academy helps kids get a leg up in the tech world

The discrimination of the future will not be based on race, but on education. Those without education will find no place in our highly sophisticated, technical society. Martin Luther King Jr.'s words greet visitors to Erica Laughlin's office on the third floor of UW-Madison's Computer Sciences Building. Laughlin runs the Information Technology Academy (ITA), a four-year pre-college technology access and training program for "talented students of color and economically disadvantaged students" attending Madison public schools. >More


Mitt Romney looks to Paul Ryan for ideas

There is one thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on: Paul Ryan was a great choice to be Mitt Romney's running mate. For the GOP, Ryan has to be a breath of fresh air after their last two veep candidates. It has to be a relief to have somebody who won't confuse international flights going over his house on their way to O'Hare with an understanding of foreign policy and somebody who won't be at an undisclosed location watching Dr. Strangelove and not getting the jokes. >More
 Tell All: Paul Ryan is so cute!

Dear Tell All: I often vote Democratic, but I'm all in favor of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's running mate. He is so sexy and cute! I can't believe there might be a vice president I'd actually want to do it with. Dick Cheney was gross, and the follicle-challenged Joe Biden isn't exactly my type either. >More


The Emperors of Wyoming create country-rock from far-flung locations

The Emperors of Wyoming's first record drops Sept. 17 and includes a haunting country ballad that sounds as though Tom Petty and Tom Waits got it on. "The idea for the song was to tell it through the eyes of someone whose life was changed forever by someone they loved," says vocalist/guitarist Phil Davis. >More
 Sinatra and Vic Chesnutt haunt Kelly Hogan's new album I Like to Keep Myself in Pain

Kelly Hogan seems well adjusted -- almost. She does in the context of I Like to Keep Myself in Pain, a new album brimming with eccentric, tormented songwriters. The late Vic Chesnutt wrote its most stark and memorable track, "Ways of This World." M. Ward added a Sinatra-themed sketch called "Daddy's Little Girl." Other contributors include surreal singer-songwriter Robyn Hitchcock and enigmatic Magnetic Fields leader Stephin Merritt. Hogan ties it all together with her mighty voice. >More



Your guide to the 2012-2013 seasons at Overture Center and Wisconsin Union Theater

Late summer always triggers back-to-school feelings, even though, thankfully, I'm well past the age for stockpiling spiral notebooks. With adulthood comes a grown-up version of back to school: back to the arts, that glorious time of year when local venues unveil a new season of performances. Fresh neon highlighters come in handy for selecting concerts, musicals and other cultural goodies. >More
 Edgewood College opens a stately arts center

A giant Heritage Oak tree towers over Edgewood College, as if protecting the people who work, study and create there. More than 100 years old, it's a steadfast presence in an ever-changing landscape. The latest addition to this scene is another majestic structure: Edgewood's new Visual and Theatre Arts Center (VTAC), a 44,000-square-foot space that houses an art gallery, a black-box theater and studio-style classrooms for the school's growing art department. >More
 Face Off looks at gooey special-effects creations

In its third season, the delightful reality competition Face Off features a fresh batch of special-effects makeup artists, all determined to make a mark in Hollywood. These artisans are obsessed with aliens and monsters, and we get to watch them work wonders with glue, foam and clay. "I really know how to gross people out," one contestant says with justifiable pride. >More


Elle Fanning to star in movie adaptation of Madison author Kevin Henkes' Olive's Ocean

These days, Kevin Henkes can count as an admirer another Hollywood star, 14-year-old Elle Fanning (Super 8, We Bought a Zoo). She likes his 2003 young-adult novel Olive's Ocean, and she said so to producer Donald Rosenfeld on the set of Effie, the forthcoming film starring Dakota Fanning, Elle's sister. One thing led to another, and now a film version of Olive's Ocean is in the works. Elle Fanning is slated to star in it, and the movie may be partially filmed on location in Madison. >More
 Premium Rush sates B-movie cravings

The term "B-movie" gets tossed around pejoratively, but here's the honest truth: Good B-movies like Premium Rush may be rarer than any other kind of movie. >More
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At the Paoli Cafe, field-to-fork is not just hype

Ken Ruegsegger is industrious. Together with his wife, Sherrie, and son, Mitch, he operates a farm, a CSA, a meat company, a natural foods store and the Paoli Cafe. The store, Paoli Local Foods, opened in 2007. The cafe, opened just a few months ago, is the natural expansion of a business that now runs all the way from Ruegsegger's own farm in Blanchardville -- as well as from other nearby farms -- to forks in Paoli. >More


The Brewers can't be saved

Deep into August, the Milwaukee Brewers are 10 games under .500 and 18 games out of first place in the National League Central. A year ago at this time, they stood atop the division, 10 games ahead of St. Louis, which went on to win the World Series. >More
 Papalo has the power: One farmer tries to turn Madisonians on to the Mexican herb

When Juan Gonzalez left Puebla, Mexico, in 2004 for una aventura -- an adventure -- he made sure to bring one very important thing to his new home in Wisconsin: papalo. A staple in Mexican cooking, papalo is a distinctive, strong herb and now a weekly summer feature at Gonzalez's Los Abuelos Farley Farm market stand. >More
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