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Public Enemies
Public Enemies extras from Madison finally see their movie

On July 1, I saw Public Enemies at the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation's premiere, held at Eastgate Cinemas in Madison. The auditorium was filled with busloads of people who'd made the trip from Columbus to see their neighbors, their main street, and -- just maybe -- themselves on the silver screen. >More
Crime wave and heat wave collide: Madison in the era of Public Enemies

In 1934, as the feds were closing in on John Dillinger and other gangsters, Madison was a small capital city in the grip of a spring drought and a summer heat wave. >More
Johnny Depp doesn't rescue Public Enemies

A better -- and shorter, and more vividly dramatic -- film would focus more on searing Dillinger moments. But Public Enemies is rambling and, dare I say, a little dull. >More
Public Enemies extras celebrate Madison premiere

Old-fashioned cars lined East Wilson Street Tuesday night, ladies smeared on bright red lipstick and pinned back their hair and a few gentlemen even sported top hats and canes. Celebrating the release of the ultra-hyped movie, Public Enemies, locals who worked as extras in the movie along with their families and friends joined Arts Wisconsin and Film Wisconsin at a release party at the Hilton Monona Terrace. >More
Bryan Burrough brings the Dirty Thirties to life in Public Enemies

Don't let anyone tell you criminality means sloppy dressing. According to Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34 by Bryan Burrough, legendary gangster John Dillinger was the nattiest of bank robbers. >More
Public Enemies exhibit opens at the Oshkosh Public Museum

It hardly seems like it's been over a year since Public Enemies, opening in theaters nationwide on July 1, was filming in the streets and buildings of cities across Wisconsin. But while that time flew by for me, at least, the folks at the Oshkosh Public Museum were busy using it to compile and coordinate an impressive collection of Public Enemies-related artifacts and reproductions for a new exhibit. >More
Public Enemies set builder recalls production challenges and triumphs

When friends and family learn that Chris Kilgour worked on the Public Enemies set, they are most excited to hear about his interactions with Johnny Depp and other big name celebrities. But what the Madison set builder wants people to know is not how stars talk, walk and act when the cameras aren't rolling, but that there is a whole lot of hard work put in behind the scenes, and it all deserves recognition. >More
Wisconsin film tax credits hang in the balance

Film Wisconsin has advocated forcefully for preserving the tax credits for film producers that brought Public Enemies to Wisconsin. In his budget proposal for 2009-2011, Gov. Jim Doyle proposed eliminating the credits. >More
Working with Johnny Depp: Public Enemies extras tell their stories

Scott Rawson is one of hundreds of local folks who got a taste of Hollywood glamour -- and, in some cases, Hollywood cigarettes -- as extras in Public Enemies. I tracked down some of them and asked them to reminisce. >More
Columbus, Wisconsin picks up the pieces after Johnny Depp and Public Enemies

It's been over a year since Universal Studios shot Public Enemies in my little town of Columbus, Wisconsin. On the eve of the movie's July 1 premiere, I've been thinking about what a major motion picture does to a town of 5,000. >More
What's the big deal about Public Enemies?

There's something about all the hysteria surrounding Public Enemies, the blockbuster gangster movie opening July 1, that makes me recoil. Why is it that this city and state go all weak in the knees at the slightest whiff of Hollywood perfume? >More
Public Enemies rollout continues amid tax credit debate

Public Enemies, the Wisconsin-filmed gangster movie starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, doesn't open till July 1. But here's an early sign of more hoopla to come: Word that Point Cinema will host a screening of Public Enemies one day early, on June 30. The event benefits Film Wisconsin, the Milwaukee-based nonprofit that promotes filmmaking here in the Badger State. >More
Universal releases trailer for Michael Mann film Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale

It's been a long wait, but the first trailer for Public Enemies has finally been released. Directed by Michael Mann and starring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard, and many, many others, this film based upon the exploits of Depression-era gangster John Dillinger was at the center of public attention around Wisconsin last winter and spring. >More
Edgewood College students intern on Public Enemies in Wisconsin

Shawn Johnson got an unexpected query back on February 11. The Director of Edgewood College Career Services was expecting a Monday like any other when a call from Chicago came into her office. Joan Philo Casting needed student interns to help with selecting extras for the production of Public Enemies in Wisconsin, and needed them fast. >More
Where are you, Christian Bale?

Christian Bale strolled out of the East Washington entrance of the Capitol on Monday, sporting a sharply lined dark suit and slicked hair. He was here with Billy Crudup and a big Hollywood crew to shoot scenes for the gangster film Public Enemies, set in the 1930s. Vintage cars lined Pinckney Street, and extras milled around in long coats and fedoras. >More
Enthusiastic crowd watches Public Enemies production in Madison

As the Public Enemies production took over the Capitol Square on Monday, crowds gathered along the sidewalks and peripheries of the set to watch the spectacle. As the morning progressed, my fellow onlookers' morning coffee kicked in and their hunger for celebrity sightings intensified. Though many in the crowd hoped for a peek at Christian Bale or Billy Crudup, others sat patiently looking for their loved ones in the swarm of cast and crew members. >More
Public Enemies shoot at Capitol wraps up at State Street

Following the morning and early afternoon shoots on the East Washington Avenue steps of the Wisconsin Capitol, the cast and crew of Public Enemies packed up and made their way to the State Street side of the building for the second major sequence on Monday. As was the case with the previous shoot, this scene featured Billy Crudup as FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and Christian Bale as agent Melvin Purvis in Washington, D.C., the latter tasked with leading the fight against the crime wave rolling over the Midwest in heart of the Great Depression. >More
Christian Bale stars in Public Enemies shoot in downtown Madison

As the grounds of the Wisconsin Capitol were transformed into a movie set for the production of Public Enemies, crowds gathered around the Square to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood magic on Monday. The best seat in the house, though, at least for a scene that was shot in the morning and early afternoon, might have been from the windows of Capitol offices facing East Washington Avenue, from which observers could look down on the action. >More
Public Enemies shoot at Capitol provides lunchtime show in downtown Madison

Downtown workers, residents, and students were treated to a major dose of midday entertainment as the Public Enemies production continued in front of the Capitol on Monday. Gawkers gathered in force at the King Street and North Hamilton entrances to the building, as well as on the exterior sidewalk of Pinckney Street, all straining to catch a glimpse of the scene taking place on top of the Capitol steps leading down to East Washington Avenue. The talk among much of the crowd was the location and appearance of Christian Bale. >More
Public Enemies with Christian Bale begins filming outside Wisconsin Capitol in Madison

The epic tour of Wisconsin that is Public Enemies finally made its debut in Madison over the weekend. While an overnight shoot running from Friday evening until Saturday morning was sequestered inside the Capitol, the production made its way outside to the Square on Monday morning. Dozens of crew members, extras, vintage autos, and as the word on the street goes, Christian Bale, are present for a shoot that centers on the East Washington Avenue steps of the Capitol building. >More
Public Enemies prepping for all-nighter at Wisconsin Capitol

The crew of Public Enemies is busy preparing various locations inside the Wisconsin Capitol building for shoot that that begins Friday evening and will run overnight into early Saturday morning. The center of the action will be the North Hearing Room, which has been made over into the set of a congressional hearing room in Washington, D.C. By early Friday afternoon, the interior of the room had already been transformed, as production crew kept busy unloading and setting up lighting equipment. >More
Public Enemies shoot scheduled for Capitol Square in downtown Madison

Preparations for the upcoming Public Enemies shoots at the Wisconsin Capitol were already underway on Wednesday evening as a police officer placed orange cones to block off parking spaces on the East Washington and Wisconsin Avenue driveways to the building. The production kicks off on Friday, May 2, and fter breaking for the weekend, the cameras are set to return on Monday, May 5 for shoots outside of the building along the sidewalks and steps facing State Street, Wisconsin Avenue, and East Washington Avenue. >More
Public Enemies shoots scheduled inside and outside Wisconsin Capitol

More information about the Public Enemies shoots in Madison in early May is now available. The Wisconsin Department of Administration has issued the permit application filed by the production to use various locations both inside and outside of the Capitol. The shoot in the North Hearing Room and adjacent areas inside the building has been moved up to this Friday, May 2, while exterior shoots are slated for next week. >More
On the set of Public Enemies with Michael Mann and Johnny Depp in Oshkosh

Nearly two weeks ago, I was sitting inside the New Moon Cafe in Oshkosh waiting for a call to jump in an antique car and get to work on the set of Public Enemies. This historical gangster epic directed by Michael Mann and starring Johnny Depp as the infamous bank-robber John Dillinger was in the midst of a week-long shoot in the small Fox Valley city, the latest stop by the Universal Pictures production at numerous locations around the Badger State. There I witnessed a rookie extra -- in the opportunity of a lifetime -- display her dedication to getting it right. >More
Public Enemies shoot scheduled for North Hearing Room at Wisconsin Capitol

After kicking off in Columbus and subsequently skipping around Wisconsin and points farther south, the big-budget '30s gangster epic film Public Enemies will be shooting in Madison over the first complete week in May. Wisconsin Assembly Sergeant at Arms Rick Skindrud confirmed today that the production will be shooting in the North Hearing Room in the Wisconsin Capitol on Wednesday, May 7. >More
Public Enemies with Johnny Depp has broad array of shooting location options in Madison

Public Enemies and all of the hoopla surrounding it returned to Wisconsin with full force over the weekend. After production kicked off in March with shoots in Columbus and Darlington, the Michael Mann film about John Dillinger starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale moved on to locations in Crown Point, Indiana, as well as Chicago and Aurora, Illinois, for several weeks. It's back in the Badger State now, though, with at least a week of shooting in Oshkosh, to be followed with more in Madison. >More
More extras calls issued for Madison Public Enemies shoots in May

When an extras casting call for the new film Public Enemies was held at Monona Terrace back in February, the response from silver screen hopefuls was tremendous, thousands of people turned out to get their photos snapped in hopes of getting a chance to appear on the screen with Johnny Depp. Even larger turnouts followed at casting calls in Milwaukee, Oshkosh, and Chicago, as the new film directed by Michael Mann has captured the imaginations of movie fans throughout the upper Midwest. >More
On the set of Public Enemies with Michael Mann and Johnny Depp in Wisconsin

It all started quietly last year when UW-Madison alumnus and Academy Award nominee Michael Mann started scouting locations in Wisconsin his new movie. No big deal, that guy from Scrubs came through a few years ago and Madison kept a cool head. Then we started hearing about the film, to be titled Public Enemies. Christian Bale would star -- Batman himself! That's big news. He'd portray an FBI agent pursuing John Dillinger, who would in turn by be played by Johnny Depp. Johnny. Depp. That's when people started to lose it. >More
Johnny Depp makes people cry in Wisconsin

He shook this town up when he came, the youthful-looking fortysomething who, on a platform of change, drew throngs of admirers and roused weary young Wisconsinites out of their winter doldrums. >More
Our Man in Columbus: Johnny Depp is in Wisconsin

I return to the base camp and wait for Johnny Depp. He actually arrives around 8:20 a.m., and as he exits his black SUV is met by director Michael Mann. Hand shakes and hugs are shared all around, and then Depp looks towards us and tips his hat, waves and smiles. Then he's whisked away to start the shoot. And all is right with the world. >More
Our man in Columbus: Prepping the town for Public Enemies with Johnny Depp

Columbus is hopping with movie buffs from around the world. They wander the streets looking in all of the windows of the "new" shops which carry all of the latest products needed to survive and thrive back in 1933. The detail in the construction is truly amazing. And this is only the outside of the buildings. >More
Public Enemies with Johnny Depp coming to Madison

Michael Mann, director and producer of the John Dillinger gangster film Public Enemies, was joined by other principals on the production team in a visit to Madison on Monday to scout potential locations downtown, including inside and outside the Wisconsin Capitol building. A publicist said later Monday that shooting is planned for Madison. >More
Blogging the preparations for Public Enemies in Columbus begins

Both the City of Columbus and its residents are preparing for the Public Enemies shoot scheduled for the Columbia County town on March 17. The city government has already giving assistance to crew for the Universal Pictures production in dressing its downtown's historic buildings for filming, and is preparing to shut down multiple city streets for a ten day period beginning on Monday. Meanwhile, a few residents are writing about their experiences seeing the movie transform their town. >More
Film frenzy: Madison and the rest of Wisconsin await the arrival of Public Enemies and Johnny Depp

Wisconsin is burning up in the midst of full-blown movie fever this week, as the film Public Enemies arrives in the state for the first of what is expected to be many shoots around Wisconsin. The downtown of Columbus, a small town located less than 30 miles northeast of Madison, is being transformed by production crews in preparation for shooting over the next couple weeks. Its residents, along with numerous movie fans, expectant extras, the media, and people simply hoping to glimpse the film's star Johnny Depp are getting ready for the opening of what can easily be considered the biggest Hollywood production ever in Wisconsin. >More
Public Enemies with Johnny Depp coming to Wisconsin, confirms Doyle

It's official. After weeks of speculation, visits by Hollywood scouts and casting calls, Governor Jim Doyle officially announced a deal with Universal Pictures to bring the film Public Enemies to the Badger State this spring. The production will be shot in multiple locations around Wisconsin, spending upwards of $20 million while receiving approximately $3.9 million in tax credits under the state's new film incentives program. >More
Madison and Wisconsin movie hopefuls inundate Public Enemies extras casting call

The line in the Exhibition Hall at Monona Terrace was already hundreds strong when I arrived there at the 10 a.m. start time of an extras casting call for Public Enemies last Saturday. People of all ages and backgrounds were there for a chance at appearing in a 1930s gangster tale that is scheduled to be shot in Chicago and around Wisconsin this spring. This high-profile production is generating some serious enthusiasm amongst movie fans in the state, particularly as witnessed by the turnout of hopefuls at the downtown Madison convention center. >More
Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp to hold extras casting call in Madison

Public Enemies, the Depression-era gangster film that is being produced and directed by University of Wisconsin alumnus Michael Mann this spring, will hold an open casting call for extras in at Monona Terrace in Madison on Saturday, February 16. This follows a casting call for vintage cars that was held at the Overture Center in late January. Needless to say, excitement among movie fans and hopefuls in town is building. >More
Marion Cotillard set to join Johnny Depp and Christian Bale in Wisconsin

Movie fans in Wisconsin can now add several more actors to the cast of Public Enemies that's set to shoot in Chicago and multiple locations in Wisconsin this spring. As reported by Variety on Sunday night, French actress Marion Cotillard will be joining the cast as Billie Frechette, the gun moll of the film's main character John Dillinger, who will by played by Johnny Depp. >More
Car owners turn out for Public Enemies call in Madison

A steady stream of classic car owners made their way to the Overture Center on Sunday to an open call for Public Enemies from Universal Pictures. Set to shoot from March through May in Chicago and in multiple locations around Wisconsin, this kind of period piece requires an authentic setting, which is why a studio scout was in town to take a look at old-school vehicles. >More
Johnny Depp film readying to shoot in Wisconsin

Though Universal Pictures and the State of Wisconsin have not yet made any official announcement regarding the shooting Michael Mann's historical gangster film Public Enemies in any communities around the state, the production is moving forward. The film has opened offices in Chicago, one of the primary locations slated for shoots, and scouting continues in Wisconsin. This weekend a representative of the film will be in town in search of classic vehicles for the movie. According to a radio ad, they are to be used "during filming in the Madison area." >More
Lawton promotes creative industry growth in Wisconsin

The new film incentives for Wisconsin are already bearing fruit barely two weeks after going into action was the message delivered by Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton at a press conference held Tuesday afternoon to promote the growth of the "creative industry" in the state. >More
Johnny Depp and Christian Bale make Wisconsin swoon with Public Enemies talk

Wisconsin movie fans and media alike have been animated over the last few weeks with word that a major film from Universal starring Johnny Depp could be shot in the state this spring. The film is Public Enemies, a gangster epic set during the massive Depression-era crime wave personified by John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd, Lester "Baby Face Nelson" Gillis, Alvin Karpis and the Barker family. It is being directed by Michael Mann, a UW alumnus who discovered movies in Madison during the golden age of cinema on campus in the '60s. >More



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"Public Enemies, the Michael Mann film starring Johnny Depp, is expected to finally shoot scenes in Milwaukee starting possibly Tuesday" Duane Dudek @ MJS
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Public Enemies "has several of what have become Mann's signature touches: filming in the area where a story is set, material of a biographical nature and characters that are outsiders" Duane Dudek @ MJS
"At this very moment, someone is making a movie somewhere in the state of Wisconsin" Duane Dudek @ MJS
"Everyone knows that when you become an extra in a movie you are pretty low on the totem pole with respect" Rod Melotte
"Public Enemies, Michael Mann's upcoming film about Chicago gangsters in the 1930s, began filming in Lincoln Park" "Brian"
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"Friendships are created, phone numbers and email address are swapped" at the meet and greets held with talent after the Public Enemies shoots around Wisconsin Rod Melotte
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"I give Johnny Depp a key to the city after filming was completed early Wednesday morning" in Columbus on Public Enemies Nancy Osterhaus
"John Micheal Bolger strikes again" as Public Enemies returns for another round of shooting in Columbus "Jenny"
Meeting the actor John Michael Bolger on the Public Enemies set in Columbus back in March "Jenny"
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