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Nightlife on a dime: 50 ways to live it up on the cheap in Madison

You can make a nice chunk of change by reining in your entertainment budget and investing the savings. Here are 50 ways to have a blast in Madison while chipping away at debt. >More


Rescued from sex trafficking, but then what?

On July 29, the Federal Bureau of Investigation trumpeted the results of a three-day sting in 46 cities around the country combating sex trafficking. According to the FBI, law enforcement rescued 105 children who had been sexually exploited, arresting 150 pimps and others involved. >More
 'Unintimidated' Solidarity Sing Along makes title of Scott Walker's forthcoming book its own

The battle for Wisconsin is the centerpiece of two books set to be published this fall. One, by Gov. Scott Walker, will offer his perspective on the Capitol protests and recall election. The other will tell the story of the Solidarity Sing Along as experienced by its participants. Both are titled Unintimidated, and that's not a coincidence. >More
 Community groups overwhelm Madison with requests for onetime funds

In July, the Madison Common Council got some extra cash from an early loan repayment. It decided to take $200,000 of the money and offer it to community groups for "emerging needs." But when the application deadline rolled around on Sept. 6, the city had received 75 funding requests -- totaling $2.5 million. >More
 UW-Madison students double as first responders

Besides warnings about alcohol and sexual assault, the UW Police Department's September newsletter contains a story about a group of student volunteers performing "bleeding/wound care, spinal immobilization and advanced airway management." If the image of some 18-year-old sprinting over from the Camp Randall student section to immobilize your spine is less than reassuring, relax. >More


What price Common Core in Wisconsin?

Two weeks ago, the Legislative Fiscal Bureau finally released its assessment of the costs of Common Core, the new set of educational standards going into effect in school districts around the state this year. Here's the good news: For the state of Wisconsin, Common Core will be virtually free! >More
 Tell All: I hate tip jars

Dear Tell All: Madison has gone crazy with its ever-expanding tipping culture. I don't mind tipping in restaurants, where you get to know your waiter over the course of an hour or two. >More


Red Rose create a sleek fusion of analog and digital sounds

Dave Randall calls himself Captain Smooth when he performs with local band Red Rose. Maybe that's because he helps fuse lots of textures into a sleek and fluid whole. >More
 El Reventonazo uses music to mobilize the Latino community

For the past four years, El Reventonazo has joined social justice issues and the arts in a celebration of Latino culture. This year's event, which concludes with live music on the UW Memorial Union Terrace the evening of Sept. 13, may be more vital than ever as the nation discusses immigration and workers' rights. >More
 Rock, roll, repeat: The National played one song for six hours in a museum

The National released Trouble Will Find Me in May, but 2013 hasn't brought them much trouble. Since the album's release, the Brooklyn-based indie rockers have played some of their biggest and most unusual shows, including gigs at a basketball arena and an art museum. Bassist Scott Devendorf describes these experiences as "interesting, scary and exciting." >More



The poet of Madison rush hour: Katie Austin has become the must-follow tweeter of traffic

Traffic in Madison is "absolutely getting worse," says Katie Austin, the doyenne of Madison driving. Austin is everywhere on area radio, with her updates on a half-dozen stations, including in Spanish on La Movida, and on News 3 This Morning. >More
 Ditching the D-list: Kathy Griffin breaks a world record for televised standup

Though Kathy Griffin made a name for herself on the Bravo reality show Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List, she's anything but a D-lister. The actress and comedian has won two Emmys, had a book on the bestsellers list, acted in more than 40 films, and even hung out with Ke$ha's mom. >More
 Andy Samberg is winningly weird in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Many of us were concerned when Andy Samberg retired from Saturday Night Live last spring. Would the comic genius get trapped in more forgettable movies like Hot Rod, then disappear? We needn't have worried. Samberg stars in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a single-camera sitcom that perfectly showcases his talent. >More


Travel companions clash while procuring a psychedelic cactus in Crystal Fairy

The backpacker travel scene is amazing. All around the world, there are locales so stunning, so breathtaking, that young people will trek thousands of miles for the purpose of visiting them and " taking drugs. Couldn't they just take the drugs at home and save the money? >More
 Austenland lacks its namesake's brains and wit

For such a deft wit, Jane Austen sure has inspired some nitwitted entertainment. Actually, her influence in Austenland is negligible, save some thin ribbons of plot snipped from her catalog, including Sense and Sensibility and Mansfield Park. >More
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¡Viva Venezuela! La Taguara gets a boost from a tangy sauce called guasacaca

La Taguara has taken over the former site of Dimitri's Gyros on East Washington Avenue and transformed the bare-bones space into a modest but cheerful dining room where someone might actually hang around to eat dinner. >More


The November Project takes a playful approach to working out

At 6:40 a.m., 105 fitness-seekers are running, backwards, in lines of six, around the Capitol. The first runner in each line sprints backward to the end of the line, taking the place of the last runner. This is repeated as many times as possible in the time it takes for the group to return to where the fun first began, at the corner of Mifflin and Carroll. >More
 Attention Green Bay Packers fans: Don't panic yet

Feel free to overreact, if you must, in the wake of Green Bay's season-opening loss at San Francisco Sunday. It's good, dark fun, and it's what we fans do, especially when problems from previous years seem to be back with a vengeance. >More
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