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Wednesday, November 26, 2014  |   Madison, WI: 12.0° F  
MADLAND: A group blog about life in Madison, Wisconsin
Madland: Will anyone pay attention to the Madison mayoral race in 2015?

The next Madison mayoral race is approaching fast, and with a crowded field, candidates don't have a ton of time to make their case before the early February primary. >More
Madland: The upside to Congressman Glenn Grothman

Dane County progressives had a long list of disappointments in the recent election. The ascension of state Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) to the U.S. House of Representatives was certainly high on the list. >More
Madland: The 2016 elections won't change things for Wisconsin

Quite a few friends have mine have posted "get ready for 2016" or "Republicans will lose in 2016" on Facebook over the last few days. That's a nice sentiment for an hour of despair, but it's not really true when it comes to Wisconsin. >More
Madland: I'm exhausted -- now go vote

For almost four years, state-level politics has been an ever present part of my life on a daily basis. And I am really, really tired of it. >More
Madland: Both the city and developers luck out with the new Edgewater

The new Edgewater reopened in a massive gala last Thursday. It is a beautiful space -- with some really pricey rooms. Honestly, I'm not sure who can afford these amenities, but I'm sure there must be some people who can. >More
Madland: A week's worth of Wisconsin 2014 political ads, from best to worst

October is the month where political ads appear everywhere you turn in Wisconsin, in every possible medium. It is seriously creepy seeing Scott Walker's face pop up on Xbox Live. >More
Madland: The first Burke-Walker debate was really a series of speeches

Sci-fi fans must have loved last night's debate between Mary Burke and Scott Walker! Some of our best science fiction involves coming into contact with a parallel universe. >More
Madland: Voter ID block gives underdog Wisconsin Democrats a chance

Good news, Democrats! There are no more excuses for Mary Burke not to win in November. Bad news, Democrats! There are no more excuses for Mary Burke not to win in November. >More
Madland: Hi, Wisconsin State Journal! It's okay to include links!

On Tuesday, the right-wing Wisconsin Policy Research Institute released a study stating that cutting tax rates while closing sales tax exemptions would boost the state's economy. The State Journal subsequently published a lengthy article on the study. >More
Madland: Can we embrace Madison's tech sector without increasing the income gap?

Last week's Isthmus cover story explored how technology may help rebuild Wisconsin's economy. This week's Isthmus cover story is about how technology may help destroy local businesses in Madison and around the state. Both assertions are true. >More
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