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Saturday, September 20, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 66.0° F  Fair
The Paper


A new chapter

Skeptics might wonder why openly gay men would even join a subculture known for its cultural conservatism and exclusionary attitudes if not, in its worst moments, for outright misogyny, racism and, yes, homophobia. >More


Morlino breaks his promise

The school, run by the U.S. Army, trains soldiers from Latin America; many of its graduates have been implicated in human rights abuses, including the murder of nuns and priests. That adds irony to Madison Bishop Robert Morlino's role as chairman of its Board of Visitors, a position that helps give the school legitimacy. >More
 One step over the line

Last November, Madison residents Laura Braun and Roberto LÃpez went to see a football game in Buffalo, N.Y. But then the couple made a terrible mistake ' crossing briefly into Canada during a side trip to Niagara Falls. When Lopez, 29, tried to cross back, he was arrested, and later deported. >More


Grownups gone wild

One of the hallmarks of any good teacher, parent or child-care provider is the ability to keep cool in the face of toddler rage. It's not easy, especially at the end of a hard day. >More
 Paradise found

The Garden of Eden is right here in Madison. Exotic flowers bloom in every corner, the intoxicating scent of hyacinths and freesia saturates the air, and friendly animals roam about freely. You see plenty of things that tempt you, though no evil snakes or apple trees. >More
 Cabin pressure

I have something I'd like to hear your take on. I'm the middle of three sisters. We're all in our 60s, and although we get along fine we're not particularly close. Actually, I'm close to my younger sister, but my older sister has always gone her own way. And that's why I'm writing to you. >More


Best of the blues

The contest takes place at 1 p.m. on Sunday, April 15, at the Brink Lounge, and the winner will get a chance to compete in the 2008 edition of the International Blues Challenge. Several acts from around the state are slated to participate, including Mud Angels, Bobby Bryan & the Original Downtown Players, and Queenie & the Blue Cats. >More
 Lust and betrayal

French conductor Laurent Campellone will make his American debut at the podium, guiding the Madison Symphony Orchestra through the opera's lush score. >More
 Sitar + scandal

The 87-year old sitar player and classical music composer from India became a symbol of cultural enlightenment for the hippie generation in the 1960s. He mentored George Harrison. He performed at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, at Woodstock in 1969 and at the Concert for Bangladesh in 1971. >More



Labors of love

Someone in the newspaper biz once said to me that Midwesterners play it safe because of their rural roots. 'You know, farmers plant the same thing every year because it's what they know,' she said dismissively. Luckily for her, my Midwestern gentility helped me stifle a rhetorical but well-deserved question: 'Lady, are you nuts?' >More
 Car trouble

Most bad TV series are just boring. Others have so much ambition ' misplaced ambition, but ambition just the same ' that they earn a grudging respect. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Drive (Sunday, 7 p.m., Fox). >More
 Roll playing

In this brain teaser, you control a marble. No, actually, you control gravity. You tilt gravity to make the marble roll through mazes. Over and over. Is it repetitive? You bet. Addictive? Absolutely. >More


Movies, movies, everywhere

The Wisconsin Film Festival, which returns April 12-15 with a whole new slate of art movies, indie flicks, documentaries and foreign films, has a way of turning all of us into cinephiles, intrepid explorers of the cinematic medium. Faced with a veritable jungle of choices, we get out our machetes and start chopping. Here's what caught the edge of my blade. >More
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Holy wine

One of the loveliest ways I know to welcome springtime is with a glass of vin santo and a plate of biscotti. Vin santo (or 'holy wine') is a magnificent dessert wine made in the Chianti region of Italy, where it's drunk year-round. >More
 The drying game

With the return of the Dane County Farmers' Market to the Capitol Square next Saturday, April 21, and outdoor markets up and running soon all over town, it's time to work on The List. You know: Gather canvas bags: check. Stockpile one dollar bills: check. Oil wheels of fold-up shopping cart: check. Ready garden plots for bedding plants: check. I added a new task to the line-up this year: Haul food dehydrator from basement to back porch. >More



Cold and windy: 19 degrees, with northwest winds blowing about 15 miles per hour and gusting above 20. These were the conditions Saturday morning at the start of the inaugural Mad City 100K, a 62.1-mile run that doubled as USA Track & Field's national 100-kilometer championship. >More
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