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Tell All: Our kids aren't friends anymore. Can I stay friends with the parents?

Dear Tell All: I'm in the middle of a sticky situation with the parents of my son's former best friend. This friend -- I'll call him Connor -- met my oldest son on the first day of preschool in Madison, and they immediately bonded. >More
 Tell All: My friend is a social media troll

Dear Tell All: A guy I know is getting under my skin. I used to like him as a friend, but that was before he dove head-first into the social media cesspool. He's one of these Madison types who have to broadcast every thought to the world, and I never realized how ugly those thoughts were until I started seeing them every few minutes on Facebook and Twitter. >More
 Tell All: I don't wear a wedding ring -- and now I'm in trouble

Dear Tell All: I'm a happily married man who doesn't wear a wedding ring. There's no significant reason why I don't wear one: I'd just never worn jewelry before I got married, and I saw no reason to start. >More
 Tell All: Turn off your damn cellphone!

Dear Tell All: I was at a concert recently at the Overture Center, and the person in front of me spent most of the evening filming the event on her cell phone. I tried to ignore it, but in the dark room, I couldn't keep from focusing on the shaky, lit-up screen three feet away from me. >More
 Tell All: Where do I draw the line when my daughter dresses too sexy?

Dear Tell All: My sweet little girl has turned into a teenager -- with a vengeance. At 16, she's obsessed with guys, along with the way she looks. This whole thing has been building up since middle school, but recently it's reached crisis proportions. >More
 Tell All: Why does everyone in Madison like to hug?

Dear Tell All: I grew up in rural Wisconsin but have lived in Madison for over 10 years. At this point, I consider myself a dyed-in-the-wool near-east-sider. I shop at Willy Street Co-op, read Isthmus, have a CSA, recycle, vote for liberal local politicians, etc. I've gone native in all respects except one: hugging. >More
 Tell All: Holiday party dread

Dear Tell All: I'm secretly besotted with a popular, handsome coworker. A couple of boxes of Kleenex and a few (flushed) sonnets later, I've accepted that I'm being a damn fool. >More
 Tell All: A stranger approached me at night

Dear Tell All: I was driving home from a movie at Sundance with my 11-year-old daughter and was low on gas. I pulled into the Shell station on University Avenue, even though it looked deserted and I had misgivings. This was about 10 p.m. >More
 Tell All: Advice for feminists

Dear Tell All: I'm stunned by your advice to Baby Doll, who enjoys being demeaned by her boyfriend during sex. Baby Doll calls herself a feminist and yet gets aroused by being degraded in a classically sexist way. >More
 Tell All: I think ink stinks

Dear Tell All: Like Thin Skinned, I dislike tattoos. I believe the human body is a beautiful thing, and I don't think this "artwork" does anything to enhance it. I see people becoming more and more covered in them and think, "Why would you do that to yourself?" >More
 Tell All: My partner likes to degrade me

Dear Tell All: I consider myself a feminist. I believe that women should be strong and dignified, and I won't stand for anything less than complete equality between the sexes. But these beliefs don't extend to the bedroom, at least in my current relationship. >More
 Tell All: The tattooed bride

Dear Tell All: Reading Thin Skinned's diatribe against Madison women with tattoos brought back a very fond memory. I met the woman who became my wife in a Bible study group at the church we were attending. When we were first dating we enjoyed a Saturday at Noah's Ark water park. >More
 Tell All: I hate tattoos

Dear Tell All: I can't find any single women in Madison who don't have tattoos. When did it become absolutely necessary for every female to have a tribal design on the lower back, a flower on the ankle or some kind of dumb writing on the shoulder? >More
 Tell All: I gave my coworker a makeover

Dear Tell All: I work in a lab with a rather scruffy scientist. He has sometimes asked me for advice about girlfriends. I offhandedly suggested that he could improve his chances by investing in a subtle cologne. It became a real topic of conversation through long, boring afternoons at the lab bench. >More
 Tell All: Dinner guests shouldn't bring food to my perfect meals!

Dear Tell All: Something has been bothering me lately, and I'm not sure what to do about it. You see, I love to cook and entertain; absolutely love it. That being said, I'm wondering how to get my invited guests to not bring food. >More
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