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Trapping in Wisconsin state parks: Can it be done without hurting people and pets?

Carolyn Schueppel was walking her dog in a privately owned conservation area near Lake Waubesa where dogs were commonly, but illegally, let off the leash. She let Handsome, her three-year-old Border collie mix, stretch his legs, and he raced out of sight. She found him just beyond the conservancy border in a Conibear trap that had been set to catch and kill raccoons. Terrified, Schueppel struggled with the trap but was unable to open it, and was forced to watch Handsome die. >More


Stark differences between Wisconsin state superintendent candidates Tony Evers and Don Pridemore

It's hard to find common ground between the candidates running for state superintendent. Incumbent Tony Evers and Rep. Don Pridemore (R-Hartford) both say they're dedicated to improving education for kids in Wisconsin, but the similarities end there, giving voters a stark choice on April 2. >More
 Dane County Circuit Court candidates Rebecca St. John and Rhonda Lanford spar over philosophy, experience

Judicial elections are supposed to be nonpartisan, which means it is often hard to figure out who you're voting for and what the candidates' ideologies are. But the race for the Dane County Circuit Court's branch 16 offers a unique look at the philosophies of the two candidates, Rebecca St. John and Rhonda Lanford. >More


Federal budget cuts have dire consequences in Wisconsin

While Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) was enjoying his red carpet moment with his tea party fans at the opening of "The Ax: The Paul Ryan Budget Part III in 3-D," back home in Wisconsin reality was setting in. Among the casualties of the cuts Congress imposed on us by failing to avoid sequestration by March 1: >More
 How I learned to read

For most of us, being able to read is like being able to walk. You don't think about it until your leg is in a cast. But what if you couldn't read? How would you manage your medicine? What good would you be at helping your children with their schoolwork? How could you order from a menu? >More
 Tell All: For and against Lorrie Moore

Dear Tell All: I second Close Reader, who was fed up with star author Lorrie Moore on the occasion of her leaving the UW for Vanderbilt University (Lorrie Moore vs. Madison," 3/8/2013). Close Reader focused on Moore's often-expressed disdain for Madison during the three decades she lived here. Tell All, you responded that it was worth having a writer of Moore's stature in town, especially since she chronicled Madison in her many fictional masterpieces. >More


Julian Lynch trades rushed recording for a measured approach in Lines

Julian Lynch possesses a staggering work ethic. The New Jersey native will study anthropology at UW-Madison for another five years, until he earns his doctorate. In the last five years, he's finished four albums, including Lines, a new record due out March 26. I talked with the ethereal pop songwriter about how he's taking it all on. >More
 Madison musicians, promoters descend upon SXSW 2013

South by Southwest's annual music-industry dog pile wouldn't be complete without representatives from Madison's music scene. Plenty of bands from our cozy hamlet have made the journey to Austin, Texas, over the years, but the Majestic Theatre is making sure a few more will join the mix this year. >More
 Mac DeMarco finds two ways to rock

If you compare the covers of Mac DeMarco's 2012 EP, Rock and Roll Night Club, and Lou Reed's Transformer, you might imagine the young Canadian songwriter and the New York legend in front of adjacent rock-club bathroom mirrors, pursing their lips and touching up their mascara as they try on parallel gutter-glam personas. >More



A new take on the New Deal at the Chazen and UW Cinematheque

It's natural to imagine 1930s America in black-and-white, not only because photos lacked color back then, but because the Great Depression made life so austere. Yet even in those bleak times, people found ways to make our culture vibrant. This theme has been on the minds of several Madison arts leaders, who've incorporated New Deal subjects into their programming this spring. >More
 Forward Theater Company stages a debate about poverty in Good People

King of the Hill makes one wonder how the Great Recession is shaping the artists of tomorrow. Though this crisis has been measured in home foreclosures rather than bank failures, it shares some of the Great Depression's hallmarks. Margie, the protagonist in Forward Theater Company's Good People (April 4-21 at Overture Center's Playhouse), exemplifies some of these points of convergence. >More
 Children's Theater of Madison's And Then They Came for Me is a moving journey into the world of Anne Frank

Anne Frank is probably the best-known Holocaust victim. She is remembered for her youth, her hopeful diary and her enduring faith in humanity's goodness, all of which contrast the dark reality of the Nazi genocide. While much is known about Anne, less is known of those around her. The new Children's Theater of Madison production, And Then They Came for Me (through March 17 at Overture Center's Playhouse), brings to life some of the other names and faces from Anne's world. >More
 30 Rock's Tracy Morgan digests fame and frustration in his act

Midway through a conversation with comedian Tracy Morgan, I present the synopsis of a hypothetical film called Being Tracy Morgan. A sequel to Being John Malkovich, Spike Jonze's bizarre 1999 tale about identity and self-awareness, it would revolve around some teenagers who discover a magical refrigerator that leads into Morgan's mind and body. If such a movie were to be made, I ask, what would its genre be? What kinds of images would people see? >More
 Guilt-free garb: Fair fashion at Change boutique on Willy Street

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi. Not a bad quotation to use as inspiration for a shop called Change. Spend a few minutes talking with owner Nikki Anderson, and you'll understand why she chose it. The east-side mother of two has a passion for collaboration, creativity, sustainability, local and global responsibility, and just plain neighborliness, and her clothing boutique reflects it. >More
 Bates Motel is an appealingly eccentric prequel to Psycho

One has misgivings about a prequel series based on Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 horror masterpiece about a misfit's murderous fixation on his mother. But the eccentric Bates Motel offers reason for hope, starting with the actress cast as the mother: Vera Farmiga of Up in the Air. >More


The police state corrupts East German citizens in Barbara

In case anyone's not sure what's at stake, there are the body cavity searches. The chilling drama Barbara stars Nina Hoss as an East German doctor who has been banished by the state to the provinces. It's 1980. The collapse of the Soviet empire is only a few years away, though no one knows that yet. >More
 Is The Incredible Burt Wonderstone a redemption tale or a raucous comedy?

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone offers a useful humor principle: Nothing can ruin a comedy faster than changing what the audience is supposed to laugh at. Unfortunately, the movie hasn't fully absorbed this lesson. >More
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Winning wine lists: These restaurants have some of the best bottles in Madison

L'Etoile's wine program was recently nominated for a James Beard Award. The prestigious national prize is given to a restaurant that "serves as a standard bearer for excellence in wine service through a well-presented wine list, knowledgeable staff and efforts to educate customers about wine." >More


Can the Bucks take the Heat?

The Milwaukee Bucks currently hold the eighth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, which means that if the NBA playoffs started today, they would face the Miami Heat in a best-of-seven series. That's the same Miami team that won it all last year, owns a 19-game winning streak going into Wednesday night's game at Philadelphia, and employs LeBron James, arguably the most dominant athlete in major sports. >More
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