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Tell All: What if my gorgeous fiancee gets fat?

Dear Tell All: I'm engaged to a beautiful woman. She's the most beautiful one I've ever dated, and that's saying something. I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur. My type is tall and thin, with high cheekbones and full lips. And my fiancée checks off all those boxes. >More
 Tell All: I like two women

Dear Tell All: I visit a local dry cleaners a couple times a month. The woman I'm used to dealing with is about my age, and a babe. Though we've always been friendly, in recent weeks I've sensed that she's moved beyond friendliness into flirtation. That would be great news, but for a complication. >More
 Tell All: Foot fetish, ewww!

Dear Tell All: I've been dating a guy for about a half-year and considered him a promising boyfriend. He's been an ardent sexual partner, too, so things were going well in the bedroom. That was a welcome change for me. But recently he's sprung a surprise that's making me uneasy. >More
 Tell All: The sex party next door

Dear Tell All: I live in one of those Madison neighborhoods where the houses are really close together. If the windows are open in my house and my next-door neighbors', I can hear their dinnertime conversation. >More
 Tell All: I hate email and texting

Dear Tell All: Yes, I am one of those people who hand-write old-fashioned 1,000-word letters -- the kind you made fun of in your response to Faithful Correspondent, who feels out of place in the era of terse email communications. And guess what? There is not one of my many correspondents who isn't thrilled to death to receive my long letters. >More
 Tell All: Should we shield our sex life from our son?

Dear Tell All: I'm a married guy with a 6-year-old son. It hasn't been easy for my wife and me to find time to have sex since he's been born. But we've recently instituted a once-a-week Saturday morning ritual that works out pretty well. >More
 Tell All: Why gays should marry

Dear Tell All: Serial Monogamist asks why the gay rights movement is focused on marriage equality. My answer would be fairly simple yet powerful: to gain legal equality for homosexual relationships. >More
 Tell All: In defense of male fantasies

Dear Tell All: "Sinning Only in My Head" feels bad that he thinks of another attractive woman when having sex with his girlfriend. I agree it was a boner (so to speak) that he blurted out another woman's name during their lovemaking, but I also think his girlfriend overreacted by calling him a "pig." So did you, Tell All. >More
 Tell All: X-rated in public

Dear Tell All: I'm wondering why it's so difficult these days for many couples to keep private behavior private. I'm not referring to just kissing, hugging and handholding. I'm referring to such behavior as slobbering all over each other, "dirty embracing," French-kissing and other behavior bordering on lewd and lascivious conduct. >More
 Tell All: I fantasize about other women

Dear Tell All: I'm in trouble with my girlfriend, and I don't think I deserve it. We've been together three years, and our relationship was solid until recently. We didn't live in the same place, but we spent almost all our nights together in my apartment. >More
 Tell All: Why don't friends write me back on email and Facebook?

Dear Tell All: I'm confused about the etiquette of writing people back in the age of email and Facebook. Way back when, I'd write someone a nice letter on a piece of paper and mail it; a nice reply usually came within a few weeks. But now, I often get no reply to an email or Facebook message I've sent. >More
 Tell All: Marriage is bogus

Dear Tell All: Confirmed Bachelor said that, unlike all the other gay couples flocking to the City-County Building, he would not marry his partner following a judge's recent ruling on same-sex marriage. His reason was a lingering sense of shame in a culture that still sees LGBT people as less than human. >More
 Tell All: Was it sabotage?

Dear Tell All: I can relate to Dumped, who wrote you about getting bad romantic advice from a female friend. Dumped wondered if the woman who suggested he ask out her girlfriend was setting him up to fail, particularly since she'd had her own flirtation with him earlier. >More
 Tell All: A gay guy who won't marry

Dear Tell All: I cheered the court's recent ruling against Wisconsin's same-sex marriage ban along with all my LGBT friends. Unlike many of them, though, I didn't have a strong desire to rush down to the City-County Building to get married. >More
 Tell All: Romance gone wrong

Dear Tell All: I like this woman who is admittedly out of my league. Jessica -- not her real name -- is gorgeous, witty and talented. I, sadly, am not. But we are friends, and I've done a pretty good job of keeping my adoration to myself, thinking I'd never have a shot with her. Until.... >More
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