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Helmet? Hell no! More bicylists opt for risky riding

Nobody knows what Sigrid Leirmo was thinking. A little after 8:30 a.m. on Oct. 23, 1990, Leirmo settled her car into Lot 60 on the UW campus and released her bike from its rack. Sigrid hadn't cycled much as a child and was not a hard-core biker. When she bought her first mountain bike as an adult, she'd even practiced in quiet areas before venturing into traffic. Her bike was mostly a practical way to get from her car to her bacteriology lab. >More


Beware of Madison-area sinkholes!

In August, a 60-foot-wide sinkhole formed under a resort in Florida, forcing the evacuation of about 35 guests before a three-story building collapsed and another sank. Last spring, a Manitowoc man had to be hoisted out of a sinkhole about three feet wide that wasn't there the day before. >More
 Wisconsin Capitol Police incident reports released with protesters' addresses, driver's license and Social Security numbers

When Craig Spaulding reported to Dane County Court Friday for a pretrial conference, he was given a stack of documents by the Department of Justice attorney prosecuting him for permit violations at the state Capitol. Included among these papers were Capitol Police reports on other protesters, with their personal information intact, including home addresses, driver's license numbers and, in some cases, Social Security numbers. >More
 Wisconsin DOJ says little on release of Capitol protesters' confidential information

The Wisconsin Department of Justice still has little to say about the release of personal information on Capitol protesters by state lawyers who are prosecuting permit violations at the Capitol. >More
 J.B. Van Hollen comes under fire for controversial open records defense

Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has stuck close to his conservative roots since taking office in 2006. He has made defending the state's Voter ID law -- a Republican initiative -- a priority. And he has refused to defend the state's domestic partnership law, which was championed by Democrats. But his handling of the state's open records and meetings law rose above the fray of partisan politics -- until now. >More


Losing has its place in Badger football

Badger football fans are still reeling from last week's heartbreaking loss to Arizona State. We shouldn't take it too hard. It's tough enough to win on the road against a good football team. It's even harder when the officials are playing on their side. >More
 'Why are you limping, Andy?'

Dear Person Coming Down the Hall: I know you mean well. Or at least you're about to. We've worked together for years and I trust you and depend on you and love you in a workplace kind of way. I know what you're going to say. Please don't. >More


Local Natives fly up the charts with Hummingbird

In early 2010, pop-rock outfit Local Natives quickly climbed the indie ranks with well-constructed melodies, ascendant vocal harmonies (often in three parts) and falsetto crooning. They landed gigs opening for Arcade Fire and the National, whose primary songwriter, Aaron Dessner, produced the band's new album, Hummingbird. >More
 Dustin Wong builds a foundation for indie music's future

Madison's fall concert season has started to hit its peak, with one of the calendar's most exciting, influential acts -- Dustin Wong -- visiting this week. He is shaping the future of indie rock with mesmerizing guitar loops. Here's an interview with him. >More
 Grown-up blues prodigy Jonny Lang reflects on fatherhood on Fight for My Soul

Jonny Lang took some time off after his last studio album, Turn Around, which won the Grammy for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album in 2006. What's the guitar-playing singer and songwriter been doing since then? Having kids, for one. A child prodigy who, at 12, joined the first band he saw in concert " the Bad Medicine Blues Band " Lang is proud to have a brood of his own. >More



The renovated Madison Central Library embraces the 21st century

Madison's Central Library houses a wealth of history, not only in books, but in beams, bookends and bubblers. Yet when the renovated space makes its public debut on Saturday, Sept. 21, nearly two years after it closed for its makeover, the focus will shift to the future. >More
 Installation art is a highlight of the 2013 Wisconsin Triennial

Every three years, the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art starts to resemble a menu item at the Old Fashioned: the Wisconsin tasting plate. The transformation happens during the Wisconsin Triennial, which is a great way to sample art being made around the state. >More
 Wisconsin Talk is a smart, amusing look at our state's linguistic quirks

Wisconsin Talk: Linguistic Diversity in the Badger State (University of Wisconsin Press) sports a whimsical cover, whose colorful speech bubbles contain "uff da," "ainna" and other phrases a non-Wisconsinite might confuse with candy brand names. Nevertheless, the book is a serious exploration of our state's linguistic history. >More
 That '80s Show: The Goldbergs wallows in a decade's worth of shame and guilt

The 1980s take a beating in The Goldbergs. An adult narrator looks back on his childhood in the days when REO Speedwagon seemed profound and even middle-aged moms wore the Madonna hairdo. >More


Writing about Nazis: Hannah Arendt portrays the perils of this sensitive subject

Roger Ebert once observed that movies about writers are hard to make, because the act of writing isn't especially cinematic. I thought of that as I watched the interesting, not altogether satisfying docudrama Hannah Arendt, in which there is a whole lot of typing going on. >More
 A father investigates the disappearance himself in Prisoners

In earlier generations, extended riffs on totalitarian communism (Animal Farm) and the Red Scare (The Crucible) worked thanks to their literary merits. These days it's getting harder to find that sweet spot where an audience clearly understands what you're trying to say, yet doesn't feel bludgeoned by a Very Important Message About Society. >More
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Surco Peruvian is a destination on Madison's east side

Prior to the opening of its long-delayed storefront restaurant on Cottage Grove Road, Surco Peruvian existed as a food cart of no small renown. Its aji de gallina, a dish of creamy shredded chicken over rice, was a delicious bargain when I trekked over to Library Mall for a weekday lunch awhile back. >More
 Fresh wine flavors for fall

Fall in Madison brings tailgating, apple picking, getting lost in corn mazes and reaping the bounty of home gardens and farmers' markets. Tomatoes are ripe, and that means overdosing on caprese salad, panzanella and gazpacho. >More


Wisconsin Badgers find a confusing way to lose at ASU

Probably the least controversial thing you can say about the end of the Wisconsin-Arizona State game last Saturday is that the Badgers lose football games in the damnedest ways. >More
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