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Citizen Dave: June 6 and the moral arc of history
We're finding new ways to be free.
Credit:David Michael Miller

Some days you're proud to be an American. Today, June 6, is one of those days.

It's somehow fitting that on the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landing, which was all about liberating Europe and the world from the Nazis, federal judge Barbara Crabb struck a blow for liberty in America.

Now, I understand that none of those guys who landed on Omaha Beach thought they were doing it so that men and men and women and women could marry legally back home seven decades later. That would have been unthinkable in 1944.

But times change and, if you step back far enough to get enough perspective on it, the moral arc of history really is bending toward justice, I think. We're finding new ways to be free.

Several thousand U.S. soldiers didn't die on the beaches of Normandy for gay marriage. But they did die to stop monstrous discrimination and to restore liberty. That happened again today in Wisconsin.

It will be a very good weekend. Some of you might go get married. Have a happy life together in a country and a state that just got a lot better and a lot more free.

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