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Speaking their language: Will Green of Mentoring Positives is a role model for Madison kids

I'm sitting in the stands in the gym at the Salvation Army Community Center in Madison's Darbo-Worthington neighborhood, watching a bunch of teenage boys play a game of 21. This scene could be taking place in any of a million gyms across America. >More


New UW-Madison postdoctoral program in feminist biology is the first in the nation

True or false? Women are more emotional than men. Boys are better than girls at math and science. "Many things that 'everyone knows' about human sex differences are not scientifically accurate," says professor Caitilyn Allen, a plant pathologist at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Yet, she adds, these ideas "affect individual life decisions and broader social policies. Getting the facts right leads to increased opportunities for everyone and improves the quality of science in general." >More
 Proposed Madison ordinance would change permitting requirements for fireworks displays

Marsha Rummel became more immersed in the planning for the annual Rhythm & Booms fireworks display after event organizers announced the show was relocating to Lake Monona. During discussions over environmental concerns, the east-side Madison alder found there were some gaps in the oversight of such events. >More
 With concerns addressed, neighbors applaud proposed final development plan for Union Corners

The plans for Union Corners have gone through several iterations, and neighbors have at times been harshly critical. But the final general development plan for the 11.5-acre project at the corner of East Washington Avenue and Milwaukee Street seems to have hit the sweet spot. >More
 Madison residents alarmed at yellow dots signifying 'death sentence' for ash trees

Christina Newton fears what her neighborhood on the near west side will look like after Madison deals with the dreaded emerald ash borer pest."Our whole neighborhood is highly concentrated with ash trees," says Newton, who lives on Rugby Row near Forest Hill Cemetery. "It's going to change the quality of life." >More


Wisconsin's poor kids suffer most under the school privatization model

The Economic Policy Institute released a shocking report last week, detailing how the national charter school company Rocketship makes its money by shortchanging Milwaukee's poor kids. "Do Poor Kids Deserve Lower-Quality Education Than Rich Kids? Evaluating School Privatization Proposals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin" documents the effects of both for-profit and nonprofit charter schools that are taking over struggling public schools. >More
 Tell All: Making bicyclists pay

Dear Tell All: Like previous letter writers, I am bothered by the crass disregard for traffic rules practiced with impunity by so many Madison bicyclists. >More


Girls Rock Camp Madison develops a sound-tech training program for summer 2014

For many people, "camp" brings to mind tents, canoeing and s'mores, but for Girls Rock Camp Madison attendees, the word means so much more. Since 2009, this organization " the local chapter of the national Girls Rock Camp Alliance -- has been building bands and empowering young women through music education and performance. >More
 Milwaukee trumpeter Brian Lynch has gigged with jazz greats like Art Blakey

Grammy-winning jazz trumpeter Brian Lynch released Spheres of Influence in 1997. The title is a statement about Lynch's musical style, which ranges from straight-ahead bebop and driving hard bop to Latin jazz and world fusion. "I love it all," Lynch says. >More
 St. Paul Chamber Orchestra violinist Leslie Shank joins the UW music school faculty

It was music to the ears of the UW-Madison School of Music staff when Leslie Shank, violinist for the renowned St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, recently agreed to join the music faculty. She'll be a visiting assistant professor of violin next fall. >More



For Musical Fantasy, Are We Delicious? has crafted six tales of improbability in a near-impossible time frame

Tony Trout doesn't believe in fate. Despite this, the impresario of Are We Delicious? Ensemble Theatre chose to helm a production about magic and the uncanny ability to defy human logic. It's called Musical Fantasy, and its concept sounds slightly nuts: Six actors who can write and sing team up with six musicians who can compose and teach, and together they create a half-dozen mini-musicals in less than a week. >More
 Madison Opera's Dead Man Walking is a landmark achievement that dramatizes a nun's relationship with a death-row inmate

The Madison Opera production of Jake Heggie's much-admired opera Dead Man Walking is the apex of the 2013-14 season and a landmark in the company's history of successful boldness. The second and final performance takes place at Overture Hall on Sunday, April 27, at 2:30 p.m. >More
 Children's Theater of Madison celebrates Fiddler on the Roof's 50th anniversary with a satisfying production

Children's Theater of Madison ends its 2013-14 season with a fine production of the musical Fiddler on the Roof (through May 11 at Overture Center's Playhouse), the beloved musical by Joseph Stein, Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick, which debuted on Broadway 50 years ago. >More
 Jack Bauer, criminal: In the new season of 24, our hero becomes a villain

Counterterrorism agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) returns for another season of 24, but not as a hero this time. Bauer has been a fugitive during the series' four-year hiatus, hunted by the U.S. and Russia for a vengeful killing spree. >More


Seeking to punish a murderer, an unkempt loner cleans up his act in Blue Ruin

It's clear from the outset of Blue Ruin that the protagonist, Dwight (Macon Blair), is a wreck, but we have to observe him for a while before the film discloses what caused this predicament. Thoroughly disheveled, he is a loner who sleeps in the backseat of a bullet-riddled car parked somewhere in the Delaware dunes. >More
 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is too silly for its own good

Two years after the first reboot of the Spider-Man story, an equally pointless sequel has arrived. By now we've had several years of smart, relevant Avengers dramas, so The Amazing Spider-Man 2 looks like a campy Saturday-morning cartoon left over from the 1970s. >More
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Red Rock Saloon serves tasty ribs, wings and onion rings, with a side of mechanical bull

What do you think of when you hear the word "country"? Do you think of a house on a hill with cows grazing in the distance? Do you think of Johnny Cash? Do you think of Kenny Chesney in his well-fitted jeans? If your word associations were more along the lines of "riding the mechanical bull," the Red Rock Saloon may be your kind of place. >More


The Brewers' amazing April

If you're a casual fan, you may very well be taking your sweet time to get into baseball season. After all, it's one of the few things that last even longer than a Wisconsin winter, so you're completely reasonable not to pay the first bit of attention until Memorial Day or July 4th. >More
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