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Come hell or bottled water

Is Madison suffering from a smugness deficit? Does banning smoking no longer inflate its sense of moral superiority? Has railing against phosphorus lost its panache? Is it no longer enough to sport bumper stickers that proclaim, "My Other Car Is a Tibetan Yak?" >More
 Go ahead and Tase us, bro

The most memorable quote of 2007 is a fitting epitaph for a most forgettable year: "Don't Tase me, bro.... We should be so lucky. >More
 Finding ways to fail

Memo to my Democratic friends: Are you really going to do this? Seriously?I ask because there is no way you can lose next year's elections, unless you try awfully hard -- which you seem to be doing. >More
 The wimpification of America

First it was dodgeball. Then tag. Now, it's chatter. In their ongoing war against fun, the nannies who run Little League in Cincinnati have decided to ban chatter on the diamond. >More
 The folly of the Fairness Doctrine

These days, the attempt to rid themselves of troublesome talk radio quickens the pulse and brings froths of spittle to the lips of "progressives," who usually look askance at giving government the power to censor speech. >More
 'Let them have yachts'

We have seen the future of politics, and it looks like Brangelina - well-heeled and out of touch with the realities of day-to-day life in fly-over country. In case you haven't noticed, American politics is increasingly a rich man's (and woman's) game. But "rich" doesn't quite capture it. >More
 Idol minds, true facts

Is American Idol cruel? Of course it is, dimwad. That's the point. >More
 Paris Hilton as Mother Teresa?

Another year past, and to paraphrase the immortal words of the Moody Blues, another year's useless energy spent. >More
 Hypocrites with an agenda

Advocates of campaign finance reform insist they don't intend to curtail free political speech. They merely want to regulate the spending of money. Right. >More
 Jim Doyle's dirty tricks

In trying to rig a vote of the state Elections Board involving Republican Mark Green, a lawyer for the Doyle campaign laid out the strategy to Democratic appointees. The goal was to embarrass Green by retroactively changing elections rules and forcing him to return more than $400,000 he had transferred from his federal account. >More
 Know when to fold 'em

Here's the deal: These are both guys we loved, guys who were huge in the '90s, and who are going to have stuff all over the state named after them. We're grateful, and we want to do right by them. >More
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