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Just married! Same-sex couples in Wisconsin make it legal -- while they can

Love was in the air Monday night when members of the Cocoa Puffs and Green Queens were warming up for their softball game at Bowman Field. "Before we get started, congratulations to all those who got married this weekend," umpire Luke Nelson shouted to players in the Badgerland Softball League, which is an LGBT club. >More


Just married! Meet six same-sex newlyweds in Dane County

Renee Currie and Shari Roll were stunned to be the first in line at the Dane County clerk's office on Friday afternoon. The Madison couple, both in their 40s, have been together for about a decade and have long craved the security that heterosexual couples enjoy through marriage. So when word broke that Wisconsin's amendment banning same-sex marriage had been overturned, they rushed to the clerk's office. >More
 Just married! How we got to this point in Wisconsin

The way Donna Burkett sees it, it is nobody's business whom she marries. It's why Burkett and her partner, Manonia Evans, went to the Milwaukee County Clerk's office to get a marriage license. But because the women applied for the license in 1971, they were flatly and unapologetically turned away. >More
 Social-justice group offers financial aid to same-sex couples seeking marriage licenses in Dane County

Sara Gilbertson set up a card table outside the Madison City-County building on Saturday and hung a makeshift sign that read "emergency marriage financial assistance." Gilbertson, treasurer of the local Autonomous Solidarity Organization, said she was concerned that same-sex couples rushing to city hall to marry might have trouble coming up with the $145 for a same-day marriage license. >More
 The goal of zero waste in Madison

"I'm a recycling geek," says Paul Abramson, "and I've been having fun figuring out how to change the way Madison takes out trash." You'll feel his presence at summer events such as the Northside Independence Day celebration, La FĂȘte de Marquette and Orton Park Festival. He and volunteers will be manipulating you, often subtly, pushing you toward a goal of "zero waste." >More


The mystery of Eric O'Keefe

Precisely what brought Eric O'Keefe to Wisconsin isn't completely clear, but he is having a huge impact here and may ultimately put a stop to the second John Doe investigation targeting Gov. Scott Walker and various conservative advocacy groups. >More
 Citizen Dave: June 6 and the moral arc of history

Some days you're proud to be an American. Today, June 6, is one of those days. >More
 Tell All: Romance gone wrong

Dear Tell All: I like this woman who is admittedly out of my league. Jessica -- not her real name -- is gorgeous, witty and talented. I, sadly, am not. But we are friends, and I've done a pretty good job of keeping my adoration to myself, thinking I'd never have a shot with her. Until.... >More


PHOX: From the basement to the big time

It took quite a while for Matt Holmen, Jason Sean Krunnfusz, Monica Martin, Dave and Matteo Roberts, and Zach Johnston to get to this point. Despite growing up in the same town, a lot of things had to fall into place to bring the six musicians together under one roof. It took even more for all those elements to create PHOX. >More
 Madison Area Music Awards 2014 are one small part of a big effort to empower local performers

With new honors for roadies and children's music, performances by acts like Kyle Henderson and Son Contrabando, and proceeds benefiting music education, the 11th annual Madison Area Music Awards will celebrate the talent, drive and diversity in the local music scene. The awards ceremony takes place on June 22 at Overture Center, after a red-carpet event that aspires to out-glitz the Grammys. >More
 Diarrhea Planet surf through alt-rock, pop and hair-metal history

A four-guitared wave of excess will crash through the High Noon Saloon on June 17, leaving a sweaty mess of headbangers in its wake. It's Nashville six-piece Diarrhea Planet, who'll share the stage with Milwaukee rockers Midnight Reruns and local garage punks Fire Retarded. >More



Goodbye Absolutely Art, hello MadCity Bazaar

Madison will lose Absolutely Art, 2322 Atwood Ave., at the end of the month when the show "A Discourse on Love" concludes. But it will gain another creative project: a pop-up flea market called MadCity Bazaar. It's a new venture helmed by Absolutely Art owner Meghan Blake-Horst and collaborator Joe Mingle. >More
 Fat City Emporium offers Madison artists a new place to show their work

Fat City Emporium, a new gallery and retail space at 2716 Atwood Ave., opened its doors last Friday, giving local art lovers another place to admire, display and purchase pieces they love. Artist Ryan Robinson, who creates work under the name Rirostro, conceived of gallery after realizing that the near east-side building is unlike any other in town. >More
 War Horse's puppeteers deliver a powerful message about love and conflict at Overture Center

War Horse rode into Overture Hall last night for its Madison premiere. The play, which runs through June 15, came before the 2011 Steven Spielberg movie of the same name, but both are based on a children's novel by Michael Morpurgo. The page is still ghostly present, providing both a literal and figurative backdrop for the story. >More
 With lovely songs and a coherent story, Music Theatre of Madison's You're the Flop defies its title

So how do flops happen? What went wrong? And with the possibility of catastrophe looming large, why do creative teams keep trying? The original revue You're The Flop by Music Theatre of Madison attempts to answer these questions through tunes straight from the source: musicals that failed. >More


Citizen Koch provides perspective on the 2011 Capitol protests and money's role in politics

The documentary Citizen Koch attempts to elucidate the relationships among the Citizens United ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, the influence of billionaire businessmen Charles and David Koch, the tea party and the epic protests that took place in Madison in February and March of 2011, after Gov. Scott Walker introduced the "budget repair bill" that stripped public employee unions of much of their power. >More
 Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche steam up the screen as damaged prep-school instructors in Words and Pictures

Words and Pictures has a pretty creaky storyline, but who cares when actors Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche are so sublime together? Even though the film creates an artificial construct that rings hollow, the two central characters generate great heat and interest. Their presence is enough to keep the film's nattering foolishness at bay. >More
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East Wash bottle shop Trixie's celebrates third anniversary

"We get a lot of beer geeks," says Chris Welch, showing off the diverse selection he curates at Trixie's Liquor. He co-owns the shop with his wife (the famed Trixie, though her real name is Colleen) and in-laws at the corner of East Washington Avenue and Oak Street. In May Trixie's Liquor celebrated its three-year anniversary. Thanks to Welch's eye for quality and his commitment to customer service, it's become a beloved neighborhood shopping destination with a decidedly beer-geeky focus in addition to a strong offering of spirits and wine. >More
 Pots-n-Tots food cart brings tater tots to Madison's streets

The tot is hot these days, my friends. The classic fried shredded potato cylinder, born in the frozen-food 1950s, has been dusted with flavors and spices. Madison's new tater-tot-centric cart is called Pots-n-Tots, serving eight different flavors of perfectly crisp tater tots and sandwiches made with slow-cooked meats. >More


Golf, the sport for the 1%

The U.S. Open golf tournament begins this morning in North Carolina, and Tiger Woods " the One, the greatest of his generation, the alpha and omega " remains sidelined while recovering from back surgery. He also missed the Masters, the first major tournament of the year, prompting The Atlantic to ponder golf's future sans Tiger and pronounce it "bleak." >More
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