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#MyMadisonDay: 24 hours in the life of the city

Freelancer Stu Levitan came up with the idea for a print piece chronicling a day in the life of Madison. We decided to take it a step further. We settled on a date (Sept. 21, 2012), cooked up a hashtag (#MyMadisonDay) and put out a call to the community to record, via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the day's events, whether big or small. >More


A better flu vaccine: FluGen strives to make it more effective, plus pain-free

When it comes to the annual flu shot, are you in the better-safe-than-sorry camp or of the "aches and chills build character" persuasion? Either way, you should be interested in a local company that's working to make a seasonal influenza vaccine that you'd possibly not need to take every year, and that might not hurt a bit. >More
 Greenbush neighborhood at odds with Ald. Sue Ellingson over Ideal plans on Park Street

Ald. Sue Ellingson is in a tight spot. The Greenbush Neighborhood Association is fiercely opposed to plans to redevelop the land that has for decades housed the Ideal Body Shop at 502 S. Park St. Ellingson backs the project and says she really doesn't understand the main point of contention: "why four stories is okay on Park Street but five stories is not." >More
 Green Party candidate Jonathan Dedering says Brett Hulsey is vulnerable

Jonathan Dedering has been doing doors in District 78 in his bid to replace incumbent state Rep. Brett Hulsey (D-Madison), who recently made headlines for pleading no contest to a disorderly conduct charge. Dedering says residents don't talk much about that incident, but they do bring up the flap over endorsements that occurred during Hulsey's inaugural run for the Assembly in 2010. >More
 State lawyers sit out initial appearance on Wisconsin Capitol citations

Last Friday about 13 Capitol protesters piled into a courtroom at the Public Safety Building for their initial appearances before Dane County Circuit Court Commissioner Todd Meurer. Cited for holding signs at the state Capitol, they all pleaded not guilty and asked for jury trials. >More


Act 10: Here come the judges

When Dane County Circuit Court Judge Juan Colas ruled parts of Act 10 unconstitutional, Gov. Scott Walker pushed the easy and predictable rhetorical button. Colas, the governor charged, was a "liberal Dane County activist judge." When I was mayor we had several cases before Judge Colas. He was always regarded as thorough, fair and thoughtful even when he ruled against us. (Though I always thought he was more thorough, more fair and even more thoughtful when he ruled for the city.) >More
 Tell All: Craigslist stole my baby

Dear Tell All: I sometimes read the Missed Connections section on Craigslist for entertainment. Some of those posts are hilarious, as are the responses. The idea is that people place an ad reaching out to someone they saw, somewhere, hoping to make a connection. But I just ran across one directed toward someone I know! It was a creepy post to this attractive woman who works in a local shop, asking for a hookup. Should I tell her? >More


Majestic Theatre celebrates five years of live music and downtown revitalization

Los Angeles, circa 2005. Roommates Matt Gerding and Scott Leslie have a vision. It isn't caused by heat, smog or celebrity sightings, but it does lead to a risky situation. They quit their jobs and move to Madison, Wis., a faraway city with an unfamiliar culture. With the help of two investors, they purchase a crumbling vaudeville theater with a checkered past. Some call it a money pit, but Gerding and Leslie don't listen. To them, it's a diamond in the rough, the perfect spot for the concerts of their dreams. >More
 Dirty Projectors' new short film Hi Custodian adds context to their latest album, Swing Lo Magellan

"Read the book before seeing the movie" is some of the most annoying yet valid advice in existence. It's about context, something the rock 'n' roll weirdoes of Dirty Projectors offer in bunches in their new short film, Hi Custodian. A companion piece to their intricate 2012 album Swing Lo Magellan, the 20-minute film falls short of the grand ambition of movies like Purple Rain but offers more insight than a standard music video. >More



Legs McNeil resurrects Please Kill Me for a new generation of punks, drunks and music-history junkies

In the beginning, there was Legs McNeil. He lived in 1970s New York, otherwise known as hell. To him, it was heaven. He started a magazine called Punk with a couple of friends. The name symbolized what they loved about their favorite musicians. It meant "drunk, obnoxious, smart but not pretentious, absurd, funny, ironic, and things that appealed to the darker side," he and Gillian McCain explain in their 1996 book Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk. >More
 Homeland is just too silly to take seriously

Everyone -- including President Obama -- has jumped on the bandwagon for Homeland, Showtime's melodrama about a mentally ill CIA agent named Carrie (Claire Danes) on the trail of a brainwashed U.S. congressman (Damian Lewis) who's secretly working for al-Qaida. I appear to be the only holdout, and nothing in the second-season premiere has changed my mind. >More


Your Sister's Sister is as funny and complex as a real-life love story

I love Your Sister's Sister a lot. What is it about this tense, amusing, sexy film? I recall two scenes. One is near the end. A character named Jack (Mark Duplass), who is a schlub, delivers a beautiful speech. Like the rest of the film, it's heartfelt and tinged with irony. >More
 Take This Waltz is an unwitting parody of itself

In the Seinfeld episode "The Frogger," Jerry breaks up with his girlfriend in a montage that wickedly satirizes breakup clichés. It's really funny. There is a similar breakup montage in the romantic drama Take This Waltz. I regret to inform you that we're not supposed to think it's funny, even though writer-director Sarah Polley likewise employs abrupt emotional shifts and snippets of random-yet-fraught dialogue. >More
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It could be time for Limburger to make a comeback

"Our customers are, on average, about 76 years old," says Myron Olson, "but they will swim a river and climb a mountain to get Limburger cheese." Olson is the manager of Monroe's Chalet Cheese Co-Op, the only cheesemaker in the United States currently producing the foil-wrapped, aromatic bricks known as Limburger. He was kind enough to lead me through a tour of the place, where approximately 450,000 pounds of Limburger is produced annually. >More
 In autumn, dandelions are a versatile green (recipe)

"Weed" is such a strong word for poor dandelion. Although its pernicious growth leads to a bad rap in gardens, its culinary and medicinal gusto precede its infamy on manicured lawns. Dandelions are edible in their wild and cultivated forms; they're bitter, though not ferociously so. The cultivated varieties are less brazen than their wild neighbors. >More


Big Ten football's losing streak

The week before the Big Ten conference football season begins is generally not a time to schedule tough opponents, which is why Wisconsin hosted UTEP instead of, say, Alabama or Southern Cal. Still, the Badgers had all they could handle from the mighty Miners, pulling out a 37-26 victory. Wisconsin lost to the only BCS opponent on its nonconference slate, getting outclassed at Oregon State in the second week of the season. >More
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