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Tell All: Turn off your damn cellphone!

Dear Tell All: I was at a concert recently at the Overture Center, and the person in front of me spent most of the evening filming the event on her cell phone. I tried to ignore it, but in the dark room, I couldn't keep from focusing on the shaky, lit-up screen three feet away from me. >More
 Tell All: Where do I draw the line when my daughter dresses too sexy?

Dear Tell All: My sweet little girl has turned into a teenager -- with a vengeance. At 16, she's obsessed with guys, along with the way she looks. This whole thing has been building up since middle school, but recently it's reached crisis proportions. >More
 Tell All: Why does everyone in Madison like to hug?

Dear Tell All: I grew up in rural Wisconsin but have lived in Madison for over 10 years. At this point, I consider myself a dyed-in-the-wool near-east-sider. I shop at Willy Street Co-op, read Isthmus, have a CSA, recycle, vote for liberal local politicians, etc. I've gone native in all respects except one: hugging. >More
 Tell All: Holiday party dread

Dear Tell All: I'm secretly besotted with a popular, handsome coworker. A couple of boxes of Kleenex and a few (flushed) sonnets later, I've accepted that I'm being a damn fool. >More
 Tell All: A stranger approached me at night

Dear Tell All: I was driving home from a movie at Sundance with my 11-year-old daughter and was low on gas. I pulled into the Shell station on University Avenue, even though it looked deserted and I had misgivings. This was about 10 p.m. >More
 Tell All: Advice for feminists

Dear Tell All: I'm stunned by your advice to Baby Doll, who enjoys being demeaned by her boyfriend during sex. Baby Doll calls herself a feminist and yet gets aroused by being degraded in a classically sexist way. >More
 Tell All: I think ink stinks

Dear Tell All: Like Thin Skinned, I dislike tattoos. I believe the human body is a beautiful thing, and I don't think this "artwork" does anything to enhance it. I see people becoming more and more covered in them and think, "Why would you do that to yourself?" >More
 Tell All: My partner likes to degrade me

Dear Tell All: I consider myself a feminist. I believe that women should be strong and dignified, and I won't stand for anything less than complete equality between the sexes. But these beliefs don't extend to the bedroom, at least in my current relationship. >More
 Tell All: The tattooed bride

Dear Tell All: Reading Thin Skinned's diatribe against Madison women with tattoos brought back a very fond memory. I met the woman who became my wife in a Bible study group at the church we were attending. When we were first dating we enjoyed a Saturday at Noah's Ark water park. >More
 Tell All: I hate tattoos

Dear Tell All: I can't find any single women in Madison who don't have tattoos. When did it become absolutely necessary for every female to have a tribal design on the lower back, a flower on the ankle or some kind of dumb writing on the shoulder? >More
 Tell All: I gave my coworker a makeover

Dear Tell All: I work in a lab with a rather scruffy scientist. He has sometimes asked me for advice about girlfriends. I offhandedly suggested that he could improve his chances by investing in a subtle cologne. It became a real topic of conversation through long, boring afternoons at the lab bench. >More
 Tell All: Dinner guests shouldn't bring food to my perfect meals!

Dear Tell All: Something has been bothering me lately, and I'm not sure what to do about it. You see, I love to cook and entertain; absolutely love it. That being said, I'm wondering how to get my invited guests to not bring food. >More
 Tell All: Cats are ruining my love life

Dear Tell All: I've had lots of luck meeting appealing women, mostly on the near east side. The only problem is, I'm deathly allergic to cats, and nearly every woman I've gone out with in the past year has turned out to be a cat owner. >More
 Tell All: What if my gorgeous fiancee gets fat?

Dear Tell All: I'm engaged to a beautiful woman. She's the most beautiful one I've ever dated, and that's saying something. I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur. My type is tall and thin, with high cheekbones and full lips. And my fiancée checks off all those boxes. >More
 Tell All: I like two women

Dear Tell All: I visit a local dry cleaners a couple times a month. The woman I'm used to dealing with is about my age, and a babe. Though we've always been friendly, in recent weeks I've sensed that she's moved beyond friendliness into flirtation. That would be great news, but for a complication. >More
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