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Apple Apps from Madison: Meet eight local developers

Young men and women with Apple ear buds are packed into a room, intent on their work. Some are doing graphic design, some are writing code, some are writing marketing materials. Flannel, odd haircuts and freshly scrubbed faces abound. Ethernet cables spool into closely arranged desks stacked high with computer gear. A delivery guy is loading the break room table high with moo shu shrimp and mushroom egg foo yong. Is this San Francisco in 1998? No -- it's a gaming company on Madison's west side in 2012. What's going on here? >More


New coworking space bolsters Madison's tech scene

The tech world is so different from other industries. Can you think of another field where successful companies would rent space in their offices to freelancers working on their own projects? This is not business as usual. >More
 Challengers cite a 'dysfunctional' Wisconsin Supreme Court

The empty chair with a name placard sent a not-so-subtle message: Justice Patience Roggensack was MIA. The Sun Prairie Action Resource Coalition, a grassroots progressive group, had invited all the candidates for Wisconsin Supreme Court to a forum last week at the Sun Prairie public library. But only incumbent Roggensack's challengers, Ed Fallone and Vince Megna, showed up. >More
 Nine candidates square off in 2013 primary races for Madison city council

Twelve of the city's 20 Common Council districts will be contested this spring, but only three of them involve primaries on Feb. 19. Three people apiece are running for the 2nd, 13th and 15th district seats. The top two vote-getters in each district will square off in the April 2 general election. >More


Who will challenge Scott Walker in 2014?

Tammy Baldwin's victory, and President Obama's, showed that Wisconsin is still a majority Democratic state. But after the failed recall effort, we are stuck with Gov. Scott Walker until 2014. And thanks to the egregious partisan gerrymandering of congressional districts following the Republican wave of 2010, we may be stuck with a Republican legislature until the next 10-year census rolls around. >More
 Kissing and telling

The heart is a wonderful mess. The brain is nowhere without it. The heart is for fools. The brain is for accountants. The accountant in my brain, an underpaid guy named Don, wearing a brown suit, has kept track of all the affairs of my heart. Don sent some of those files up from accounting to share with you this Valentine's Day. He's the best. He even organized them in categories. >More
 Tell All: My soul mate is marrying another guy

Dear Tell All: Happy Valentine's Day to you and your readers. Me, I'll be alone on the holiday, but rather than feeling sorry for myself, I wanted to tell my story in the hopes of making a new start. >More


Check out these regular gigs at the Fountain and Mason Lounge

The regular gigs Madison musicians play on weeknights serve many important functions. They allow singer-songwriters to try out new material, and they allow jazz players to hone their skills as individuals and as ensembles. They give musicians of all stripes a low-pressure environment for collaboration. And just as importantly, they help reconcile the music community to Madisonians' ever-powerful love of creature comforts. >More
 How Vusi Mahlasela's African folk songs helped end Apartheid

Known as "the Voice" in his native South Africa, Vusi Mahlasela has used his mighty pipes to protest Apartheid and comfort his neighbors during times of struggle. His first studio album, 1992's When You Come Back, made him a star in the U.S. as well, which in turn led to a recording deal with Dave Matthews' ATO Records. I asked him about the album before his Feb. 15 show at the UW Union South Sett. >More
 Madison Symphony Orchestra tackles problematical Prokofiev

The Madison Symphony Orchestra is playing music of widely varied demands at Overture Hall the weekend of Feb. 8-10. Prokofiev's Symphony-Concerto for Cello and Orchestra is one of the last and most problematical of his works. For all its drawbacks, it is a work that still deserves hearing, especially when its champion is guest soloist Alban Gerhardt, who is emerging as one of today's leading cello virtuosos. >More



In Overture Hall, West Side Story brims with guts, grit and gorgeous dancing

West Side Story broke numerous rules when it debuted on Broadway in 1957. Opening with an emotionally charged dance number was unheard of, and closing on a somber note was almost as unconventional. Troika Entertainment's revival (through Feb. 17 at Overture Hall) pushes the envelope even further. >More
 Kanopy Dance's Yggdrasil battles winter's bleakness with dynamic modern movement

Kanopy Dance Company describes Yggdrasil: Tree of Life (through Feb. 10) as "a program of sunlight for shorter days," and indeed the dancers generated warmth and light at Overture Center's Promenade Hall last night. It was an excellent antidote to a gray and bleak Wisconsin winter. >More


UW Cinematheque features Japanese works from Studio Ghibli that take cartoons to a new level

Whether you associate animation with Saturday mornings from your youth or the latest Disney creation, chances are good that you think of it as children's entertainment. Foreign-language films often come with the opposite assumption: that they're not suitable for kids, or that they can't hold kids' attention. >More
 Israeli and Palestinian babies get swapped in The Other Son

Two babies are switched at birth. One is born Palestinian but raised by an Israeli family; the other is in the reverse situation. Given the hackneyed premise of this film by French writer-director Lorraine Levy, many things could have gone wrong. But The Other Son is a triumph: It's a convincing drama rather than a comedy, a compelling story about family rather than a heavy-handed political allegory. >More
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The decline of the Memorial Union breakfast

Before the Union's Lakefront Cafe was remodeled in 2000, a friend and I would often visit on Sunday mornings. It was always so crowded that we'd sometimes sit with strangers, which drove her crazy. There we would trade sections of the paper and listen to string quartets from the UW School of Music. I'd talk to strangers. She'd get embarrassed. >More
 Handy Valentine's Day champagne chart!

When you buy and consume champagnes like Moët & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot or Krug, you're foremost drinking and paying for a brand, a label. These big houses source grapes from all over the Champagne region and then bottle them into homogeneous products. The factory-made result is more akin to soda than wine. >More


Badger women's b-ball prospects

In the middle of her second season as the Wisconsin women's basketball coach, Bobbie Kelsey continues to be direct, colorful and often brutally honest when addressing the challenges that go along with rebuilding the program. >More
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