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Abortion is here to stay

Abortion is a powerful force in American politics. If anybody but Mitt Romney wins the Republican presidential nomination, it will be at least partially due to Romney's past support of abortion rights as governor of Massachusetts. Likewise, if Romney prevails, he'll have his recently adopted anti-abortion position to thank. >More
 The Sconz bids Isthmus adieu

Although I will continue contributing articles for the paper, my blog is now returning back to its original home on Wordpress! Come join me at the new location, but by no means stop reading Isthmus! >More
 Who to blame for Wisconsin job losses?

Who should Madison voters blame for slow economic growth? President Obama, Gov. Walker, Mayor Soglin? All three? >More
 In defense of the Wisconsin State Journal

Many friends of mine are upset with the legal battle the Wisconsin State Journal waged to obtain the 1,000 sick notes Madison teachers used to get off work during the union protests in February. >More
 Madison to Occupy Wall Street: Been there, done that

Occupy Madison has been a "fart in the wind." Why? Because Madisonians have better things to do. >More
 African Americans not allowed? Madison bars go too far in keeping out a 'bad element' (updated)

Here's a depressing stat: In Madison, half of African Americans don't graduate from high school. Here's a curious stat: In Wisconsin, half of African Americans don't have driver's licenses. How do these two figures relate? The first partially explains many of the problems facing Madison's black community, including poverty, crime and substance abuse. The second is what many Madison bars appear to be using to try to keep these problems out of their establishments. >More
 Do all Madison businesses need websites?

Paul's Book Store and the Silver Dollar Tavern are two businesses that have yet to invest in the interwebs. Can you think of an advantage to that strategy? >More
 Soon-to-be Wisconsin Capitol rule: Cameras must be attached to guns

In yet another clarification of the state Capitol's policy against allowing cameras in the Assembly and Senate galleries, Capitol officials announced that photo and video devices are only allowed if attached to a licensed firearm. >More
 Madison's sacred separation of bar and cafe

It's worked in Europe. The late-night bar is also a cheery spot to get your morning espresso. But just like socialized medicine, the bar/cafe model is apparently doomed to failure in the United States. And nowhere is the situation better displayed than in Madison. >More
 Memo to Madison restaurants: Give me a punch card, a special, or something else

I like coffee whether it tastes like dishwater or a smooth blend of Tanzanian peaberry and citrus, and whether it is produced by a cooperative of well-paid and environmentally conscious farmers in Nicaragua or an army of underpaid, underage employees of a warlord in Somalia. However, as much as possible, I prefer it cheap. >More
 The League of Women Voters goes bold with voter ID lawsuit

Generally, the League of Women Voters isn't perceived as a great threat to anybody. The 91-year-old group, which was born out of the campaign for women's suffrage, is best known for sponsoring candidate debates and providing the candidates' position on issues to voters. >More
 Why is drunken driving on the decline?

The father of a buddy of mine told him about how he and his friends used to drive from their Minnesota town, where the drinking age was 21 during the 70's, to Wisconsin, where it was 18. "We'd get wasted and then drive back to Minnesota, which probably wasn't a good idea...but things were different then," he explained. >More
 Could Wisconsin Republicans make the Electoral College any worse?

The Electoral College is an undemocratic system developed by a bunch of old white guys who didn't believe the American people were competent enough to elect their own president. Since then, the premise for its preservation has changed. Now people believe it must be kept to ensure that small states have representation in the presidential process. >More
 What's wrong with being poor or cheap in Wisconsin?

What do St. Vinny's and Minhas Brewery have in common? They're both great places for poor people to shop, but both are reluctant to admit it. >More
 How to keep Prince Fielder with the Brewers

As I'm sure Gov. Scott Walker will tell you, emotional appeal is only part of the game. A multimillionaire needs more assurance than a plea to "Escape to Wisconsin," to set up shop here permanently. So what would be the next step in the Walker plan? >More
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