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Your guide to Obamacare: Here's everything you need to know, Dane County

Is Obamacare the destruction of the American healthcare system or baby steps toward making it better for everyone? Hospitals are getting ready. Insurers and employers are, too. To help the rest of us prepare, here are 15 things you need to know come Oct. 1. >More


Making UW Library Mall a "destination" again

If you're tired of the mess that is Library Mall, get used to it. It's going to remain a construction zone for at least four more years. And when it reopens, the iconic fountain at its center may be missing. The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the city are considering several plans for the area. The Common Council is expected to vote on conceptual plans on Oct. 1. >More
 Reopened Madison Central Library welcomes back homeless

Carol Froistad invites people walking around the newly renovated Madison Central Library to see if they can spot any homeless people. "There are quite a few here," she says. "Do you see them?" >More
 Is Monona Terrace a place?

Madison officials have enthusiastically embraced the ideas of Fred Kent, the founder of Project for Public Spaces. Kent was in town this week to promote "placemaking" in a series of workshops sponsored by 1000 Friends of Wisconsin. >More
 Madison tech evangelist Kevin Jones reminds developers to design for the blind

For most of us, smartphones make life more convenient and fun. We route trips, game, buy things and share ideas on the go. But for blind users, smartphones can be survival tools. An app or web page that's not accessible is more than an annoyance " it disconnects and disorients. Kevin Jones is one such user. >More


Scott Walker tramples Wisconsin values with United Sportsmen scandal

The United Sportsmen controversy was, in many ways, a familiar Walker administration scandal. All the elements were there. A politically wired conservative group gets money thanks to its connections to state Republicans " in this case, a $500,000 grant slipped into the state budget to promote hunting, fishing and trapping. Republicans connected with Walker throw over the normal competitive bidding process in order to steer money to their friends. >More
 Straight people in gay bars

A woman sits at a bar, the lights beneath its surface transitioning through the colors of the rainbow. A man drapes his arm around her. At a nearby table, another man kisses his date's neck as his hands move through the folds of her dress. It's Ladies Night, and one of Madison's gay bars, Plan B, is filled with straight people. >More
 Tell All: Is it wrong to fantasize about others during sex?

Dear Tell All: I'm still attracted to my wife after years of marriage. However, sometimes when we're having sex, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, if you know what I mean. The pressure is on me to perform, and I find myself reverting to a trick: thinking of nasty things involving other sexually attractive women I know. >More


Volcano Choir erupt nationally from Wisconsin

Volcano Choir are gaining speed in more ways than one. The sextet have scored a tour bus, which has been pretty exciting for the Madison-area contingent of Matt Skemp, Tom Wincek and Andy Fitzpatrick. >More
 The Vaccines seize the British-rock throne with teen angst and blistering guitars

In just three years, post-punk band the Vaccines have crowned themselves the new princes of British rock. The band will play Madison for the first time on Friday, Sept. 27, when they visit the Majestic Theatre. >More
 Freakfest 2013 lineup to feature Matt & Kim, Chiddy Bang, Watsky and several Madison acts

Preparations are in full swing for this year's Freakfest, the massive, music-filled party that overtakes State Street on Halloween weekend. >More



Exquisite Uterus Project fosters expressions of reproductive rights

Last spring Helen Klebesadel, a local artist and educator, encountered a problem when trying to plan a women's studies conference with UW-Green Bay professor Alison Gates. Neither woman could get down to business because both were incensed. Attacks on reproductive rights were happening left and right, including laws requiring women seeking abortions to have transvaginal ultrasounds. >More
 Inhabited Landscapes turns James Watrous Gallery into a force of nature

Works by seven Wisconsin artists turn the walls at James Watrous Gallery into the very thing the space's latest exhibition is titled: Inhabited Landscapes. The group show's contributors include artists represented by Milwaukee's Tory Folliard Gallery, such as Wisconsin Triennial exhibitor Charles Munch and Madison-based painter Dennis Nechvatal. >More
 An ex-minister faces his demons in Madison Theatre Guild's The Night of the Iguana

The Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon is at the end of his rope. Arriving in a small town in Mexico in the off-season, the former minister-turned-travel guide has a fever, a bus full of irate Texas teachers on holiday, and a sinking feeling he's about to suffer another nervous breakdown, if he's not arrested first. These desperate circumstances open the admirable but uneven production of Tennessee Williams' The Night of the Iguana by Madison Theatre Guild (through Oct. 5 at the Bartell Theatre). >More
 Michael J. Fox pokes fun at his condition in an unconventional sitcom

Michael J. Fox is one of our most beloved sitcom stars (Family Ties, Spin City), and he's become even more so during his fight with Parkinson's disease. With The Michael J. Fox Show, he returns to sitcoms as an unconventional leading man, given the involuntary contortions of his face and body. >More


Fill the Void is a fascinating peek inside Orthodox Jewish culture

Are these two going to get together or what? That's the question posed by the remarkable Israeli melodrama Fill the Void. The same question is posed by Hollywood romantic comedies, and that's basically where the similarities end. >More
 Coworkers are hot for each other in Drinking Buddies

Joe Swanberg built his brand on the novelty of naked bodies doing unglamorous things like shaving pubic hair and masturbating in the shower. He's still making small-scale, experiential films, but in Drinking Buddies, his most polished film to date, his observational prowess has swerved away from shock value and sharpened considerably. Here, a side eye can speak volumes. >More
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Novanta brings heavenly Neapolitan pizza to Madison's far west side

There are a few things to know about Neapolitan pizza. First, it's small " roughly 12 inches in diameter " so you'll want to order one for each person dining. Instruct your companions to order the varieties you'd like to try and then suggest sharing them all family-style. >More
 Buraka to close as Kabul, Roast prep for moves across State Street

Buraka owner Markos Regassa expects that he will close both his brick-and-mortar location at 543 State St. and his long-running Library Mall food cart on Oct. 31. >More


A good year for hater baseball and football fans

Somewhere within the febrile mind of the common sports fan lies a primitive area " occasionally called the lizard brain " in which not only must our favored teams win and prosper, but hated others must be pounded at every opportunity. The object of scorn is often a rival; sometimes the target has spurned our affections and moved on (hi there, Bret and Jen). More often, though, it's a team whose sin is winning too much. >More
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