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Citizen Dave: Wisconsin AG candidates Susan Happ and Brad Schimel are weak or worse on gun violence

I recently wrote about the disappointing websites of Wisconsin attorney general candidates Susan Happ and Brad Schimel, on which neither want to address to of the issues facing the office: drunk driving and high incarceration rates for African American men. There's a third issue that one candidate is all but ignoring, and I wish the other would ignore: guns. >More
 Wisconsin attorney general candidates duck top issues on their websites

One measure of a good politician is his or her willingness to forthrightly address the most important issues faced by the office they are seeking. And in the modern age there's no better way to judge what candidates want to put forward than a visit to their websites. Of course candidates answer questions, but there's a difference between what they say when prompted and what they offer on their own. >More
 Citizen Dave: It's time to repeal Wisconsin's same-sex marriage ban

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has all but settled the law on gay marriage, essentially declaring that bans on same sex marriage are unconstitutional, Wisconsin should get started on wiping an ugly smudge off its own state constitution. >More
 Citizen Dave: Same-sex marriage and the culture wars

It's becoming a rout. The culture wars are drawing to a close and the liberals are winning. The latest ruling (well non-ruling, really) from the U.S. Supreme Court underscores what's happening. >More
 Citizen Dave: What to do before flying United through O'Hare

I just got back from a brief trip to Ontario. I left Friday afternoon and returned late Sunday. I spent four hours at my destination. I spent nine hours sleeping over two nights. I spent six hours driving. I spent four hours in the Toronto airport. I sat fourteen hours at O'Hare. >More
 Citizen Dave: More Mary Burke plagiarism revealed!

Following the lead of those dedicated scandal-mongers in the hard-working Wisconsin Capitol press corps, I've scoured Mary Burke's policy document and discovered even more stolen phrases from other candidates. It just gets worse and worse. >More
 If Mary Burke plagiarized, Scott Walker did it worse

The Republicans are huffing and puffing about a few paragraphs in Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke's economic development plan that were gleaned from similar plans of other candidates. They're going so far as to demand that Burke withdraw from the whole shooting match over this. >More
 Citizen Dave: Brewers fans will have to wait 'til next year

As the Milwaukee Brewers slog through the final days of the season, I have a few random observations... random as much of the team's play has been over the last month or so. >More
 Citizen Dave: Reinstatement of voter ID in Wisconsin messes up my Election Day plans!

I like to vote, and I was planning to do so early and often this November. >More
 Citizen Dave: USDOT does what it can for biking and walking

While I was attending last week's Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference in Pittsburgh, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced an initiative to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians. >More
 Citizen Dave: Good cities need more streets that 'fail'

How do we measure a successful street? Well, traditionally we've allowed traffic engineers, focused on moving cars, to create that measure. They've developed a grading system for streets called "Level of Service" or LOS. >More
 Citizen Dave: Flying home on the 9/11 anniversary

I'm flying home today from Pittsburgh. It does feel a little somber to fly on the thirteenth anniversary of the attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., especially since I'm leaving from Pennsylvania, not too far from where the fourth plan went down in a farm field. It's all cause for reflection about our nation's sense of security. >More
 Mayor Soglin's 2015 capital budget is a mess

In his proposed 2015 capital budget, Mayor Paul Soglin has offered his challengers in next April's election a wide selection of items to pounce on. >More
 Citizen Dave: Walker's attack on Burke over Madison schools is a good sign

Scott Walker wants to change the subject. On Wednesday, the governor went after his Democratic challenger Mary Burke on something (anything) other than jobs and the economy. No, Walker attacked her for not doing enough to reduce the racial achievement gap in Madison schools. >More
 Citizen Dave: Wisconsin's gubernatorial race and the strange optics of President Obama's visit to Milwaukee

There it was on the front page of my morning paper: Barack Obama shaking the hand and patting the shoulder of Governor Scott Walker as the president arrived at Milwaukee's airport on his way to speak to a Labor Day gathering. But you could not find a similar picture with Walker's Democratic challenger for Wisconsin governor. >More
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