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Saturday, September 20, 2014 |  Madison, WI: 66.0° F  Overcast
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Screamin' Cyn Cyn from SXSW 2008: LBJ, late night tacos, and biking Austin
Matt (from Ouija Radio), Christian, Shane, and I biked and stopped to take our pictures by a giant statue of horses.
Credit:Screamin' Cyn Cyn and the Pons

Bringing bikes was probably the smartest decision we've made lately. Parking in Austin is an absolute nightmare, traffic is bad, and no one wants to be the designated driver.

On Friday, we biked to a house show near the university and saw Best Friends Forever again. They write songs that are about funny and hopeless situations and it's infused with a sort of crazed desperation that is incredibly entertaining and touching. They also knows how to write a good hook, and we were all humming their songs all day. Then we ate some barbeque at Ruby's Restaurant, and went back downtown.

Matt (from Ouija Radio), Christian, Shane, and I biked and stopped to take our pictures by a giant statue of horses. Then I remembered that the LBJ library here has an animatronic Johnson that leans again a fence post and tells jokes. We tried to find it by my intuition, but it shockingly failed us. Then we realized that it was probably closed for the day anyways. Shane did a brief impression to appease us, but he didn't remember any of the jokes in their entirety.

Later in the afternoon we went to see our friend Chad spin records inside a huge and nearly pitch black theater. The bands there were good, too, and we said hi to Chad and left. Then we went to see our friend Darrin in his one-man-band This Show is the Rainbow, in this strange comedy club with theater seats named The Hideout.

Chad has played Madison a few times with us. As usual, he was hilarious, and we all really enjoyed his set. He fills the downtime between songs with a rapid-fire banter that is mean and self-deprecating and really, really funny. Then he dances around and makes people a little uncomfortable. It's great.

By now it was night and 6th Street was filling up. We got pizza and went to the Flamingo Cantina, where there was a really boring band playing. I know that not everyone shares this opinion, but I just don't like metal. I don't think it's funny, I don't think it's good music, and I don't think it rocks. Steve has informed me that I'm wrong on this count. I feel bad for Steve for being so incorrect, but it happens to the best of us. Then The Apes played, though, and they were great.

I left to see some other bands at some other clubs. I would be more detailed, but my memory gets a little fuzzy around the edges at this point, and I wasn't really paying that much attention to the names of the bands. Luckily, I found my friend Hideo and we went into a convenience store and tried on cowboy hats. I tried to see The Supersuckers, who I love and put on a great live show, but the venue was unfortunately full.

After bouncing around at a few more places, everyone magically came together right at bar time, when we all met each other in line at a taco stand. There we waited and waited until finally it was my turn. At that point, this blinged-out guy came up, and asked if I was next. I said I was and he pulled out a huge wad of twenties and asked if he could go next if he gave me twenty dollars. I said of course, and Matt loudly complained that he should pay off the rest of the line too. I shushed him, though, and we all watched the guy's entourage of fancy ladies gather around. They were all yelling their preferences while he tried to get them what they wanted: "I said chicken and cheese! Just chicken and cheese. I don't want no lettuce. Give it back... Dr. Pepper! I want a Dr. Pepper! Dr. Pepper!" Matt stepped up next and proudly ordered a dozen tacos, and I paid for them with my windfall. These were unbelievable, just like late-night tacos always are.

Our appetites sated, we biked back to Christy, Matt, Charles, and Jake's hotel in a party mood. We found Charles and Christy in pajamas and Jake asleep, but we wouldn't take sleep for an answer. Shane picked Christy up and carried her down to the pool. We were all super excited to go swimming, but it turns out the pool was closed and a security guard was guarding it. Bummer. So we hung out in the room for awhile eating Fig Newtons. Then Christian, Shane, and me biked back to our hotel. It was an endurance ride and we were exhausted when we got back.

The Saturday morning brunch show started at 10:45 a.m., much to our dismay, but we had Bloody Marys and enjoyed the sunshine. The show was fun and all the sets were short. Ouija Radio was great. Chooglin' played last and they were excellent. I am a sucker for a horn section and I was won over.

Well, we skipped day shows to nap and eat and recharge through the rest of Saturday. Sunday is GayBiGayGay, and should be rad.

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