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Madland: American Movie continues to resonate 15 years later

Let me take a moment and applaud this summer's programming at UW Cinematheque. It is awesome and eclectic as always, with titles that range from the Iranian ultra-meta film Close-Up to This is Spinal Tap. But nothing makes as happy as learning about it screening a 35 mm print of the Wisconsin classic American Movie. >More
Madland: Downtown Madison food carts keep serving amidst construction

A couple of months ago here on Madland, Catherine Capellaro pointed out the (perhaps unnecessary) removal of trees from the State Street Mall, often referred to more generally as part of UW Library Mall, as part of a renovation project between Lake and Park streets. Now, well into summer, I wanted to check in and see how the construction is affecting food cart owners and their customers who frequent the area. >More
Madland: Let's try allowing dogs in Central Park

Madison should take a tip from the original Central Park, in Manhattan, where dogs and humans have been coexisting for some time. As Judith Davidoff reports in Isthmus, the city of Madison does a good job of creating separate parks for dogs, but is not so good at creating shared space for our four-legged companions -- even when they're on leashes. >More
Madland: We're ignoring the lessons of the past at our own peril

Across the country, parents are seeking exemptions to vaccination requirements because of concerns based on fear and pseudoscience. Thanks to the decrease in herd immunity, measles and whooping cough have started to make a comeback in the United States. >More
Madland: The new Rhythm & Booms remains a place for Madisonians and their neighbors to come together

For the first time I can remember, Rhythm & Booms won't be at Warner Park. The change has been tough for me. That event, at that location, holds a lot of significance for me. >More
Madland: Marriage equality is inevitable... that's why the pace of progress can be frustrating

There are many issues I'm passionate about. The environment. Chronic disease. Ludicrous incarceration rates. Money in politics. Mass shootings. The future of public education. A culture of sexual violence. All of these issues are tough, the road is long and the outcome uncertain. >More
Madland: Epic Systems teams with IBM to bid on Pentagon contract

As reported last week by Bloomberg, healthcare IT giant and local business Epic Systems is teaming with IBM to compete for an $11 billion Pentagon contract. The project would use Epic's software and IBM's hardware. >More
Madland: How the State Journal uses MTI and teachers as a punching bag

I think the Wisconsin State Journal's editorial board is generally pretty fair. The editorials, mostly written by editor Scott Milfred, come from a fiscally-conservative, socially-liberal perspective. While I often disagree with their views, I admire their principled stance on marriage equality and transparency in all levels of government. >More
Madland: New mural at Mother Fool's is an inspiring tribute to missing Nigerian girls

It looks so awesome, I'd never guess it was painted by a group of sixth graders. A bright new mural gracing the graffiti wall at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse on Willy Street pays tribute to the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls and the Bring Back Our Girls movement, and is part of a global awareness campaign in support of girls' right to education. >More
Madland: More transportation options make Wisconsin a better place to live

I had to drive in to work on Tuesday. It was the worst. Some dude flipped me off for not trying to race through a red light. At a different red light, I watched another dude, well above the age of 30, roll down his window to catcall some high school-aged girls. The drive home was worse. Construction on Johnson Street and an accident on John Nolen Drive meant that the Capitol loop was a parking lot. >More
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