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Billy Bragg joins Solidarity Sing Along on Wisconsin Capitol Square (updated with video)

The English singer-songwriter Billy Bragg joined the Solidarity Sing Along, the daily musical protest at the Wisconsin Capitol, for some pro-labor, anti-Scott Walker tunes, including "There is Power in a Union," a song he wrote. >More
 Were the Wisconsin Capitol protests really 'surrounded by reality'?

Round-the-clock demonstrations, Capitol sleep-ins, the Solidarity Sing Along, the "Walkerville" encampment -- all these empowered the left in Madison, but were these protests too contentious for the rest of the state? Joe Heim, a UW-La Crosse political science professor, says voters had "mixed feelings" about the protests. >More
 Protesters chant a collective 'Om' at Wisconsin Capitol on eve of historic Walker recall election

Taking a collective breath on the eve of one of the most contentious elections in Wisconsin history, a few hundred people gathered Monday night at the state Capitol to chant a meditative "Om." Holding hands, they had just enough people to circle the Capitol. >More
 Scenes from the We Are Wisconsin get-out-the-vote rally for the recall (slideshow)

An estimated crowd of 3,800 people were joined by Tom Morello, Brother Ali, Jackson Browne and others for a get-out-the-vote rally at the Madison Labor Temple on Friday evening, to motivate voters just four days before the recall election on Tuesday, June 5. >More
 Walker opponents gather at Madison Labor Temple for pre-recall get-out-the-vote rally

Cheers were louder than ever as Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine, who performed in Madison during the 2011 Capitol protests, invited fans on stage for an encore of "World Wide Rebel Song." >More
 Who is recording the best Wisconsin-themed protest songs?

As Wisconsin goes queasily to the polls to choose a recall candidate, can Madison musicians help steady voters' hands? Here's a sample ballot of local tunes of and about the Walker era, from sturdy anthems to messy sermons. You can hear songs by several of these artists on the compilation Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising, whose release is celebrated at the High Noon Saloon on May 6. >More
 Madison protester Arthur Kohl-Riggs hopes to challenge Walker in GOP recall primary

A different kind of candidate might soon see his name on the recall ballot challenging Gov. Scott Walker in the Republican primary next month. His motto? "Arthur Kohl-Riggs: Less of a joke than Scott Walker." >More
 Reclaim Wisconsin rally draws tens of thousands to Capitol, focus on recall elections

Chants of "This Is What Democracy Looks Like!" and broken pieces of "Solidarity Forever" once again filled Capitol Square on Saturday for the "Reclaim Wisconsin" rally. Tens of thousands of demonstrators turned out to mark one year since the passage of Gov. Scott Walker's legislation to drastically limit collective bargaining rights for public employees, as well as to build momentum for the upcoming recall elections this summer. >More
 Live-blogging the Reclaim Wisconsin anniversary rally in Madison

Wisconsin labor union members and their supporters are gathering on the Capitol Square in downtown Madison for the "Reclaim Wisconsin" rally to mark one year since Gov. Scott Walker's bill stripping collective bargaining rights from public employees was passed in the state legislature. Follow live tweets, aggregated reports, and discussion throughout the day and evening here. >More
 Progressive editor Matt Rothschild, 17 others arrested for using cameras in Wisconsin Assembly gallery

The longtime editor of The Progressive magazine was arrested in the Wisconsin Assembly gallery for taking photos of the arrest of another citizen who had been taking photos of proceedings on the Assembly floor. "We ought to have a right to take a picture," Matt Rothschild told the conservation warden escorting him Tuesday night for ticketing. >More
 Growing Occupy Wall Street movement evokes the Wisconsin Capitol protests

Earlier this year, a call went out from Adbusters to "Occupy Wall Street." What that meant was left up to whoever chose to respond to the call to action. On Saturday, September 17, a few thousand took to the streets in New York, and solidarity actions were held in various cities around the world, including Madison. Two weeks later, a few hundred individuals remain camped out in Zuccotti Park, near Wall Street in lower Manhattan. >More
 Occupation Zine captures Wisconsin Capitol protests with photos, essays

Downtown Madison sounds different these days than it did over the first few months of the year. A visitor to the Capitol today is hard-pressed to hear drivers leaning on their horns, activists yelling into megaphones or protesters banging on drums under the Rotunda. But the spirit that roared during months of protest and weeks of occupation has not been muted. >More
 Protesters march to Wisconsin Capitol to mark first reduced paycheck under Walker

Barb Jenkin is afraid she won't be able to pay off her house before she retires. The 57-year-old employee at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation had been paying extra each month, hoping to have her house paid for come retirement. But Gov. Scott Walker's budget lowered her pay by $3,800 a year. >More
 Steve Nass accuses Madison law enforcement of picking sides in protests, MPD responds

In a letter to a colleague, Rep. Stephen Nass (R-Whitewater) accuses Madison law enforcement agencies of fanning the flames of political dissent during the protests this year, and says he will oppose any reimbursement payments to them from the state. >More
 What creativity looks like: Art of the Wisconsin solidarity movement

In February, Madison playwright Doug Reed was assigned the summer slot at Broom Street Theater. He had a new script in the works. But all his free time was spent at the protests that were engulfing the city, so he wasn't getting any writing done. It occurred to him that perhaps these separate activities should become one. >More
 Arrested DOA worker Ron Blair no stranger to Capitol protest confrontations (video)

Blair has been a fixture around the state Capitol throughout the protests, recognizable by his distinctive handlebar mustache and sometimes natty attire. And in a YouTube video, shot by Laurence Meade and posted on Ann Althouse's blog in early March, Blair is asked to keep his hands to himself. >More
 Wisconsin progressive groups rally, call for a Prosser leave of absence

Progressive groups, elected officials and protesters led a call for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser to step down pending the results of an investigation into his workplace behavior at a rally Tuesday afternoon. Held at noon on the Capitol steps facing State Street, it was organized by Lisa Subeck, City of Madison alder and executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin. >More
 Wisconsin women's rights groups holding Capitol rally to pressure Prosser

Several Wisconsin women's rights organizations will lead a rally at the Capitol on Tuesday to call for state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser to step aside pending results of an investigation into his behavior. >More
 Walker opponents take to Wisconsin's waters with protest flotillas

Wisconsin has a new protest movement, and it's on a boat. Protesters took advantage of one of the state's many bodies of water to move their "Recall Walker" message a little closer to the subject of the protest this weekend. >More
 Blaska's Blog got a permit, sang and laughed with his friends in the Capitol Rotunda

That was the Blaska Bloggers' first annual Capitol Rotunda conservative sing-along. Fifty folks off all ages and sizes showed up to sing. Not counting me, which I don't, given that I didn't. At least, not very well. >More


Sights and sounds from Tuesday's Extraordinary Session protest at the Wisconsin Capitol (video)

Vuvuzelas, drums and plenty of chatter provided a soundtrack for mid-afternoon demonstrators and Walkerville squatters as the Wisconsin legislature met in Extraordinary Session to take up the state budget and concealed carry of firearms bills inside. >More
 Views of Tuesday's Extraordinary Session protests at the Wisconsin Capitol (slideshow)

Tuesday's lovely weather brought a relaxed vibe to the Capitol Square which, when coupled with the Walkerville tents, made it seem almost like summer camp. >More
 Views of the May 14 protest at the Wisconsin capitol (video)

Thousands descended on the Capitol Square in Madison Saturday for the first time in weeks, bringing with them their bagpipes, signs, strollers and drums. >More
 Sights and sounds from 'We Are One' April 4 rally in Madison (video)

Thousands gathered around the Capitol Square in downtown Madison to renew protests against Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget on a national "Day of Action" organized by We Are One on the anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. >More
 This is what creativity looks like: A time-lapse protest video from Stumptown Films

Accompanied by Radiohead, another local filmmaking outfit takes inspiration from the massive Saturday afternoon crowds at the Capitol Square. >More
 This is what creativity looks like: A live version of Ryan Bingham's 'Direction of the Wind'

One song guaranteed a spot on the soundtrack to the last month of protests at the Wisconsin Capitol is "Direction of the Wind" by Ryan Bingham, the Texas country singer-songwriters who performed at last Saturday's rally and is set to return for an encore this weekend -- this live music video shot by Madison documentarian Tona Williams captures the spirit of this classic in the making. >More
 This is what creativity looks like: Matt Wisniewski releases a new video, with help from Ryan Bingham

One among a vast crew of prolific videographers covering the demonstrations at the Capitol, Matt Wisniewski, releases the fourth in his series of video montages capturing the atmosphere around the Square, set to "Direction of the Wind" by Ryan Bingham, who will be back in town Saturday to perform at the "Tractorcade" rally. >More
 Video of protests restarting inside the Wisconsin Capitol on Day 24

As a conference committee separated the collective bargaining language from Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill, protesters gathered inside the state Capitol to make their displeasure clear. >More
 This is what creativity looks like: Chad Vader covers the Wisconsin protests

Beloved local online celeb Chad Vader, the Sith sibling who works at Empire Market, a grocery store that looks remarkably like a certain co-op on Willy Street, weighs in on the nearly three weeks-long series of "insane, violent" protests at the Wisconsin Capitol as a Fox News correspondent in a new video, exposing the preponderance of raised fists, palm trees, and puppies being used as human shields. >More
 This is what creativity looks like, part XVI: Matt Wisniewski channels the Man in Black

First it was the Arcade Fire, then it was Mumford & Sons, and now, it's the Man in Black -- Madison-based videographer Matt Wisniewski has released the third in a series of music video montages depicting the ongoing Wisconsin Capitol demonstrations, with this edition featuring footage from the second week of protests and set to "God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash. >More


Live-blogging the 'Rally to Recall Walker' at the Wisconsin Capitol on November 19

Join us here for live coverage of the "Rally to Recall Walker" at Capitol Square in downtown Madison on Saturday, November 19. This rally is a We Are Wisconsin kickoff event tied to the campaign to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, which started on Tuesday, November 15. >More
 Live-blogging the Walkerville encampment and rallies at the Wisconsin Capitol

Join us here for live-coverage of the "Walkerville" protest encampment that will be established on portions of the Capitol Square in Madison as the Wisconsin legislature deliberates over the state budget. >More
 Live-blogging the 'We Are Wisconsin' rally at the Capitol on May 14

Join us here starting early Saturday afternoon for the "We Are Wisconsin" rally on the Capitol Square, marking the 90th day since protests started in downtown Madison over Gov. Scott Walker's agenda for the state. >More
 Live-blogging the Tax Day tea party with Sarah Palin and labor solidarity rallies at the Wisconsin Capitol

Join us here starting Saturday morning as the first Dane County Farmers Market of the season gives way to the tea party rally and counter rally on the Capitol Square in Madison. >More
 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 50

 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 27

 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 26

 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 25

 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 20

 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 19

 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 18

 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 16

 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 15

 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 14

 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 13

 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 12

 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 11

 Live-blogging Scott Walker and the public employee unions, Day 8



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