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Tommy Thompson is a Progressive-Liberal!
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To our Prog-Lib acquaintances (for they longer our friends), I present you your candidate for U.S. Senate: Tommy G. Thompson.

Although the red-hot commie truth about our former governor should have been apparent ever since his 1994 landslide victory, in which he carried the Bolshevik bastions of Milwaukee and Dane counties, there were still some who held out hope that the "R" next to his name signified a vague commitment to conservatism. No more.

Like a detective shining light into dark places, the Club for Growth reveals Thompson's fetish for leftist ideology in its most recent public service announcement:

Jeff Simpson, from Blogging Blue, says the Club is going after Thompson for committing the "Republican career-ending sin of being complimented by the black man in the White House." Jeff, didn't you get the memo? Conservatives are happy we have a black president, they just wish he weren't such a liberal redistributionist in the mold of TGT, who drastically expanded the scope of state government, apparently aided and abetted by his minister of propaganda and later ally in the Department of Revenue, David J. Blaska.

Sconnies can thank their lucky stars Thompson's plans to orchestrate a government takeover of health care took him to Washington D.C., where he could no longer inflict damage on the People of Sconz Nation. Lord knows what other big government travesties he and Blaska had designed for the Badger State.

No, we are lucky enough Tommy left state government in the hands of reliably conservative successors, who stemmed the growth of government by cutting state positions, imposing unpaid furloughs on state workers and finally, last winter, by abolishing the unions with whom Tommy had so closely snuggled for 14 years.

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