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Citizen: An open letter to Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen on same-sex marriage

Dear Attorney General Van Hollen, please tell me that after last Tuesday's judicial schooling of your Assistant Attorney General Timothy Samuelson that you will finally consider dropping your defense of Wisconsin's clearly unconstitutional ban on marriage equality. >More
 Citizen: Tell us where you stand on same-sex marriage, Gov. Walker

Dear Gov. Walker, the AP quoted you as saying that your position on same-sex marriage is irrelevant: "My position has been clear. I voted in the past. It doesn't really matter." You do realize that you are the governor of our state, right? >More
 Citizen: Yes, Gov. Walker, there is 'significant movement' toward marriage equality in Wisconsin

Dear Gov. Walker, you were quoted a couple of weeks ago as saying that you sense no "significant movement" toward legalizing gay marriage in Wisconsin, and you justified fighting whatever movement there is by stating that as an elected official it is your duty to uphold the Constitution. So I must ask a few questions and point out a few details. >More
 Say it ain't so, Ryan Braun

Dear Ryan Braun, as you know, your suspension from baseball for using performance-enhancing drugs has disappointed many people, not only Milwaukee Brewers fans, but all of those who believed you when you insisted that the allegations you were juicing were not true. You were always such a pure athlete, with such natural talent, that it seemed obvious there was no need to use illegal drugs to improve your performance. >More
 St. Patrick's Day shenanigans blatantly break rules at Wisconsin Capitol, police issue no citations

On St. Patrick's Day, I attended the annual Irish flag ceremony at the Capitol, an event I have been going to for several years and which as a proud man of Irish heritage I have always enjoyed. But this year, I noticed several hooligans engaging in behavior that many of those in the Solidarity Sing Along have been cited for in the past year. >More
 An open letter to new Wisconsin Capitol Police Chief David Erwin

You may not know this, but it has always been a place for citizens to congregate, a place to raise voices against the worst of legislative assaults on our rights, freedom, and way of life. There is a rich history of protest and citizen involvement in the Capitol, and particularly its rotunda, a place as close to a statewide town hall as can be found anywhere. It seems that you are determined to overturn that history, and make the Capitol and its denizens available only to those who can afford to pay for the privilege. >More
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