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Tell All: The worst Valentine's Day ever

There's nothing inherently magical about Valentine's Day. It can be a great day or a terrible day, just like any other. More often than not it's disappointing because we put such weirdly high expectations on February 14. >More
 Tell All: I need an old hippie to love

"Newly single and not terribly excited to be back on the market, where do I meet eligible, age-appropriate hippie types now? My generation has moved out of the housing co-ops, and the 1960s-70s musical greats are either dead or too old to tour..." >More
 Tell All: My wife is sexually aroused by Fifty Shades of Grey

Dear Tell All: My wife and I were at Star cinema with another couple, and the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey came on. The women started giggling and whispering to each other. They were obviously turned on by the hunky actor and the titillating plot about sadomasochism. I found their behavior in poor taste, given that their husbands were sitting right there. >More
 Tell All: Walker's budget cuts screw me again

"I know I shouldn't blame him, but I'm frustrated having a partner who's proved to be such a bust as a breadwinner. I can't help thinking that he's falling down on the job." >More
 Tell All: Should parents tolerate their kids smoking pot?

Shrugging off a child's drug use is not acceptable behavior for a parent. >More
 Tell All: Our kids aren't friends anymore. Can I stay friends with the parents?

Dear Tell All: I'm in the middle of a sticky situation with the parents of my son's former best friend. This friend -- I'll call him Connor -- met my oldest son on the first day of preschool in Madison, and they immediately bonded. >More
 Tell All: My friend is a social media troll

Dear Tell All: A guy I know is getting under my skin. I used to like him as a friend, but that was before he dove head-first into the social media cesspool. He's one of these Madison types who have to broadcast every thought to the world, and I never realized how ugly those thoughts were until I started seeing them every few minutes on Facebook and Twitter. >More
 Tell All: I don't wear a wedding ring -- and now I'm in trouble

Dear Tell All: I'm a happily married man who doesn't wear a wedding ring. There's no significant reason why I don't wear one: I'd just never worn jewelry before I got married, and I saw no reason to start. >More
 Tell All: Turn off your damn cellphone!

Dear Tell All: I was at a concert recently at the Overture Center, and the person in front of me spent most of the evening filming the event on her cell phone. I tried to ignore it, but in the dark room, I couldn't keep from focusing on the shaky, lit-up screen three feet away from me. >More
 Tell All: Where do I draw the line when my daughter dresses too sexy?

Dear Tell All: My sweet little girl has turned into a teenager -- with a vengeance. At 16, she's obsessed with guys, along with the way she looks. This whole thing has been building up since middle school, but recently it's reached crisis proportions. >More
 Tell All: Why does everyone in Madison like to hug?

Dear Tell All: I grew up in rural Wisconsin but have lived in Madison for over 10 years. At this point, I consider myself a dyed-in-the-wool near-east-sider. I shop at Willy Street Co-op, read Isthmus, have a CSA, recycle, vote for liberal local politicians, etc. I've gone native in all respects except one: hugging. >More
 Tell All: Holiday party dread

Dear Tell All: I'm secretly besotted with a popular, handsome coworker. A couple of boxes of Kleenex and a few (flushed) sonnets later, I've accepted that I'm being a damn fool. >More
 Tell All: A stranger approached me at night

Dear Tell All: I was driving home from a movie at Sundance with my 11-year-old daughter and was low on gas. I pulled into the Shell station on University Avenue, even though it looked deserted and I had misgivings. This was about 10 p.m. >More
 Tell All: Advice for feminists

Dear Tell All: I'm stunned by your advice to Baby Doll, who enjoys being demeaned by her boyfriend during sex. Baby Doll calls herself a feminist and yet gets aroused by being degraded in a classically sexist way. >More
 Tell All: I think ink stinks

Dear Tell All: Like Thin Skinned, I dislike tattoos. I believe the human body is a beautiful thing, and I don't think this "artwork" does anything to enhance it. I see people becoming more and more covered in them and think, "Why would you do that to yourself?" >More
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