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Opinion: It's not 'right-to-work'

Citizen Dave parses public support for so called right to work legislation. He finds it's a "classic example of the tension between individual freedom and responsibility to the group." >More
 Citizen Dave: Loving America

"I love my country. I love it with all its real flaws, but I love it more for what it promises to be, which is so aspirational and inspirational, and so impossible to achieve, and so wonderful." >More
 Citizen Dave: Scott Walker and the college issue

The problem with Scott Walker is not that he didn't pick up a diploma or that he's not smart or that he's not an "intellectual." The problem with Scott Walker is that he apparently never developed the habits of mind that make someone thoughtful. >More
 Citizen Dave: Walker reveals devolution of the Republican Party

It should have been a stupid question, not a stupid answer. Any sensible, reasonably well-educated person, asked their views on evolution, should be able to respond that it happened and is happening. But it turns out that you are prohibited from making this self-apparent statement if you want to lead the world's most powerful nation and you happen to be a Republican. >More
 Citizen Dave: Mayor's race is on for real now

Madison's sleepy mayoral primary ended last night with some pop. Now that longtime incumbent Paul Soglin faces just one opponent in Ald. Scott Resnick, things are about to get interesting. >More
 Citizen Dave: Who has created more harm: Brian Williams or Scott Walker?

The amount of damage a man as powerful as Scott Walker can do by lying about the Wisconsin Idea is a whole lot scarier than a news anchor padding his resume of wartime victimhood. >More
 Citizen Dave: LinkedIn or doomsday machine?

I hit a button... in seconds, hundreds of invitations to LinkedIn to me were sent off into the ether. My inbox was quickly filled with eager careerists... I was both appalled and kind of jazzed... it sure looked I was a popular guy... >More
 Walker's budget has nothing to do with Wisconsin

Earlier this month Gov. Scott Walker introduced a budget for the states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. His budget is intended to be loved by the extremely conservative folks who show up at the caucus and elections in the earliest presidential primaries. For Walker, what is good for Wisconsin is beside the point. >More
 Citizen Dave: A college degree does not guarantee presidential timber

There are lots of reasons Gov. Scott Walker should not be president, but one of them is not the fact that he didn't complete his college degree at Marquette. >More
 Citizen Dave: Welfare for the Milwaukee Bucks is a bad deal

Gov. Scott Walker's proposal to use state taxpayer-supported borrowing to pay for a large portion of the Bucks' new arena is just a flat-out horrible idea from both a policy and a political perspective >More
 Citizen Dave: There's snow business like snow business

I just don't understand people who don't get winter. I mean real winter. Polar vortex winter. Inches and inches of snow winter. "Baby, it's cold outside," kind of winter. >More
 Citizen Dave: Auto autos will change cities for the better

In the past few months Google has rethought its driverless car. They've changed their business model from selling automated cars to essentially integrating them into a massive car-sharing system. >More
 Citizen Dave: Packers and climate change? I am happy in my denial

When someone so much as brings up the topic of football, I cut them off, change the subject or, if necessary, leave the room. Global climate change can be ignored in the same way, or so the U.S. Senate would have us believe. >More
 Citizen Dave: Let's talk about death

When patients in La Crosse started to think about end-of-life issues, costs dropped to half the national average, yet life expectancy is longer: "They want to end their stories on their own terms." >More
 Citizen Dave: Airlines want you to be miserable

The economics of airline service fees is that we won't pay for them unless the basic service is miserable. So the airlines have created an actual incentive to provide a bad experience, so more of their customers will opt for "special" treatment. >More
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