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Monday, September 1, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 73.0° F  Mostly Cloudy
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The new supermax

Schneiter, standing amid the concrete and steel of Wisconsin's most notorious prison, seems almost proud. 'There have been a number of changes made here. Changes like climate control. I don't like to call it air conditioning, but it definitely has improved the climate. When it's cooler in the summer, everybody likes that.' >More


City rules have builders TIFfed off

Brad Binkowski, a stalwart downtown developer for 27 years, is frustrated if not angry. He says tax increment financing, the city's primary tool for helping revitalization projects, is being destroyed by shortsighted city officials. >More
 'A classic case of bullying'

'We're distressed by the attitude of the supervision here,' says Frank Emspak, president of United Faculty and Academic Staff. 'As far as I'm concerned, this is a classic case of bullying. It appeared to be an orchestrated attempt to drive him out.' >More
 Playing favorites?

The Dane County Democratic Party hasn't endorsed candidates for Madison Common Council in races where two Democrats are running. So some candidates were upset to learn the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has been using its phone banks to do polling for non-endorsed candidates. >More
 An offense to blacks nationwide

When Freida High W. Tesfagiorgis saw a state lawmaker's plan to make sex offenders display bright green license plates with red and black lettering, possibly for the rest of their lives, she was appalled. >More


Not black enough?

The nasty talk of black columnists and community leaders about the state of Sen. Barack Obama's blackness isn't slowing him down one bit. >More
 The art of the shake

Handshakes are like snowflakes, no two alike, except a handshake tells something about the person connected to the grip. >More
 Clothes with a conscience

Shopping is a selfish activity that benefits only one person: You. Except what if you not only made yourself happy with your shopping habit, but also benefited others? >More
 Be afraid. Be very afraid

Did you know that lutraphobia is the fear of otters? I didn't think so. Nevertheless, I've designed the following pop quiz to test your knowledge ' i.e., prove your ignorance ' of actual phobias that afflict actual phobics. >More


Punk against Bush

Much of the time, melody-friendly punker Ted Leo can barely contain his righteous indignation on Living With the Living, his fifth album under his own name but his first CD for the venerable Touch and Go label. Never one to keep his political opinions to himself, he goes after the follies of the Bush White House with gusto. >More

Why do orchestras require a guest soloist for every concert? The presumption must be that an outsider's name, famous or not, will sell more tickets ' even when our two fine orchestras can satisfy us marvelously with no outside help. >More
 Screaming for Jesus

But the nonconformist, anti-material world view of hardcore punk is consistent with the messages of Christian metalcore bands. Like a lot of secular hardcore musicians, the Devil Wears Prada tells stories about the fight against oppression and the forces of evil. >More



Cinderella story

Will the Madison Ballet Studio Company rip on Overture's stage? The 32-member troupe of teens is a mixed batch, though if they're as generous in performance as they are in class they'll all look pretty good. >More
 Hip-hop goes to college

Hip-hoppers are often misunderstood by the mainstream. So how do you gain acceptance for fringe art? You institutionalize it, which is exactly what some UW-Madison administrators are doing. >More
 His majesty, the stud

To judge by Masterpiece Theatre and scores of decorous movies, Henry VIII was an old windbag whose favorite pastime was conferring with his advisers. But The Tudors (Sunday, 9 p.m., Showtime) aims to show a different side of Henry ' the sexy side. >More


A good eater

What do you get when you cross Little Miss Sunshine with Godzilla? You get a cinematic mutant not unlike The Host, Bong Joon-ho's scary yet funny yet moving yet scary exercise in dysfunctional-family horror/comedy. >More
 Target practice

'Pink Mist' sounds like the title of a Jackson Pollock painting, but in fact it's the fine spray of brain bits that occurs when a sniper does his job properly. And there's enough of the stuff in Shooter to satisfy all but the most dedicated armchair-snipers in the audience. >More
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Drive to your next meal

Could be one or two sneaky snowstorms still lurking out there behind the snow blower, but for the most part, looks like we made it through another winter. How better to celebrate those newly unhazardous roads than to combine two great American pastimes ' driving and eating ' and visit some memorable restaurants in nearby towns? >More
 How sweet it is

There's a Chinese proverb that goes, 'Spring is sooner recognized by plants than by men.' And when it comes to maple syrup, that certainly is true. >More


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