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Tell All: X-rated in public

Dear Tell All: I'm wondering why it's so difficult these days for many couples to keep private behavior private. I'm not referring to just kissing, hugging and handholding. I'm referring to such behavior as slobbering all over each other, "dirty embracing," French-kissing and other behavior bordering on lewd and lascivious conduct. >More
 Tell All: I fantasize about other women

Dear Tell All: I'm in trouble with my girlfriend, and I don't think I deserve it. We've been together three years, and our relationship was solid until recently. We didn't live in the same place, but we spent almost all our nights together in my apartment. >More
 Tell All: Why don't friends write me back on email and Facebook?

Dear Tell All: I'm confused about the etiquette of writing people back in the age of email and Facebook. Way back when, I'd write someone a nice letter on a piece of paper and mail it; a nice reply usually came within a few weeks. But now, I often get no reply to an email or Facebook message I've sent. >More
 Tell All: Marriage is bogus

Dear Tell All: Confirmed Bachelor said that, unlike all the other gay couples flocking to the City-County Building, he would not marry his partner following a judge's recent ruling on same-sex marriage. His reason was a lingering sense of shame in a culture that still sees LGBT people as less than human. >More
 Tell All: Was it sabotage?

Dear Tell All: I can relate to Dumped, who wrote you about getting bad romantic advice from a female friend. Dumped wondered if the woman who suggested he ask out her girlfriend was setting him up to fail, particularly since she'd had her own flirtation with him earlier. >More
 Tell All: A gay guy who won't marry

Dear Tell All: I cheered the court's recent ruling against Wisconsin's same-sex marriage ban along with all my LGBT friends. Unlike many of them, though, I didn't have a strong desire to rush down to the City-County Building to get married. >More
 Tell All: Romance gone wrong

Dear Tell All: I like this woman who is admittedly out of my league. Jessica -- not her real name -- is gorgeous, witty and talented. I, sadly, am not. But we are friends, and I've done a pretty good job of keeping my adoration to myself, thinking I'd never have a shot with her. Until.... >More
 Tell All: In defense of Madison's single men

Dear Tell All: Late Bloomer's attack on the single men of Madison made me very sad. She complained that the town is crawling with graduate students, cyclists and gamers, none of whom can fix a martini. >More
 Tell All: Hospital of love

Dear Tell All: Your recent advice to Late Bloomer about finding dateable men in Madison was really sexist! Your suggestions included volunteering at a hospital, where she could find a doctor who meets her requirement of being able to fix a faucet. >More
 Tell All: Madison's bicyclists fight back

In a Dec. 5 column called "The Hell of Madison Crosswalks," I published a letter from a newcomer to Madison who wondered why cars here never stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks. In response, letters poured in attacking local drivers. >More
 Tell All: Men in Madison leave something to be desired

Dear Tell All: I recoil from grad students and I'm not into biker silks. And sorry, seven hours of Grand Theft Auto per day is a deal-breaker. Can't fix a martini? Fine. But how about a faucet? I love Madison, but the Y chromosomes here are leaving something to be desired. What does a bachelorette have to do in this town? >More
 Tell All: Making bicyclists pay

Dear Tell All: Like previous letter writers, I am bothered by the crass disregard for traffic rules practiced with impunity by so many Madison bicyclists. >More
 Tell All: Dry humping is not dancing

Dear Tell All: You disagreed with a parent who was scandalized by dancing at a local high school, but I don't know if you've actually seen what goes on at dances here in Madison in 2014. You point out how scandalous the twist or tango were for their time and say that the current behavior is no different. >More
 Tell All: I'm dating a 12-year-old

Dear Tell All: A few months ago I met a guy through a dating website and have been seeing him regularly. We have many things in common, are physically attracted to each other, and get along well in person. The problem comes when we communicate via texting or Facebook. >More
 Tell All: Teen dances go too far

Dear Tell All: I recently chaperoned at my son's high school dance and was shocked by some of the moves I saw. It wasn't so much dancing as kids having sex standing up with their clothes on. I didn't know how far I could go in my role as chaperone, so I didn't stop it, but in retrospect I wish I'd spoken up. >More
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