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How Scott Walker wins the White House!

Thank you all for coming. Today, we form... the Committee to Elect President Scott Walker. >More


Proposed bar restrictions in downtown Madison could strip resale value of businesses

The time may come when you will no longer see a new tavern, nightclub or cocktail lounge open on State Street. This is one possible outcome if a set of recommendations to revise Madison's Alcohol License Density Ordinance, released by city staff in June, are approved by the Common Council. >More
 An anti-abortion strategy shift in Wisconsin

During the rushed 10 days of deliberation over Senate Bill 206 last month, almost all of the discussion " and controversy " focused on the provision requiring that women have an ultrasound before getting an abortion. In fact, that is the only directive Gov. Scott Walker identified in his July 5 news release announcing he had signed the bill: "Senate Bill 206 " relates to requirements to perform abortions, requiring an ultrasound before informed consent for an abortion, and providing a penalty." >More
 UW collaborations under scrutiny

In vetoing a last-minute budget provision to boot the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism off the UW-Madison campus, Gov. Scott Walker didn't pan the effort as much as its narrow scope. "I am vetoing this section because it targets a single organization," he wrote in his 29-page veto message. "The use of taxpayer-supported facilities by private or quasi-public organizations, as well as use of staff time in support of these organizations, is an issue of concern." >More


Wisconsin's business climate is improving

They don't have a candidate, but Democrats increasingly have a message for the 2014 gubernatorial race: Wisconsin is falling behind Minnesota, and it's Scott Walker's fault. Just minutes after learning of better economic news in Minnesota than Wisconsin in 2012, progressives took to their keyboards and began blaming "extremist" policies enacted in our state in the last two years, in prose so purple it could have been on a Vikings football jersey. >More
 Tell All: 'Cross-dressing is weird'

Dear Tell All: You gave a classically tolerant, Madison-style answer to All Dressed Up and No Place to Go, the man who got kicked out by his girlfriend after she discovered his cross-dressing secret ("No Cross-Dressing Allowed," 6/27/2013). In your view, it's the girlfriend who has a problem here, not the guy who slipped on her clothes when she wasn't around. >More


Madison's classical groups celebrate New World composers in 2013-14

America's musical heritage shines bright in Madison's 2013-14 classical season. The American orientation is due, in part, to John DeMain's 20th anniversary as Madison Symphony Orchestra's music director and conductor, and Madison Opera's artistic director. DeMain is known for his insightful interpretations of American music, in particular American opera, so celebrating homegrown compositions honors his legacy. >More
 TL;DR court Madison nerds with surfy rock and seductive scents

UW-Madison graduate students are known for many things, from ambitious dissertations to headline-making activism, but rocking out isn't one of the first descriptors that come to mind. Local band TL;DR have been working to change this since 2011. Their new debut album, TL;DR Is Everything You Are, brings them one step closer to this goal. >More
 Dawes capture the magic of cross-country travel in song

Dawes' relentless touring schedule may seem extreme, but it has helped the sibling-led folk-rock band reach some of their loftiest goals. Their road-warrior ways have caught the attention of several of their idols, including Jackson Browne, John Fogerty and the Band's Robbie Robertson. Before long, Dawes found themselves performing in backing bands for these stars in addition to playing their own material. >More



So you think you can dance? Prove it at these Madison events

It seems that more locals are taking the term "mover and shaker" literally following the release of Silver Linings Playbook, last fall's romantic comedy about two depressed acquaintances preparing for a dance contest. The film's premise was a little silly, but leads Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper proved that pizzazz is at least as important as skill when it comes to social shimmying. Here are four ongoing events made for learning your next moves and showing off the ones you've mastered. >More
 American Players Theatre's Too Many Husbands is an appealingly absurd tale about falling out of love

No side of the love triangle that is Too Many Husbands is left unmarred by Victoria, the wily star of W. Somerset Maugham's play about marriage, violence and adultery. What sounds like a soap opera is actually a lighthearted domestic comedy set in post-World War I Britain and performed on American Players Theatre's Up-the-Hill stage (through Sept. 14). >More
 The Newsroom just got good

I hated the first season of The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin's attempt to create a smart, fast-talking show about cable news. Sorkin's journalism setting didn't feel authentic, as his White House setting did in The West Wing. And Jeff Daniels made for a smug, unlikable hero as the anchor Will McAvoy. >More


20 Feet From Stardom sings the praises of backup singers

20 Feet From Stardom is an extended hosanna to backup singers and the joyful noise they make. To chart the creative contributions of so-often-anonymous session vocalists, filmmaker Morgan Neville " a longtime music-doc director whose CV includes TV biographies of Hank Williams, Muddy Waters, Johnny Cash and Stax Records " samples six decades of American pop-music history. >More
 Pacific Rim's humans aren't as awesome as its deep-sea monsters

Long ago in suburban California, a boy named Scott watched a TV station whose programming seemed to consist entirely of Lakers games and monster movies. He grew up with big names like Godzilla and lesser-known gems like War of the Gargantuas, which feature 50-foot-tall villains and heroes. It was for kids like him, grownup or not, that Guillermo Del Toro made Pacific Rim. >More
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Casting for Madison's top fish taco

Although they've become an established menu item nationwide, fish tacos apparently still have the ability to weird people out. People definitely like tacos, and people are usually fine with fish, but there's a disconnect for some folks when the two are put together. >More
 Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese is a personality-filled guide for cheese lovers

The American Cheese Society 2013 Conference and Competition will take place July 31-Aug. 3 at Monona Terrace, and it's a big deal. "It's the Oscars of the cheese world," says Tenaya Darlington, the author of a new cheese guide and former Isthmus features editor. Darlington left Madison in 2005 to take a teaching position at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia. >More


Meet new Madison Mallards manager Donnie Scott

It only takes a second for Madison Mallards president Vern Stenman to point out the biggest reason his team qualified for the Northwoods League playoffs for the first time since 2008 last week. "It's Donnie Scott," says Stenman, invoking the name of Madison's first-year manager. "Have you met Donnie yet? You gotta meet him. He's made for this level." >More
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