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Thursday, August 28, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 57.0° F  Fog/Mist
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Sundance 608 is Robert Redford's dream come true

Sundance Cinemas 608 arrives in Madison trailing a whiff of glamour. The new theater at Hilldale Mall is the brainchild of Robert Redford, and the local media have been panting over the Hollywood connection for months. Would Redford come to Madison for the project's opening on May 11? Would he? Would he? >More


Sick system

Jack Lohman is a lifelong Republican and retired medical-services CEO who has a new mission in life: preventing Wisconsin business from committing "economic suicide" by resisting health-care reform. >More
 Tough times on East Johnson

During his eight years in business, Finger has weathered various economic conditions, including blows from competitors. But last year his sales were the worst ever. And given that at least six other businesses on the block have closed or relocated during this time, Finger is concerned. >More
 Why can't this man get hired?

Franklin Edmonds says his goal is simple: "All I want to do is work." But to find jobs in his chosen field, as a heavy-equipment operator, the 53-year-old Madison resident has had to get out of town. >More
 Welcome to the Hotel Supermax

The state Department of Corrections is actively recruiting inmates to request transfers to the prison once billed as reserved for "the worst of the worst." >More


Mom was right

Clothes don't make the person, but they sure as hell make the teenager. >More
 The unfriendly skies

Counting on a United Express flight to take off from Madison on time is wishful thinking. But it was the check-in clerk's response that offered the added flourish, the blustery, self-satisfied note of sadism, which makes the airline so inimitable. >More
 Convenience with a conscience

Do you ever walk into a convenience store and wish for more than doughnuts, microwaveable burritos and rolling hot dogs that have been there since prehistoric times? Then look no further than the newly opened MoCo Market, a modern spin on the same-old, same-old convenience store. >More
 He shoots, he scores

My question for you: Is there any credence to that old saw about practicing abstinence the night before a big competition? Just to be safe, I'll be taking the night off before my marathon, which is later this month. But I'd like to know for future reference. >More


Robbie Fulks gets his Revenge!

Robbie Fulks' career probably won't suddenly explode into the mainstream thanks to his new live album, Revenge! >More
 Hanging in there

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The old adage rings true for Bottle Rockets frontman Brian Henneman. >More
 Turtle Island String Quartet

By turns ecstatic, swinging and somber, the Turtle Island String Quartet's interpretations of John Coltrane's music are a welcome addition to the saxophone icon's legacy. >More



The great escape

Essentially a romantic comedy, Enchanted April has a correspondingly light touch. There are no dark, penetrating insights into the human soul, but neither do we expect them. What's of most importance is that each actress in this unlikely foursome makes her character both fully realized and distinct from the others. >More
 Hell to pay

Penned by Renaissance playwright Christopher Marlowe more than 400 years ago, Doctor Faustus tells the tale of a greedy scholar who consigns his soul to hell in exchange for 24 years of debauchery and power on earth. >More
 Tricks and treats

In the early going, Survivor's current season left me cold, with unpleasant contestants in unpleasant situations. Then I became fascinated by Yau-Man's shameless tactics. Brazen? He peeked into a tribe member's bag for the immunity idol - while she was still wearing it on her shoulder! >More
 Crash test

A roundup of recent racing games: >More


For starters

How about dinner and a movie? That's the question I kept asking myself when I first heard about Sundance Cinemas 608, the newly opened movie theater/restaurant/coffee shop/art gallery/gift store/hangout at Hilldale Mall. >More
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Green beer all year

Finding organic beer in Madison can be quite a scavenger hunt. Visit a liquor store and you'll find only a handful of breweries from across the country committed to using organic ingredients - and to putting in the extra effort and investment. >More
 Hot stuff

Ah, spring foods. The delicate greens, the sweet pea shoots, the slender grace of asparagus...the sinus blast of horseradish root. >More


State of our lakes

They are a magnet for anglers, iceboaters, swimmers, sailors, paddlers, ice skaters, snowshoeing enthusiasts, Nordic skiers, water-skiers, pleasure boaters, rowers, log-rollers and shoreline hikers. This may be the most underacknowledged fact of life here: The Yahara chain of lakes is our single greatest recreational resource. >More
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