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Taking it personally

It's clear, at least to some people, that turning back the clock on global warming will require widespread changes in personal behavior. The whole of our society is complicit in energy policies that have clogged the atmosphere; thus we all need to help find solutions. >More


Can you access me now?

'It seems the only places I can get a Mad City Broadband signal is while sitting in coffeehouses, but they have free Internet, so who cares,' says Russell, the technologically savvy co-founder of the blog Dane101. >More
 Madison's public housing crisis

Madison's Community Development Authority is headed for trouble. The agency's public housing, all of which is at least 30 years old, needs extensive maintenance ' new roofs, boilers and other repairs. But the agency's income from rents has been declining, and the federal government, which supplies half the agency's $4 million housing budget, has held funding increases to just 2% in recent years. >More


On the trail of Henry Reuss

I'm always amazed at the looks I get when people hear I often write about the Ice Age Trail. They do that blank stare/unknowing nod combo that we all do when conversation treads onto unfamiliar ground that we realize we probably ought to be familiar with. I shake people out of their funk by saying, 'It's our version of the Appalachian Trail!' Usually that does the trick. >More
 Earth Day every day

Since the first Earth Day was observed in 1970, many of us have set aside April 22 as an opportunity to join in environmental clean-up and restoration projects. But how do you bring Earth Day ethics home and practice them from day to day throughout the year? >More
 To hell with algebra!

'Nobody needs to know algebra and all this baloney that I used to teach,' says Redovich, 74, who's also the former director of research, planning and development of Milwaukee Area Technical College. 'No more than 5% of all jobs in the U.S. require math or science skills.' >More
 Changes in attitude, changes in latitude

One thing is evident in the continuing controversy over human-induced climate change: It's getting harder and harder to embrace denial. >More


The bland leading the bland

When I turned on Z104 last Sunday night and committed myself to listening to all four hours of Ryan Seacrest's American Top 40, I pledged to have an open mind. >More
 In a silent way

After five years Omar Sosa brings the orishas' music back to town. Madison has special affection for Sosa, who's played here twice, since he's a son of our Cuban sister city, Camagüey. >More
 Resistance is futile

Brooklyn's Antibalas isn't the only group in the U.S. that's taken inspiration from the late Nigerian bandleader Fela Kuti and his aggressive, funk- and jazz-tinged Afrobeat sound. But it is the most potent. >More



The book's next chapter

The pallbearers strain under caskets filled with the carcasses of books nobody loved. The press attends the funerals. 'Domestic Book Sales Flat for 2006,' blared a banner in a January e-edition of Book Business. 'Say Goodbye to the Book,' mourned a syndicated tech-column headline in a March edition of the Wisconsin State Journal. In the latest Harper's, Cynthia Ozick dissects the decline of reading in the electronic age. >More
 Big Brother is acting

When Hollywood star and activist Tim Robbins first read Michael Gene Sullivan's stage version of George Orwell's 1984, he was skeptical of how true Sullivan had remained to the famous dystopian novel. He was interested in producing the play for his adventurous theater company, the L.A.-based Actors' Gang, but it didn't seem to square with his memories of Orwell. >More
 Not with my priestess you don't

All praise to director Allan Naplan and the Madison Opera board for bringing us a lovely opera by Georges Bizet. No, not his sensationally popular and relentlessly overworked Carmen, but his earlier gem, The Pearl Fishers, first performed in Paris in 1863 and given its Madison premiere last weekend. >More
 Love and cruelty

It's sadistic stuff, and the victims' anxiety and annoyance don't make for a very enjoyable hour. You find yourself wondering why Jonnie and Derek would revel in cruelty on a day that's supposed to be about love. It'll be interesting to see which ends faster, this series or their marriage. >More
 Girls, girls, girls

The latest sexy title is Bullet Witch for Xbox 360. You play as Alicia the witch and kill living ghouls after Judgment Day. She's clothed, but leatherwear clings skintight over her intense attributes. Too bad it's a dumb, repetitive game of killing that wastes beautiful artistic sets. >More


The killer next door

It's tempting to describe Disturbia as Home Alone plus Silence of the Lambs, but that leaves Rear Window out of the equation, and this is clearly a remake of Hitchcock's 1954 classic - an upgrade for the iPod generation. >More
 Writer on the storm

This may not count as much of an endorsement, but I was only mildly bored while watching Perfect Stranger, which stars Halle Berry as an investigative reporter who'll do just about anything for a story. >More
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Tony Lumani

This temple of divine gelato at Middleton's cultural crossroads has a hip European vibe, thin-crust pizza, organic salads, a bright little wine list and a quiet mix of jazz, Latin and Italian tunes on the stereo. >More
 Willy Street's dilemma

Voting is under way at the Willy Street Co-op (1221 Williamson St.), where members are deciding whether to support 'the expenditure of funds exceeding $50,000 to open one retail site in the Madison area within the next three years.' >More


Bielema's snoozer scrimmage

Spring hasn't so much sprung in Madison as it has stumbled through the door, late and disheveled. It's brought along the Spring Game, the annual intersquad scrimmage for the Wisconsin football team. And, as inconsiderate guests are wont to do, it's demanding more attention than it deserves. >More
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