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Sunday, November 23, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 48.0° F  Fog/Mist
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Isthmus Indie Awards 2013: Celebrating the businesses that make Dane County unique

We love businesses that love Dane County. The Isthmus Independent Business Awards recognizes companies that operate in a community-minded way and, in the process, make this a pretty awesome place to live. >More


Rebecca Blank comes "back home" to UW-Madison

Spend a few moments chatting with Rebecca Blank, UW-Madison's new chancellor, and you may wind up as dizzy and out of breath as you would be if you followed her around for a day. She talks fast and thinks faster, delivering rapid-fire, perfectly articulated responses while maintaining a cheerful demeanor and welcoming smile. >More
 Constitutionality of Wisconsin's domestic partnerships probed

When the U.S. Supreme Court was asked to review the constitutionality of Obamacare, one of the key questions was whether the law could survive if parts of it were struck down. The legal concept at play is severability. A severable statute, as defined by the Legal Dictionary, is one that remains "self-sustaining" and "capable of separate enforcement" after an invalid portion of it has been tossed. >More
 When sex ruled Capitol Square

The Snuggle House, a new downtown business offering "therapeutic touch," has vowed to steer clear of sexual activity. Ironically, in choosing 123 E. Main St. as its location, it is in the heart of Madison's former red light district. >More
 A new breed of pediatrician: Dipesh Navsaria wants to break down barriers

A generation or two ago, the pediatrician was the guy (yes, they were mostly guys) who gave your kids shots and prescribed big bottles of antibiotics for every sniffle. Madison's Dipesh Navsaria is a different breed of pediatrician. >More


Customers shouldn't subsidize bad decisions by the Madison Water Utility

Seven months ago, I wrote a piece for Isthmus that argued that Wisconsin water utilities are "shirking their responsibilities in order to become cash cows for fiscally strapped municipalities." In a nutshell, the problem is that some water utilities are transferring excessive revenue to the city governments that own them rather than using those funds to replace depreciated infrastructure. >More
 Tell All: Spare me your sex fantasies

Dear Tell All: "Old Softy" wrote you about his fantasies of other women during sex with his wife. He thinks of these women when he's worried about performing in bed, because apparently his wife doesn't have what it takes to get him excited anymore. >More


The fight for Rock en Español: DJ Mexkalito pushes for local acceptance of a stigmatized genre

It's pretty easy to find a salsa band or flamenco guitarist in Madison, but what about other types of Spanish music? Geovani González wants to make sure the answer is "yes." As DJ Mexkalito, he's been adding Spanish ska, reggae and alt-rock to local clubs and airwaves for a decade. >More
 FIDLAR make an unabashedly crude video with Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman

When L.A. rockers FIDLAR hit the High Noon Saloon on Nov. 1, don't be surprised if something outrageous happens. After all, the band's name is an acronym for "Fuck it, Dog, life's a risk," a phrase picked up from one of their skateboarding friends. >More
 University Opera turns in strong rendition of Handel's demanding Ariodante

University Opera opened its 2013-14 season with Handel's Ariodante at UW Music Hall this weekend. >More



Raven Software revolutionizes multiplayer gaming with Call of Duty: Ghosts

If you've been near a television or computer screen in the last month, if you're the parent of a male teenager, or if you're prone to clutching a game controller, you've probably been assaulted by ads for Call of Duty: Ghosts, the 10th and latest installment in one of the world's most popular military shooter games. >More
 MTV star turned moviemaker: Thomas Dolby narrates The Invisible Lighthouse in Madison

A man wanders into a mental institution. A psychiatrist assesses him as a sexy secretary gives him a come-hither stare. Outside, a patient crawls on the ground, making grotesque faces as he swings a croquet mallet. Another jogs in place while peering through a telescope. They're scientists who've gone mad, and the man must decide if he's crazy enough to join them. >More
 Gus Paras buys Orpheum Theater ahead of auction

When Gus Paras first moved to Madison in 1972, he would walk down State Street and marvel at the grand old Orpheum Theater. "It was one of the few places I admired," says Paras, now a well-known downtown businessman. Last Friday, Paras quietly gained control of the landmark theater, which has been the subject of an ongoing power struggle. >More
 Broom Street Theater explores the challenges of chronic disease in The Sweet Lowdown and Two Diabetics

November is American Diabetes Month, and Broom Street Theater is doing its part to spread the word about the disease. Through Nov. 16, the troupe brings two diabetes-themed plays to the stage: The Sweet Lowdown and Two Diabetics. >More
 PBS explores the mystery of Jimi Hendrix's life and music

Hard to believe, but in the four decades since Jimi Hendrix died, no one has made a great documentary about him. Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train a Comin' on American Masters fixes that problem. It capably tells the story of Jimi's rise from impoverished Seattle youth to rock star to drug casualty -- an extraordinary journey of just 27 years. >More


An educated freeman is forced into servitude in 12 Years a Slave

Brutal yet elegant, 12 Years a Slave is a beautifully rendered punch to the gut about the most shameful chapter in American history. It's based on the 1853 memoir of Solomon Northup, an educated freeman from Saratoga, N.Y., who endured a nightmare of involuntary servitude after being kidnapped. >More
 In Ender's Game, a teen tries to keep alien insects from destroying the planet

Set in the future and focused on outer-space warfare, the 1985 novel Ender's Game seems tailor-made for a movie treatment. But the book is better, as is often the case. For Orson Scott Card's novel to be as beloved as it is, there's gotta be some heart lurking somewhere in the story. The film Ender's Game engages the mind in some uncomfortable ways, but it does not engage the heart. >More
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Eating at Layla's Persian Food is like dining at a friend's

The small lower-level eatery space below the Madison Hostel at 141 S. Butler St. has a new tenant -- Layla's Persian Food has been open for a few weeks and has already done some shifting of hours. Layla's is now open for lunch from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Mon.-Fri., with dinner service available if patrons call ahead and schedule in advance. >More
 Food journalist Peggy Wolff to speak in Madison about Midwest meals and media

"There's been an explosion in the world of food media," says Peggy Wolff. Wolff, the editor of Fried Walleye and Cherry Pie: Midwestern Writers on Food (U. Nebraska Press) will speak at the next meeting of CHEW. >More


Will the Milwaukee Bucks stop here?

When last we saw the Milwaukee Bucks, they were being chew-toyed out of the NBA playoffs by the Miami Heat. The eventual champs demonstrated during a four-game sweep in April that they could switch on and off at will and dominate an inferior team whenever they felt like it. >More
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