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Epic opportunity: The software giant is positioning Dane County for an economic breakthrough

This is the big question: How far can Dane County ride Epic's success? Done right, we're talking about the foundation for Dane County's 21st-century economy being built on the medical software industry: lots of good-paying information technology jobs that fuel an expanding housing market, a glittering downtown with hip restaurants and music clubs, a rising tax base to fund new community services and a lot more resources to deal with the serious problems of poverty. >More


The open-source seed movement in Wisconsin

Farmers have traditionally gathered and saved seeds from one growing season to plant in the next. But this age-old tradition is being threatened by corporations that are increasingly restricting access to seeds through patents. >More
 Judge Doyle Square heading toward negotiations

The city's Board of Estimates has approved moving into private negotiations with a development group for Judge Doyle Square, even though numerous questions about the project linger. >More
 Madison schools leery of TIF funding for Judge Doyle Square

The city is getting pushback from the Madison school district regarding the Judge Doyle Square project. In order to finance the project, the city needs to use tax incremental financing, or TIF, which diverts a portion of property taxes in a designated area for development. >More


Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch seeks tax solutions in a Madison roundtable discussion

On Feb. 11, Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch led a tax reform roundtable discussion in Madison. This discussion was not related to the tax reductions proposed in Gov. Scott Walker's most recent State of the State address, which would take place immediately to distribute most of the projected 2013-2015 state budget surplus back to taxpayers. The roundtable addressed long-term tax changes for Wisconsin, and any reform proposals would not be implemented before the 2015-2017 biennial budget. >More
 The rigors of the winter diet

We decided to tackle the most flagrant first-world problem right after Martin Luther King Day. A diet. Who's we? Peggy, me and our 22-year-old daughter, Maggie. She's doing postgraduate research on the topic of empty-nest invasion. >More
 Tell All: Woody Allen ruined my relationship

Dear Tell All: My girlfriend and I have been obsessing over the Woody Allen scandal. We've read the letter from his daughter Dylan, claiming he molested her in the early 1990s. We've read the rebuttal from Woody, arguing that he did no such thing. And we've read the many blog posts taking one side or another. >More


Building on Buildings' founders bring an artistic perspective to indie rock

It's all about perspective. In architecture and art, perspective is the key to making an object spring to life before your eyes or lay flat on the page. It can come in the form of a vanishing point that pulls you into the middle of a picture. It can be in details that give a song's character flesh and blood in three minutes or less. >More
 Chewing the fat with Bobby Bones

Station-surfing in my car recently, I stopped at 96.3 FM, Star Country. The DJ was talking about growing up as a "food-stamp kid" in a trailer park. He had a soft Southern drawl and recounted details about his mother's substance-abuse problems, explaining why he'd never had a single alcoholic drink in his life -- and might never have one. >More
 Black Joe Lewis crafts Electric Slave, a concept album about a society addicted to electronic devices

"I broke my foot in Vancouver trying to do a stage dive, and nobody caught me," says Joe Lewis, frontman of Black Joe Lewis, a blues, funk and soul band based in Austin, Texas. He seems to be boasting, not complaining. If he takes the plunge during his Feb. 26 show at the High Noon Saloon, an enthusiastic Madison crowd is bound to catch him. >More



The resurgence of sewing at the Sewcial Lounge

Located between Pizza Brutta and Wild Child on the artsy thoroughfare of Monroe Street, the Sewcial Lounge fits right in with its creative and inspiring atmosphere. >More
 A victory lap for the Sklar Brothers

"When you record a special, that should be your victory lap," Randy Sklar explained in a recent episode of Sklarbro Country, the biweekly podcast he hosts with his bespectacled twin brother, Jason. "You've done the work to get [the material] there. The show itself should be pure fun: you and your fans enjoying it." >More
 In The Giver, Children's Theater of Madison explores the pleasures and perils of choices and memory

As The Giver begins, Jonas is worried. One of the main characters in the latest production by Children's Theater of Madison (through Feb. 23 at Overture Center's Playhouse), he is about to go through the Ceremony of Twelve, where the chief elder announces which profession has been chosen for each youth in the carefully controlled, utopian community. It is the day that each young person is thanked for their childhood and ushered into their government-issued responsibilities. >More
 Con artists experiment with psychology in Mind Games

Clark (Steve Zahn) is a disgraced academic with bipolar disorder. Russ (Christian Slater) is his perpetually exasperated con-man brother, just out of prison for fraud. This odd couple start an ethically questionable business that can alter the way people act, based on Clark's experimental research on "adrenalized implantation." In the pilot of Mind Games they test out their method to help a sick kid who's having problems with the medical establishment. >More


Guy Maddin: The most accessible film avant-gardist

"I don't believe in ghosts," says Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin, "but when ghosts appear in film or literature, they are the positive record of something missing, a loss." The Winnipeg native, whose films include The Saddest Music in the World (2003) and Keyhole (2011), both featuring Isabella Rossellini, will elaborate on the concept of loss in cinema in a series of free public events organized by the UW Cinematheque and the Material Culture program. >More
 A writer loses his passion for lavish living in The Great Beauty

If I lived in Jep Gambardella's apartment, I would never leave. Jep is at the center of the seriocomic Italian film The Great Beauty, and his flat has a close-up view of the Colosseum in Rome. It's a stunning vista, and it reminds me that by way of comparison, one of the most interesting views I ever had from a Madison apartment was of the old Kohl's supermarket on East Washington Avenue. >More
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Vietnamese, American-style: Viet Bistro sticks with pho and curry dishes

My friend and dinner date, who moved to Madison from Vietnam several years ago, was delighted to see the dinner menu that made up the last few pages of Viet Bistro's extensive selection. Past the "Chinese fusion" page (General Tso and friends), pho, bun, curry and other more recognizable dishes, this two-page dinner menu contained several exciting traditional Vietnamese entrees. >More


Wisconsin Badgers women's hoops: Fail

You have to wonder what's happened to the Wisconsin women's basketball program. The team hasn't enjoyed much success since Jane Albright was the coach, and that was more than a decade ago. A popular trope back then held that UW had advanced as far as it could under Albright and needed a new coach to reach the next level of success. >More
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